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Malaka – What does the Greek word mean?


Malaka: What does the Greek word mean?

Malakas (μαλάκας) is a Greek slang word. Malakas is an exceptionally versatile word. The meaning varies depending on the tone and context used. A stupid or annoying person. The term malaka is from the Greek and means to masturbate. Hence Malakia, masturbation, or wankiness (in the full nuance of its normal Aussie usage): Will you stop being such a malaka?

It can be an exclamation of pleasure, an expression of dark horror, a cry of anger, a paean of affection, and other different things besides its literal equivalent, which in British English is “wanker”. Common alternative meanings include “asshole” or “jerk”, and the contrasting “dude”, or “mate”, depending on the context. It derives from the Greek word malakos (μαλακός), which means “soft” or “spoilt, well-used to luxuries of life”.

It is one of the most frequent words picked up by tourists and travelers to Greece and is not unusual among the younger Greek diaspora, even when the level of Greek is low. A female form of the word exists, malako (μαλάκω), but is a recent coinage, whereas malakismeni (μαλακισμένη) seems to be rather more vintage.

This is copy-paste from Wikipedia. I am a Greek and I have never seen better clarification of the meaning and variety of use for this word.

Malakas (Greek: μαλάκας [maˈlakas]) is a commonly used profane Greek slang word, with a variety of different meanings, but literally meaning “man who masturbates“. While it is typically used as an insult, its literal equivalent in Commonwealth English is “wanker” and “jerk off” in American English.

In ancient Greece the word “Malakas” meant “mentally ill” and came from the word “malakono” which means “to soften” (μαλακώνω) and it appears in the Greek Orthodox church scriptures which differentiates it from physical illness (νόσος) “από πάσαν νόσον και μαλακίαν”. Latin “malacia” refers to a calm ocean.

Today’s real Malaka meaning

Despite the use of this word in hundreds of different cases, the real meaning is only one! Imagine a person who can’t understand a hint, someone who is not sure when others mock him or not. Someone who can misunderstand what he is hearing, someone who is easily fooled.

And in fewer words, finally, the one with IQ lower than average, in short, the stupid in a company, or at work, it’s so simple!

So, Malakas = A low IQ person.

We in Greece really use that word, right? You might have faced someone calling you “malaka” while you don’t know what it means.

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The meaning we use the word is the same as “wanker”, but it mostly refers to “stupid” or “idiot”. However, that word really has a different definition. That word comes also from Ancient Greek, from the verb μαλακιάω (malakiao) and μαλακιζομαι (malakizomai). That word is also referred to on Pericles’ Funeral Orientation, as it says: “Φιλοκαλοῦμεν τε γὰρ μετ’ εὐτελείας καὶ φιλοσοφοῦμεν ἄνευ μαλακίας”. The meaning of “μαλακίας” here was the self-indulgence and indolence.

The word was used too in Nicomachean Ethics, meaning the opposite of “stiff upper lip”

In Latin, “malacia” was symbolizing peace of mind.

That word took the “masturbation” meaning in the middle ages. In newer ages, “malakia” took the meaning of intellectual disability. There comes the disease “μαλάκυνση εγκεφάλου”, in English meaning cerebral softening. The first time it was used on the script was in 1888 in magazine-newspaper “Εστία”, with the same meaning as French “Ramolli”. Nowadays, the word “malakas” is used to tell someone stupid or an idiot. So, if you hear it here in Greece or in your country, don’t get surprised.

Malaka is the greek way of saying wanker. The Greek term for someone who has jerked off so many times that his brain has become soft, and he is now an idiot. In everyday speech, the word malakas is used metaphorically to mean a person who uses no common sense. PS – How do I know this? My good friend and roommate in college are Greek. He would always say this when he was on the phone with his friends back home.

So I asked him one day what he was saying and he provided me with the above answer. He then proceeds to start directing it at me going forward since I now knew what it meant haha.

Malaka – What does the Greek word mean?

