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What does Malding mean?

What does Malding mean

What does Malding mean?

Malding is a combination of two words – “bald” and “mad”. This term is used to describe a player’s emotions, namely when he or she is annoyed. If to be more precise, this word means the state when a person is somewhere on the edge of being angry and mad.

It got into the Twitch community’s lexicon when it was used by someone in Sebastian “Forsen” Fors’ chat. A viewer used this word to describe the streamer’s feelings at a certain point in the game. Twitch users liked this term very much and it became very trendy and popular among them.

The word can become a trademark

As it has been recently revealed, one player has decided to make this word a trademark. He even filed an application to patent the term and created a website dedicated to it.

Of course, everything connected with this strange word looks more like a joke rather than some serious intention to turn it into a brand.

At the same time, this person has got legal advice and claimed that everybody who uses it violates its copyright. However, later he has admitted that all these announcements are a joke and every player can use the word.

Other words that are popular on Twitch

The platform is full of unique and funny words that are commonly used by streamers. For example, you may hear these strange terms on Twitch:

  • Kappa;
  • TriHard;
  • PogChamp;
  • CmonBruh;
  • haHAA;
  • and many more.

All these words describe certain emotes that frequently occur on Twitch.

What does Malding mean?

“Mald” is a mixture of the words “mad”, “bad” and “bald”.


If someone is Malding they are bad at the game they’re playing, mad at the game they’re playing and also balding, probably at a young age. People in chat use it usually to poke fun at a streamer they watch.


Here is a clip of Nymn explaining what the origin of the word is: Nymn Explains MALD Meme.

To understand the clip, it is important to know that in some channels on Twitch, “spamming” the chat is common. People post spam messages that are usually a few words repeated along with repeated emotes (a lot of the time posting the message a few times), like for example if the streamer is bad at a video game and also mad “SO MAD LULW SO BAD LULW” or even “SO MAD LULW SO BAD LULW SO MAD LULW SO BAD LULW SO MAD LULW SO BAD LULW”, where LULW is the keyword for a third-party emote, and then post the same or a very similar message again straight away.

This is what Forsen’s chat looks like right now:

To summarise the clip, basically, people spammed combinations of “SO BAD”, “SO MAD” and “SO BALD” in Forsen’s chat and this then became “SO MALD”, then mald evolved into its own thing. (People in chat make fun of Forsen for having a receding hairline so that is where the bald part comes from).

Mald – A state of being in which one’s frustration-induced stress is a direct contributor to one’s balding.

Urban Dictionary: Mald

Malding is a condition originating from Uganda, where the patient zero was found (circa) 1990. It is often described as the human version of molding. Certain tobacco products like Snus are said to enhance the effects of malding.

It is characterized by the victim’s baldness, lack of skill, and anger issues. Subjects of the condition are also said to have decorated their room with self-portraits and paintings of things that make them feel uneasy.

The words Mad and bald put together. Someone who is Mald is either a mad and bald person, or a person who is Mad about being bald and is, therefore, taking their frustration out on others.

The true career of the phrase started out in 2019, though, when the aforementioned Twitch streamer, Forsen looked up mald on Urban Dictionary, and his fans have been spamming his chat section with puns related to malding.

A few days following Forsen’s “research” a picture of him was posted on Reddit, motivating people to upvote it, so that it pops up in Google images, if you search for “mald”.

Not so much after these events, Twitch streamer Nymm uploaded an explanation for the whole malding craze, stating that it all started with Forsen’s fans initially writing “So bad, so mad!”; “So bald, so mad!”; “So bald, so mald!”, and the final form;  mald.


Malding is the portmanteau of the words mad and balding, used to refer to an angry, bald man. It is seen the most at the chat of Twitch streamer Forsen.

When someone is both mad and balding than he is said to be malding. It is a combination of two words: Mad + Bald that is someone who is mad(out of senses) and bald(having no hair on the head).

The forms ‘mald’ and ‘malding’ do not occur either in the OED or in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It is not impossible that the person who wrote ‘malding’ has misspelt ‘molding,’ ‘moulding,’ ‘melding,’ or perhaps ‘malting.’

(For all of those, and indeed for every simple English word, I highly recommend both of the dictionaries mentioned above.)

Malding is portmanteau of the words Mad + Balding.



When someone is both mad and balding.

“He was so mad that his frustrated induced stress has started to cause malding.”

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