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What does ft mean in text 2024

What does ft mean in text

What does ft mean in text 2024

This acronym is most commonly used to represent the phrase “FaceTime.”

What does FT mean when texting?

What does FT mean? – FT Definition – FT Meaning – Internet Slang Jun 3, 2019 FT stands for “Fuck That” or “For Trade” So now you know – FT stands for “Fuck That” or “For Trade » – don’t thank you.

How do you respond to IDK?

So, here are 15 ways to respond and turn that “I don’t know” into an Aha!

  1. “This is a good place to start.
  2. Just use silence.
  3. “Remember that just because you respond doesn’t mean you should do something about it.”
  4. Before this question, you may want to use a fabric softener: “What are you pretending not to know?”

What to respond when a girl says, I don’t know you?

First of all, if they are rude about it, walk away or ignore them. If they’re saying things like “Please don’t hold the door, I don’t know you” or “This is my party, you need to go,” and you’re sharing the space or maybe it’s a public place, as long as you’re at 100% the reason.

What does a girl’s IDK mean?

I don’t know

What do you say when a girl says she has a boyfriend?

Happy wife, happy life. If she says she has a boyfriend, I’d be respectful and say, “Well that doesn’t surprise me since you’re such a nice girl,” or “because you’re so smart…” whatever comes to mind and be honest. So keep your distance; maybe smile at him once in a while.

Is IDK an answer

Is IDK an answer? IDK works mainly as a response in casual conversations like chats or text messages. Since IDK is an abbreviation for the phrase “I don’t know,” you can use IDK as long as you answer with the whole sentence (“Which movie did you like best?” “IDK, it’s hard to choose.

What does it mean when a guy says IDK?

How do you know if a girl has a boyfriend?

The easiest way to find out if a girl has a boyfriend is by talking to her about almost anything other than her boyfriend.

  1. Ask her directly what her boyfriend thinks about something.
  2. Talk to her about topics that require her to give an opinion.
  3. If you meet her in a club. :
  4. Ask him if he has plans, and he will tell you.

What to do if a girl likes you but has a boyfriend?

You can ask her about it if you think she might like you too, even if she has a boyfriend. Tell her that you’re interested, but tell her that you respect her and that she has a boyfriend. If she says that she doesn’t like you, give her space.

When doesn’t a girl tell you about her boyfriend?

If the girl has a boyfriend but refuses to tell you that she has one, she is participating in a practice known as monkey branching. If the girl has a boyfriend but refuses to tell you she has one, she engages in a monkey branching technique.

How do you know if a girl wants to leave her boyfriend for you?

Actual signs that she will leave her boyfriend for you

  1. 0.1 1. She spends more time with you.
  2. 0.2 2. Send you a lot more text messages.
  3. 0.3 3. I’m not afraid to tag you in photos with her.
  4. 0.4 4. Tell her friends that she is with you.
  5. 0.5 5. Get into any unresolved fights with your boyfriend.
  6. 0.6 6. Complain a lot about your boyfriend with you.
  7. 0.7 7.
  8. 0.8 8.

Ftmean“featuring” for short. Like for the example you gave, Jay Z will be singing the song, and Linkin Park will have a little segment/part in it. It can be during the song, or just one part. You hear a TON of people have a little rap section in the song, so that’s why you see a lot of “feat.

FT Meaning FT means FaceTime on Text. FT means FaceTime on Instagram, and FT means FaceTime on Social Media.

If you’re looking for a job online, ft/Ft can mean fulltime or Full Time. As for abbreviations, ft/FT can mean foot/Foot or feet/Feet as well as, “The Financial Times“, which is a British newspaper.

So now you know – FT means “F*** That” or “For Trade” – don’t thank us. YW! What does FT meanFT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the FT definition is given.

Most commonly the unit of length, foot (one third of a yard, 12 inches, or exactly 304.8mm).

If capitalized as FT, and in the UK, or financial circles worldwide, FT may refer to the London-based Financial Times newspaper.

Why is the word ‘ft’ used before some names? What does ft mean in text?

