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Is it true that Albanian men are extremely dominant and paternalistic?

Is it true that Albanian men are extremely dominant and paternalistic?

Is it true that Albanian men are extremely dominant and paternalistic?

Not all Albanian men are dominant and paternalistic, but Albanian culture is often patriarchal, and the father is the head of the family. Family is essential in Albania, and families often have several children.

Dominant forms of masculinity can influence and limit individuals’ expectations and socio-political atmospheres. For example, feminist scholars, such as Ann Tickner, contend that the definition of “maleness.”

Albanian men are providers and put family above all,” unlike in other countries where men never get married and never put food on the table. In 2018, only 100 women died due to domestic violence. (You know there isn’t much for our great men to do

On the 8th of March, our Prime Minister said, “50% of our cabinet are women”, and told us there’s such a place as Europe! Apparently, in that Europe thing, we have a place at the head of the table for gender equality in government. 

Aurel Kurtula’s answer to On the occasion of Women’s Day, do women still feel that the world has not changed much and that there is still much to be done for gender equality? What are your thoughts?

“Albanian women are entrepreneurs and very bright.” Unusual. Bright women, I never. I bet Europe doesn’t have such creatures – fundamental Islamic countries might have a lot, though, but still, it’s fantastic.

“In villages, there are more cases of gender inequality, mostly due to lack of education and poverty.” But that has nothing to do with Albania

“During Communism, there was huge propaganda on gender equality and being all brothers and sisters.” Some voices state that #metoo would be ideal for Albania because a lot of women were raped during communism. 

But these voices are from people we tend not to like very much. You know, bitches that can’t shut the fuck up. We have a lot of bitches, but sorry to go off track, we’re talking about women.

Besides patriarchal men, Albania has a few. Now, there are some rumors that 100 women were killed in 2018 due to domestic violence.

But you don’t need me to tell you of Russia’s propagandistic influence, right?

Here’s a translation of a founding

According to INSTAT data, for every 10,000 women in Durres, there were 32 raped women, or about 11 women more than the national average. The Durrës County comprises three major municipalities: Durrës, Shijak, and Kruja.

Vlora region follows Durrës for violence against women. Referring to INSTAT to the Regional Statistical Year, for every 10 thousand women in Vlora, there were 26.6 women raped in 2017. In the capital, where the likelihood of reporting violence is higher, the number of violated women per 10,000 women was 26.3, about four women more than the country average. 

However, according to some, Durrës has a lot of people who migrated from villages to mountain caves. Because people of Durrë would never rape women, you don’t know, but you’ll never find anyone more sophisticated than Durrësak or any Albanian city. The mountain dwellers have infiltrated the entire country, making Albok wrong.Is it true that Albanian men

Look, all that green shows female abuse (averages of violence toward women in 2017 ):

Besides, forget about that. That’s rubbish.

Check this out Is it true that Albanian men

I don’t know where Europe is, but I bet that Europeans didn’t give their women the right to vote as quickly as Albanians did.

Our women are so bright that some give their voting rights to men! They allow the head of the family to vote for them.

Not at all. The most determining factor is the kind of family you are raised in and what was or is expected from a man in those families. The trend most Albanians are into now is the same as the global one: with the passing of time, you see more and more independent women and less dominant men.

The role shifting is taking place in different places. For some reason, these changes might be slower in rural, isolated areas, and you can find more examples of dominant men everywhere in Europe.Is it true that Albanian men

Menn in Albania will take the role they are obligated to accept. If they grow up in a family environment where women say that man is the column that holds up the house and women, by default and with their own will, are predisposed to do only what women classically do, of course, men will become dominant in that case.

What are Albanian men like?

“Headstrong” is one of the first words that come to mind — also apt for quite a few Albanian women, although they are raised to be more modest. Albanian men are presented with a very high ideal of masculinity: one of the strongest examples I remember from growing up is how your “word of honor” in Albanian is fjalë Burri (“man’s word”), and this small reference (for example, when I said as a child that I would do something and was asked, “is that your fjalë burri?“) has always made me quite convinced that men have some responsibilities that women don’t.