The word μαλάκα (maláka) is the vocative form of the Greek noun μαλάκας (malákas), a word which has a very complicated history to say the least. I suppose, if you want to know what it means, we should start at the beginning. μαλάκας comes from the Ancient Greek word μαλακός (malakós), an adjective which originally meant “soft” or “gentle.”

Eventually, however, the word μαλακός came to carry connotations of both physical and moral weakness. It came to mean “weak,” “cowardly,” or “effeminate.” The anonymous author of the Peripatetic philosophical treatise On Virtues and Vices lists μαλακία (i.e. malakía; “softness”) as a defining attribute of both people who are cowards and people who lack control. The apostle Paul famously warns in the First Epistle to the Corinthians 6:9–10:

“ἢ οὐκ οἴδατε ὅτι ἄδικοι θεοῦ βασιλείαν οὐ κληρονομήσουσιν; μὴ πλανᾶσθε· οὔτε πόρνοι οὔτε εἰδωλολάτραι οὔτε μοιχοὶ οὔτε μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται οὔτε κλέπται οὔτε πλεονέκται, οὐ μέθυσοι, οὐ λοίδοροι, οὐχ ἅρπαγες βασιλείαν θεοῦ κληρονομήσουσιν.”

This means, in my own translation:

“Or do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Neither the whores, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the malakoi [i.e. “soft ones”], nor the male-lie-downers, nor the thieves, nor the covetous, nor the drunkards, nor the abusive, nor the robbers will inherit the Kingdom of God.”

In other words, according to the apostle Paul, softies are apparently not welcome in the Kingdom of God. (On a side-note, there is a great deal of controversy regarding the correct translation of the obscure word ἀρσενοκοῖται, which comes right after μαλακοὶ in this passage and is often interpreted as referring to male homosexuals.

The exact meaning of the word is obscure, but it comes from ἄρσην (ársēn), meaning “male,” and κεῖμαι (keîmai), meaning “to lie down.” I have translated it here as “male-lie-downers,” which seems like the most literal possible translation.)

Malaka – What does the Greek word mean?

ABOVE: Shot from Mel Brooks’s 1981 comedy film The History of the World, Part I. My Latin teacher last year used this image at the top of the class syllabus for the first semester and, for some reason, this image is what I think of when I think of the word μαλακός: an overweight man dressed in lavish Roman-esque garb reclining on a couch.

Over time, however, the meaning of the word changed. In Ancient Greek, the word μαλακία meant “softness,” “weakness,” “cowardice,” or “effeminacy,” but evidently, in around the tenth century AD, people came to associate weakness and effeminacy with masturbation, so, thus, in Modern Greek, μαλακία has become a vulgar slang term meaning “masturbation.”

Likewise, the word μαλάκας, which comes from a word that originally meant “soft person” or “weak person,” has now become a vulgar slang term meaning “a person who masturbates.” (I will take this moment to childishly comment on the irony of the fact that a man who is literally “soft” would face a great deal of difficulty in attempting to masturbate. Anyway, I digress.)

What does Malding mean

The word μαλάκας is now rarely used with its literal meaning of “a person who masturbates.” Instead, it is normally used to refer to an extremely stupid person or to a person who is extremely unpleasant and annoying, similar to the American word jerk or the British word wanker. The word has spawned dozens of derivatives, including αρχιμαλάκας (“supreme jerk”) and χοντρομαλάκας (“big, fat jerk”). Friends, The word μαλακία has come to sometimes mean “nonsense,” “idiocy,” or “bullsh*t.”

Another unusual change in the word’s meaning has occurred even more recently, however; now it has become common for the word μαλάκας to be used as a term of endearment between close friends. In some contexts, it has come to mean something like “buddy” or “bro.” The word is still insulting in any other context, but, in this one particular context, it can be endearing.

Does maláka mean friend?

