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How much money one can earn in the Quora partner program?

How much money one can earn in the Quora partner program?

How much money can one earn in the Quora partner program?

It’s highly variable. You have to ask meaningful, engaging questions. Perhaps someone else can chime in on their results, as I’m not fully comfortable disclosing how much I’m making right now. I’ll just say personally that it’s not a bad week for me. It’s a little more generous than I originally thought.

The most I’ve made in one question is ~$20 (updated, on the best question I made exactly $100.00, so far) for ~250k views in a few days, but to be fair, it was one of my instant hits after I incurred lots of penny duds through experimentation from a little less than 50 questions.

It seems highly asymmetric, but the money just gives me a sense of how much value I’m providing to the Quora community.

Quora partner program

I’m not exactly sure how much others are making. One Quora user claims that he made less than $10 from 100 questions so far, so I guess I’m doing pretty well so far.

But I highly doubt anyone would consider it worth it in purely monetary terms if they are in the US. I just like doing this stuff for fun and research. It’s not enough if I do it full-time.

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How much money one can earn in the Quora partner program? 2024

The only risk I would think of is you make little to none from a lot of time. Or Quora deactivates your account from any black hat attempts at gaming revenue (it’s not exactly from views and upvotes – I’m pretty confident), clearing any of your reputation and honorary title as a Top Writer, as well as your followers, which I depend on in part for my consulting business, which makes far more cash.

You would be an idiot to do so, because they have an excellent team of data scientists that I presume look through their algorithms, and Quora users may flag click baits or spam. An eternal cat-and-mouse game is not worth it.

quora partner program

It’s not as easy as it seems to “organically” come up with meaningful questions that become viral. I make $350/hr off consulting to develop working, and ethical marketing strategies in Initial Coin Offerings.

It’s exponentially more than I make on Quora’s Partner Program. If you’re really great at making stuff viral, you may well be better off with other avenues, until Quora attracts huge paying advertisers and passes it onto Partners (unsure if this would happen) because only the viral hits seem to make the best cash, but not always.

I personally think if one is going for only the money alone and you have an excellent innate sense of what consistently goes viral, you might be better off making Youtube videos or actually get a career in marketing. A chief marketing officer with those skills makes about $1.5M a year.

Quora partner program

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How much money one can earn in the Quora partner program?

This is an invitation-only program. Quora moderators invite random users from around the world to test out their new experiment for content creation.

While many people believed that you have to a veteran (long-term active user) on Quora, there have been cases of new users getting the invitation via email. 

It’s not really about who deserves to be invited but rather a random invitation a the pile of millions of users. You would just have to be the lucky winner. It’s all randomized.

This is from Quora website:

The Quora Partner Program is a way for us to compensate Quora users who make great contributions to the product and the community.

We’ve been thinking about new ways to compensate for different kinds of contributions and today we are happy to announce our first expansion of the program.

Since we launched the program, Partners have contributed some of the best new questions for writers to answer. Our goal with the program is to not only ensure that the best questions exist on Quora but that writers are getting the opportunity to answer them.

One big limitation of the current program is that Partners only get compensated for new questions. So going forward, we are going to allow Partners to get compensated for answer requests on existing questions.

This means you can find a good question that already exists on Quora, decide that it would benefit from a new answer, send a request to a writer, and get compensated if they write an answer.

Payment works exactly the same way that it does when you ask new questions, it’s just going to come from the answers from your requests. So you will want to continue to look for questions that will be most helpful to people in the long term.

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Quora partner program

This changes a new question asking compensation in a couple of ways. When you ask a new question, you are compensated in the same way as before but you are also compensated for the requests you send on that question.

So to maximize your earning on the questions you ask, you should make sure to send out some requests. If you never send requests for answers today, you will likely earn less going forward.

Additionally, we wanted to enable collaboration between partners, so if another Partner requests answers to a question you asked and that answer start earning, you are both compensated.

We are going to slowly roll out this change starting today. You will see a banner on your Partner dashboard when you are included.

Quora partner program

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How can I use Quora to make money?

One way is to become a Quora partner. However, it is important to ask questions that are appropriate. Entirely too many people are abusing the system by spamming questions.

Another way is to use Quora in a way that enables you to show people your knowledge so that they will hire you to do whatever it is you do.

In neither case am I the right person to tell you how to actually do these things. While I am a Quora partner, I have asked very few questions. Nor have I tried to use Quora to build my practice as a lawyer, I’m not even practicing at the moment. Others have used Quora in such a fashion successfully. Perhaps one of them will comment.

I have made money thanks to the Quora partner program.

However, PLEASE read these disclaimers, warnings & important bits first.

    I have NEVER advertised myself or my services explicitly. I’ve never sent people spammy messages or unsolicited messages asking them to subscribe to me or my services. I have received messages from people advertising their services. But I haven’t resorted to this strategy.
    I have NEVER misled people by telling them false statements about me or my background.
    I have let people EXPLICITLY know up-front that I am on Quora to promote my brand and not for charitable causes (i.e. to help or change the world for free). And how do I do this? By encouraging them to ask me questions, by sharing my Quora answers on their Social Media & by asking their friends to follow me on Quora (if they loved my answers).
    I have always answered all questions without any indication that people should pay me or subscribe to any of my social media platforms.
    I have been very truthful about saying that I prefer they ask me Questions on Quora as that builds my online credibility and brand. However, if anyone still insists that they want my services on a ONE-TO-ONE basis where they want me to talk to them for one hour or write them an email of 1,000 words with a strategy, solution or guidance – that is chargeable.
    Please ensure you NEVER break any rules of Quora. Please read and re-read the rules of Quora so that you do not get flagged for a violation.
    DO NOT sell, offer or provide anything that is illegal or not allowed.
    If in doubt – please contact the Quora Moderation Team

Quora partner program

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So how did I earn money on Quora partner program?