Or another one: “trim” (“brave”) is traditionally the highest compliment one can give a man; it is so common when speaking solemnly that it is very often turned into a noun (“brave one[s]”) and is ubiquitous in epic poetry/song as the beginning of an apostrophe — eg. 

Kjani trima, kjani (“Weep o brave ones, weep”), where it is simply used as a term for “youths”. Trimneshe (the female version) also exists, and the fairies/nymphs known as Zâna are a paragon of it, but it is traditionally a male requirement.Is it true that Albanian men

This depends a lot on who you happen to meet. Still, traditional Albanian culture had a lot of respect for men because life used to be brutal and violent. Hence, all males had to be warlike, fearless, and enterprising to protect their honor and womenfolk.

Today’s life is way less dangerous, so this respect doesn’t always feel as much “earned,” but Albanian men typically remain very affectionate and protective of their sisters and mothers. However, at times, they also risk coming across as arrogant. And there again, Albanian women have a way of showing their affection towards their male kin that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

This social respect has some downsides, too. It may easily lead to prima donna behavior or bragging, especially if the man is young or feels he’s fallen short of the standard — and then he may become quite challenging to get along with. 

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I’ve heard a few Albanian girls bemoaning how their boyfriends tend to be of the “do as I say, even if I’m wrong” mentality. Or, as a Turkish proverb my father heard in that country goes, “marry off your son to an Albanian girl, but don’t give your daughter to an Albanian lad!”

I’m told in the comments that in Turkish it sounds like this

Foreigners have always remarked that the Albanians’ warlike mentality made for good soldiers: Arnavut (Albanian) bodyguards were a priced status symbol throughout the Levant in the 19th Century. 

Albanians were traditionally known for an almost superhuman commitment to their given word. Still, Communism has all but destroyed that trait, so I’m afraid that, in this respect, modern Albanians are as trustworthy as anybody else.Is it true that Albanian men

They have retained their welcoming nature towards strangers and their warmth towards the community they are part of — but are somewhat colder within the family. I share this trait: let’s say you wash your dirty laundry in the family, and it feels “less wrong” to be mean or cold to your family than to lose face in public.

To make a well-known reference, I’ve always noticed that the characters from Godfather. However, Sicilians had a mentality strikingly similar to Albanians’, so one could say that you might run across a Sonny, a Michael, or a Fredo in Albania. Remember how much a person’s character influences his mentality, and you’ll understand the range of variations this means.

All of this is just indicative. You will find tender, sensitive, and poetic Albanians just as self-centered jerks. You will discover hipsters and hillbillies and sane people in between. Remember that history when you try to make sense of some man’s weird abruptness in personal relations or a weird penchant for bragging and “looking dangerous.”

Albanian men are providers in general and are strictly focused on bringing the bacon home, as they say. Often, this gets misunderstood, and it looks like we mistreat our women and are disrespectful towards them, but that is never the case.

Proof of that is that 99% of Albanian men love their mum to death, and that shows that we don’t disrespect women at all. We respect any country. I have traveled to 82 countries as well, and I have lived in Australia for 17 years.

History shows that for thousands of years, Albania has been ruled by women, queens, leaders, and important people, as women leading our country has never been a problem, even during the dictatorship. The simple answer to those who have previously lived in Albania for a few years and comment here is highly insulting.

We have shared jobs for gender, and often, we are misunderstood as a violent man and dominated. Still, I tell you what, there are more rapes, domestic violence, and killings of women in Australia or many other countries, so-called modern Albania, by far.Is it true that Albanian men

Albanian men may look harsh and rough, but sometimes the most intimidating-looking tend to be the most loving and caring towards their wives and families. Albanian men are providers and put family above all.

The current Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, truly believes in women. He raised the quotes of women in the Albanian Parliament. 28% of the Albanian Parliament are women.
Albanian women are entrepreneurs and very bright. So, although there are still some old patriarchal men, tough Albanian women tend not to have time for them.Is it true that Albanian men

In villages, there are more cases of gender inequality, primarily due to lack of education and poverty. During Communism, there was significant propaganda on gender equality and being all brothers and sisters.