While the term is inappropriate and is traditionally used as a slur, it is acceptable and very commonly used among close friends, especially males, where it takes on a meaning similar to “dude” or “mate”. Malakas is very rarely used in its literal meaning (man who masturbates).

What does maláka mean in Arabic?

The Quranic word for angel (Arabic: ملك, romanized: malak) derives either from Malaka, meaning “he controlled“, due to their power to govern different affairs assigned to them, or from the triliteral root ‘-l-k, l-‘-k or m-l-k with the broad meaning of a “messenger”, just as its counterpart in Hebrew (malʾákh).

What does the Greek word Tikanis mean?

Originally Answered: What does Tikanis mean in Greek? “Ti kaneis”, seriously, might be one of the most used everyday words, as it means “how ‘re you doing”! Depending on how you say it, it can mean “what are you doing (there)” or “ti kaneis simera” means “what will you be doing today/what are you doing today”.

When can I use the Greek word “malaka”?

Malakas (Greek: μαλάκας [maˈlakas]) is a commonly used profane Greek slang word, with a variety of different meanings, but literally meaning “a man who masturbates”. While it is typically used as an insult, with its literal equivalent in English is “wanker”, the meaning varies depending on the tone and context used.

Assuming you mean the ubiquitous word μαλάκας, vocative μαλάκα and not the innocuous adverb/adjective μαλακά (thx to Konstantinos Papadopoulos for this caveat): Never, until you reach near-native proficiency.

Normally I don’t answer questions concerning gross language, but this one is so ubiquitous that even foreigners need some information about it.

As it means „someone who masturbates”, it is technically an insult. But it has become unreasonably and inexplicably fashionable with young men, who use it similar to „buddy” or “dude”. F.e. : κοιτά μαλάκα μια μηχανάρα/Check that motorbike, dude!

Please notice that in the unlikely event of your mastering the intricacies of Malaka as an endearing phrase, you will be reciprocating Called Malakawhich strikes me as rather undesirable.

The principal extended meaning of “μαλάκας”/ masturbator is idiot, wherefrom arises a plethora of (non-polite) usages:

Σε κλέβανε κι εσύ έκανες το μαλάκα/you pretended to notice nothing, while they robbed you.

Δε θα κάθομαι να σε περιμένω σαν το μαλάκα/ I won’t be waiting for you like an idiot.

Του έκανε πρόταση γάμου γκαστρωμένη από άλλον, κι αυτός σαν καλός μαλακας την πήρε. / She proposed to him while being pregnant from someone else and he – good-natured fool that he is – married her.

Honourable mention:

“Malaka” doesn’t describe only an individual, it can describe a sports team, a race or a nation. In the eyes of many Greeks with what’s going on the Germans are “Malakes”. Then there are OUR Malakes, we call our buds “Malakes mou” and with that, we show brotherhood.

Then there’s the friend who falls for the wrong girl and we advise him “don’t be a Malaka” or the guy who keeps messing up “E MALAKA” and how about the guy who’s a jerk and hurts someone’s feelings “why are you such a Malaka?”.

The great thing with “Malaka” is that it can be used by kids too. “Come here re Malakismeno” (for 12 and under only) and to our wife, sister or girlfriend “Eisai Malakismeni ”and how bout the guy that’s obese he’s a “Hontro-Malakas”.

Then we have the king of Malakes, “Malakas me perikefalaia” Or the guy that doesn’t see where he’s going and bumps into something “are you blind re Malaka?” or the guy who’s called Malaka by everyone he’s a “grand Malaka” or the guy who’s a “Malaka and a half” and let’s not forget the one who was “born a Malaka and will die a Malaka” or the “Malaka with a capital M” or the guy that says something that shocks us “I stood in awe like a Malaka”.

μαλάκα the exclamation. A little bit like Duuuuuuuude! Suppose you see a woman wearing these disgusting hot pants that don’t cover the ass.

You and your friend are 13 and have only seen a woman in the movies. The woman passes. Your friend, following the butt with his eyes, exclaims: μαλάκαααααα!

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