  1. I spend 8 hours to 16 hours answering questions on Quora
  2. I ensure every question I answer I give truly my best content
  3. Some of the questions I spend even 3 days just to research and answer. That’s what it takes to produce my quality 3,000 – 8,000-word answers.
  4. Each answer I write – is 100% complete and authentic. I never hold anything information back in my answers.
  5. I always ensure I follow the BNBR policy. (Friends, I did make many mistakes in the past)
  6. I always ensure I ignore rude comments
  7. I always ensure I block or report trolls or abusive members.
  8. The ONLY and ONLY explicit advertisement I have – is in my bio section, I make sure my bio is detailed containing all the honest information about my business and my life
  9. I share my personal phone number and also my private email address
  10. For those people who send me email requests or phone requests to provide them more time, more service and more expertise – I inform them that:
    1) I prefer that they ask me the question on Quora which I will do it FOR FREE
    2) And if they are happy with my service – to talk about me to their friends
    3) However, One-To-One services – is a Premium service which I charge for
    4) And if they are still interested in my One-To-One Premium Services – it a chargeable service.
  11. I always encourage people to opt for the FREE service – which is asking me a question on Quora with my name ‘Loy Machado’ on it. And once they have asked me the question – to send me the link – which is where I answer it. The only drawback of this strategy is that only me and this user gets to see the answer – no one else as it is user-specific.
  12. If however, users STILL insist that they want Privacy, Secrecy, Attention, My Personal Time, Effort, Space & Expertise – I guide them to website where they are able to see the list of options I offer. Here they can choose what they want.
  13. There are some people who ask me for a FREE service. And if I feel they have good connections – I give them a $500 service for FREE in exchange for a referral.

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    It has been 5 months since I joined Quora and I have answered 3,000 answers. And on an average day – I spend 8 to 16 hours on Quora per day – while every other alternate day – I spend on my other Social Media Platforms. So my conversion rate is 1 good customer for every 3,000 answers. So not an easy task!
    The conversion rate to get $25 (my minimum rate) is 1 good customer after connecting with nearly 1,000 people on Quora.
    It is very very very time-consuming. Sometimes my day starts at 2 am writing answers on Quora. So while others are sleeping – I am busy working. And all this – for FREE on Quora.
    I get spammed heavily both on my phone & email by trolls, trouble makers, and especially children. If you are popular – you will receive at least 100 emails, messages & texts from trouble makers. You will not believe how horrible it is to clean up your inbox and phone. I wake up in the morning to nearly 1,000+ notifications!
    Majority of the users even after informing them the terms & conditions STILL ask for FREE by sharing their sad stories
    People have shared my details online to groups stating I am a prostitute looking for sex and fun. And some of them call you from fake numbers and then threaten you or waste your time with nonsense.
    You will make more enemies than friends as everyone will expect you to give them FREE content and FREE help – especially since you give FREE answers online. And on top of that – they will be rude and obnoxious with you.
    It is all about luck. You can go on for 3 months and not have a single inquiry.
    The possibility and probability of a popular Quoran losing his account are exceptionally high. You can lose your account and everything you have worked for – by just one small mistake.

Quora partner program

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So before you do decide to opt for a strategy on Quora, in Summary keep this in mind:

  1. It has been 5 long months since I joined Quora.
  2. I’ve written quality answers to 3,000 questions on Quora
  3. Out of the 1,000+ emails, messages & texts I have received per day, I have made sure that I answered the relevant ones – which I have to dedicate one entire day to.
  4. Focusing on Quora led to a decline and elimination of my other online activities
  5. I am still learning how to use Quora
  6. I am still doing my best to contribute MORE than what I receive
  7. It has not been an easy ride.
  8. You have to be exceptionally focused, dedicated, obsessed, committed, and explicit about your strategy. That involves telling people the truth openly. And this can make you very unpopular.
  9. Many users have unsubscribed from me or even trolled me for the simple reason that I was honest enough to let them know I am on Quora to promote my brand. For some strange and funny reason, some people believe that everyone on Quora should be there giving world-class content and hours and hours of work – for free.
  10. However, the focus should NOT be to be loved by the whole world but by the few who are willing to accept that you are a professional and if they want more (Your Personal and Professional Time, Effort & Expertise) they should go through your private channel.
  11. End of the day the Universal truth is this – All the Professionals like myself who are online and who make money online – take this job very seriously with ethics, morals, and standards. And if we were to violate these standards – we simply cannot survive. There are no shortcuts to making money – no “get-rich-quick” easy schemes. If you want to succeed – you have to FIRST GIVE VALUE IN ORDER TO GET VALUE. Ultimately this is the reason and only reason professionals like me have survived, thrived, and succeeded.

Hope this helps.

Quora partner program

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