To conclude, there are some patriarchal men, as (shamefully) everywhere, but I wouldn’t consider them particularly patriarchal.

What’s it like to date an Albanian man? I am a British woman. What cultural differences should I expect?

I am a British woman dating an Albanian man myself 🙂 So, I can give a bit of good insight. From my experiences with Albanian men, they are very protective and like to possess the woman they are with; of course, this nature varies from man to man. 

There is also a difference between Albanian men born here in the UK and those who have migrated from Albania.

Those born in the U.K. can be respectful. However, I detect a significant degree of arrogance in a lot of the boys born here, as they are equipped with Albanian pride but have never worked a day in their life (not all, of course)

Those who have come from Albania are more respectful, follow their traditions staunchly, are confident, kind, and very mature for their age; it is shocking, honestly. These men have often worked very hard in their youth and appreciate the value of hard work. As a result, they will respect you if you give them equal respect and (at least in my case) will treat you like a queen.

Another factor in this is if you are British only in nationality or whether you are ethnically English, Scottish, etc. I am half-Greek Cypriot, so the cultural differences are manageable.

I would recommend that if you ever come across points of disagreement between your cultures (I can guarantee you will, as a lot of Albanian men are racist and homophobic, I won’t lie), you discuss them calmly and reason with him, asking why it is that he feels that way about such things – I for one have come to realize that it is no fault of the individual but the household he was brought up in Overall.Is it true that Albanian men

Albania has a beautiful language and culture; they are welcoming and ready to show others the way of their culture, and the men are sublime – handsome, stylish, knowledgeable (qualifications and career mean nothing towards this), and very caring towards their partners.

I hope this has been of some assistance. At the same time, I have never visited Albania and do not come from there; I live in Haringey, which has the highest population of Albanians in the U.K. So, apart from interacting with my boyfriend and his acquaintances, I have daily interactions with many of these men and can observe their behavior closely.

There is a minority of Albanian men who will try to use you for papers; just be wary of this 😉 But seriously, they are fine men, better than anywhere else.

What’s it like to date an Albanian man? I am a British woman. What cultural differences should I expect?

Trust me, it’s excellent; you will have no regrets. I promise. The cultural differences that you should expect are listed below:

  1. Their mother feeds them/ sends them parcels of homemade goodies.
  2. Time becomes a social construct and is open to interpretation. If you arrange to meet at 8 pm, this means 8pm+ up to 90 minutes, which is not considered as late.
  3. You become fluent in swearing in Shqip.
  4. You realize that family comes above everyone and everything else.
  5. You get to find out things about the country that you would have never discovered on your own.
  6. You get to go to places in the country that you would have never found in the tourist guide.
  7. You have a passionate view of politics despite knowing little about it and vowing not to form an opinion.
  8. You realize that an invitation for coffee is akin to a declaration of love.
  9. You start singing along to Albanian music without knowing what you are saying.
  10. Your standards of what ‘good driving’ is take a nosedive.
  11. You become very patriotic of your host country.
  12. You know that no matter what, they have your back.
  13. You will start eating things you have never eaten before. See point one.
  14. They are a little bemused and confused by the fact you have a housekeeper and don’t do the chores yourself.
  15. You realize that most men need help to cook.
  16. You may disagree on more liberal issues, but that is okay; you learn to avoid the topic.
  17. You realize that cultural differences can be overcome.
  18. Your pace of life slows down, and the phrase “avash avash” can be applied to almost everything you do.
  19. You develop a deep interest in their tradition, culture, and history.
  20. You realize that traditional gender roles still apply here- your girlfriend will mother you or your boyfriend will be reluctant to make the bed.
  21. You appreciate how kind, caring, and thoughtful they can be.
  22. You will find yourself getting into all sorts of herbal and tea-based remedies.
  23. You will become acquainted with the Albanian temperament. Whether angry, happy, sad, or excited, it is expressed to a passionate degree- in three short words, “hot Balkan blood.”
  24. You find yourself believing/accepting that a little bit of jealousy is a good thing and directly represents the level of love in a relationship.
  25. You realize they are not all after a passport/visa/” excellent status.”
  26. You realize that anything is possible in Albania!
  27. You have the best partner ever and wouldn’t have it any other way!

What are Albanian men like?

First, a disclaimer: This is my opinion based on six years of living in Tirana, Albania. And this is also from the perspective of a foreigner and a male. Foreigners are treated better, and males dominate Albanian society. Furthermore, these observations don’t apply to all Albanian men; there are always exceptions to the rule. I have certainly known some Albanian men who don’t fit this description.Is it true that Albanian men

I have generally found Albanian men to be kind and generous but chauvinistic and egotistical. You can always count on seeing young Albanian men looking at themselves in mirrors, flexing a muscle or two. 

Hair is always styled, with stylish clothing (usually warm-up suits like on The Sopranos), and always seeking after fast or luxurious cars or crotch-rockets (motorcycles). They tend to love disco or rap music. And, especially like gangster-type Hollywood movies (Fast and Furious, Hitman, etc.). The younger men are a bit more progressive than their older counterparts yet still quite conservative and traditional.

Albanian men are not respectable to women, especially Albanian women. They tend to be bossy, demanding, aloof, and uninvolved in most relationships with their girlfriends, wives, and children.

How do Balayage highlights differ from normal highlights?

 I think this stems from their Muslim heritage, where the woman and children submit to the man (true of conservative Christian men in America, too). My next-door neighbor had 3 to 4 families living in their home, and the women slaved away from the sun until sundown, cleaning the house and cooking all day. Nor were they able to leave the home except to run to the market or go to school. This is while the men often drink coffee, beer, or raki, hang out, and only sometimes work.

The Albanian men I have come to know in America tend to be different. A bit more refined and westernized. They tend to be less about themselves and more about their families. They treat women better than in their home country. This is likely because Americans wouldn’t stand for an abusive man and where women are treated better, have more rights, and have more freedoms.

On a more positive note, Albanian men tend to be loyal to their friendships. They are emotional creatures and very expressive. They are also very community-minded. They like to be out and mingle with people rather than be confined to the home. 

Albanians believe in a “give-and-take” relationship (marredhenie), and I have found this to be true. Albanian men don’t take life too seriously and live slower, enjoying life’s more petite and finer things.

One word of caution is Albanian tradition that when a man and woman marry, they live with the man’s side of the family… forever. And, what the man and his family say on all life matters is the final word.Is it true that Albanian men

Overall, I don’t have a favorable impression of Albanian men. Primarily in the way they treat their own. I am, as an f, the foreigner was tr, treated exceedingly well by Albanian men. I had only a few conflicts over six years. In general, they were kind, generous, and loyal to me. But, be cautious if you are a woman, especially an Albanian woman.

That’s my humble two cents.

I live in Albania, and I have noticed that Albanian men are terribly misogynist (woman haters) and have toxic judgments. But why? Isn’t it considered a bad thing? They don’t ruin women’s lives like that.

How I see it is that we are raised in one specific way of life (in terms of male and female relations). That way of life was that women had their place (usually caring for the house and children).

For as long as both men and women are brainwashed into believing that that works well for everyone involved, then everything is fine.

Side note: sometimes, the patriarchy might be described or seen as something that men impose on women. However, it is just a way of life that no one has questioned before. It’s a way of life that both men and women hold on to because they are used to. 

If you read writers like bell hooks (she doesn’t capitalize her name), she explains that, in reality, patriarchy demands on both men and women. Imagine being an over-sensitive man in Albania, for example. 

That’s a cliche example, but there are all sorts of examples. Bell Hooks uses the example of single mothers raising their sons to the stereotypical masculine standards because they, the single mothers, have been brainwashed into believing that their sons would be missing a vital aspect of life.

They raise their sons in such a “toxic” form that often, apparently, the sons become the dominators in the mother-son relationship.

Albania is changing quickly or faster than the collective would typically allow. Women are pushing the highly tight margins of what is expected of them, and so you get men expressing what they always thought but which they never needed to make public.Is it true that Albanian men

We’re finding out the “Albanian f “milial traditiowe’ref yesterday that are restrictive for Albanian women of today. Not to mention that the so-called “Albanian familial traditions” “aaren’tAlbanian are not only patriarchal.

There is nothing misogynist in expecting women to foster care for their children by doing all the menial housework required to raise well-behaved future citizens of the nation and satisfy her man who provides for the household by welcoming him home to a well-cleaned and taken care of.

Every society at some point believed that. ItIt’sullshit!

Today, you can not expect every Albanian woman to be satisfied with that prescribed role. I don’t think they were satisfied even back in the day.

(And this is how the misunderstanding spreads, people thinking that universal human habits are Albanian traditions and if you pick on them, yoyou’vensulted Albanians – bull)

Edit: Albanian youth are at a significant disadvantage. 

First, they are raised with the story that a woman needs to “take care of her children by doing all the menial housework required.” “S” secondly presents them with 21st-century Western feminism, which has decades since dealt with the issues that Albanians face.

You need to rewind the tape a bit back for feminism to be relatable to the Albanian issues (even though, every time an Albanian woman does something, people ddodon’tike the slur slut is invoked)

How would you describe the Albanian mentality?

This will seem very offensive to others, but this covers 90% of the mentality of Albanians. I will put it in bullet points:

  • You are the smartest, while everyone around you is an idiot.
  • Guests are coming; hurry up and clean the house.
  • Always drive something expensive, preferably a German.
  • (insert country of residence) are idiots, can’t cook, don’t know how to walk, are simpletons, can’t fight
  • We can beat anybody up.
  • don’t like Zezaks or anyone ghetto
  • Think they can lie their way out of anything.
  • When the guests arrive, serve them meze, it does not matter even if it’s somebody you don’t like
  • Raki is the best alcohol.
  • America rules the world.
  • Have a ridiculously expensive and incredible wedding reception.
  • Have a massive convoy of cars heading to the wedding and reception (dare/dasm) while making a lot of noise.
  • So many cousins you have to have a map.
  • Talking for one hour outside of your house when you have already said goodbye to each other 20 times
  • When outside of the country, we are proud of our country, but when in it, we hate being there.
  • Every politician doesn’t do their job; they get paid to do nothing.
  • Think they can bribe their way out of anything.
  • Spend money on things you don’t need while barely having any money for basic needs.
  • The guy walking down the street is Albanian; I can tell from his face.
  • (outside of Albania) you are speaking Albanian with someone, and another Albanian is walking by, and one of you switches to another language
  • (within Albania), talk smack about other groups or regions of Albania
  • Curse the gypsies and call others gypsies (max hyp/Gabel/jevgjit)
  • (this one relates to the Roma groups of Albania) we have music in our blood!
  • (within Albania) the car gets burned in the street and stays there for several months until somebody realizes there is a burned-out car in the street, and they tow it because they have nowhere to park
  • (within Albania) Use traffic cops even though there is a street light that nobody bothered to fix
  • Outside of Albania, you automatically have some relationship with other Albanians as if they are family, even though they are strangers.

Do Albanian men treat their wives like housemaids?

Some do, some don’t. Albanians value traditions. They think a woman should be capable of doing housework toto sustain living on her own and contribute to the family. Seen from that perspective, I agree. Both women and men should be able to keep their houses clean, cook, do the laundry, etc. It’s a much-needed skill.

Some Albanian men see it that way. Some see it as the only thing a woman should be doing or as something that only she should be doing in the family.

While I agree that most Albanian men tend to be more traditional than others, the way they treat their wives comes down to the type of person they are and how they were taught respect for their closest people.Is it true that Albanian men

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Are Albanian men tough?

Meanwhile, Albanians are looking at this question Jokes aside, I love this “guarded expression” some of them have in real life. It’s funny. In some parts of the Albanian world, especially in the past, men were requested to be tough, so they had to be like that, no matter what.

We don’t know all Albanian men in this world, so we can’t speak for all of them, but generalizing, even today, they are tough enough if you touch their interests or someone in their circle.

The problem with Albanians (men and women too) is that some of them are stubborn, and they hardly forget something you have done to them (be it good or bad), and when I mean hardly, I mean “for generations.” It isn’t easy to interact with them if they feel you have committed injustice towards them or people they care about. And they aren’t afraid or shy to show their disdain.

Are Albanian men affectionate?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the level of affection that Albanian men show towards their partners can vary significantly from individual to individual.

However, in general, Albanian men are known for being quite demonstrative with their affections and may be more likely than some other cultures to express their love physically and verbally.

If you are dating or considering dating an Albanian man, it is essential to understand his culture and what he may expect from you regarding displays of affection.Is it true that Albanian men

How can I tell if my Albanian boyfriend was genuine before he ended it? Albanian men are so different from English men.

Genuine: he has told you about his family. Expressed his plans, feelings, and job. Introduced you to his Albanian friends. His life was open to you. He enjoyed life as it came.

Not genuine: You have no idea about any of his stuff. He was available to you only physically and only for what was present. Everything else was kept hidden. It is probably because you were part of his second life abroad, and he already has a wife and kids.

Warning: Albanian men can be addictive to some northern European women. Their rugged and macho behavior may make them very attractive. Stay away from the nongenuine, traditional type.

Why is it that the Albanian men that I know treat women with no respect?

Check out the main religion which dictates the way of life in Albania and answer this yourself. No matter how many people want to shut themselves off from reality for politically correct brownie points, it is what it is.

Why is it that the Albanian men that I know treat women with no respect?

Check out the main religion which dictates the way of life in Albania and answer this yourself. No matter how many people want to shut themselves off from reality for politically correct brownie points, it is what it is.

How can I tell if my Albanian boyfriend was genuine before he ended it? Albanian men are so different from English men.

I can tell you that it’s impossible for anyone who doesn’t know your boyfriend and your relationship up close to know that. Albanian men can be quite different from other men, but they are still humans with complex emotions and life stories. You are the only one who can know if he was genuine with his feelings about you.

What I can tell you from personal experience is that Albanian men are either really upfront at telling you they don’t have severe feelings about you, no matter how much that would hurt you, or they can stay in a relationship for quite some time, seeming genuine and then leave when they feel it’s in their best interest. Talk to him and figure it out.

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Why are Albanian guys polite and caring without being too feminine and suitable to be ‘family guys’?

Many Albanians hang their pride in what other countries think of them. So many will agree with you. Why would they tell you are wrong? Any good publicity is good publicity.

I couldn’t give a fuck.

I can give two explanations. You are seeing what you want to see. A lot of people do this (me included). And it does help. I just finished reading a book on happiness, and in a nutshell, it’s all about whether you are a pessimist or an optimist; you have no idea what’s going to happen, so why not be an optimist? So it’s highly recommended that you see the world how you want to.

Suppose you see the guys around you (regardless of nationality) as polite and caring. Fantastic, you’re lucky to have such loving people in your life.

However, there needs to be an indication that this is true for all Albanian guys. The opposite is the norm. But as you’ve witnessed, there are exceptions.

What’s it like to date an Albanian man? I am a British woman. What cultural differences should I expect?

For the dating part, he will mostly adapt to your cultural norms. Whatever is considered normal in Britain. The differences become palpable once you start planning to spend your life with the person. When the family gets involved, cultural norms begin to take precedence.

As long as you’re dating, there shouldn’t be any problem.

One thing you should keep in mind. Most typical Albanian men are very jealous of their women. In most cases, too much privacy and an eased attitude towards other men will not be appreciated.Is it true that Albanian men

Is it true that Albanian men are extremely dominant and paternalistic?