The answer before this one is quite logical. I’m not sure, which answer is going to be in the same context as your question, but the following is my answer here;

If you’re referring this term from titles of songs, this means a person was featured on this track/song. “Ft.” “feat.” are both abbreviated forms of the word “feature”, which provides an indication of an artist being featured on a song.

Here’s an example; “Rain Over Me – Marc Anthony feat. Pitbull”

This means the song is originally Marc Anthony’s, and Pitbull was featured on it.

You wouldn’t want the word ‘ft’ to be pronounced near a powder keg of niter at the fort-stow just up from the port known to accommodate the depth of your membership, or there may be a shiver and splinters in contrast to the elation of your establishment. Swish ka-booms.

Port and fort are typically only feet from each other at colonial landings. Here on the west coast, settlements were made with great indifference to the gentle natives who were horribly cheated by cannon and pistol and displaced from coastal landings of Europeans.

What does ft mean in text?

Going north from San Francisco, there is Ft. Bragg where Ulysses Grant was stationed before being called back east to the Civil War.

Then town after town came after of Russian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, English, and, yes, USAmerican nationalities, the lattermost leaving a trail of townships named in commemoration of Civil War battles.

Each had its own time and space and tended to emanate both from an Oregon trail (Washington state) and a trip around Tierra del Fuego so many hundreds of miles south.

Port and fort do seem to readily both expand and abbreviate. Portola Fortuna pt. ft. A manifest destiny.

I just got back from Port Orford, Oregon. It has the sound of four oars and pt ft has gone tomorrow. Yet, we of the Lost Coast shall not perish.

What is “feat” or “ft” in music?

Actually ft. /feat. /feature is the same meaning…This means Just featuring. This is used when there is an invited artist on a track. It is not restricted to music. It was used on film and show billboards.

This is also very common for songs put out by DJs and Producers to identify the vocalist but to not credit the song to them.

For instance, you have “Closer” (feat. Halsey) by The Chainsmokers rather than “Closer” by Halsey. This could easily be the identical song, just credited differently.

‘feat’ or ‘ft’ is a short form for ‘Featuring’. ‘Feat’ is usually used when 2 artists collaborate on the same song.

For example, Eminem ft. Rihanna in the song ‘Love the way you lie’.

In pop music, guest appearances are often described with the words featuringwith, or and. It is abbreviated in credit lists as feat.ft.f/f. 

Friends, In a television series, a guest star is an actor who appears in one or a few episodes. In radio and television shows, a guest star is a guest of the show who is a celebrity.

In show business, a guest appearance is the participation of an outsider performer (such as a musician or actor) in an event such as a music record or concert, show, etc.

when the performer does not belong to the regular cast, band or another performing group.

Who is the angel Amenadiel

In music, such an outside performer is often referred to as a guest artist. In performance art, the terms guest role or guest star are also common, the latter term specifically indicating the guest appearance of a celebrity.

The latter is often also credited as “special guest star” or “special musical guest star” by some production companies.

guest character is a character being portrayed within a fictional entertainment setting who is only involved as part of the plot once or a few times at most.

A guest character has fewer appearances than the main characters, supporting characters, and recurring characters.

What does FT mean in social media?

FT has many full froms (or meanings) used in text. It doesn’t matter where you find it.

But what matters is that in what context you find it. For example, if you are reading something about jobs or business, FT can mean ‘full time’, or ‘full trade’.

  1. Full Time. (Occupation, Job Status)
  2. Full Trade. (Occupation, Job Status)
  3. F**k That. (A Rude Idiom)
  4. Full Text. (Chart etc.)
  5. Foot/Feet
  6. Foot Miscellaneous. (Unit Measures)
  7. Feet Governmental. (Military)
  8. Fort Governmental. (Military)

What does ft mean in text?

The Meaning of FTFT means “F*** That” or “For Trade” So now you know – FT means “F*** That” or “For Trade” – don’t thank us. YW! What does FT meanFT is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang word that is explained above where the FT definition is given.


Ft means “presenting” for short. As in the example you gave, Jay Z will sing the song, and Linkin Park will have a small segment/part. It can be during the music or just part of it. You hear that many people have a little rap section in the song, so you see a lot of ” feat.

FT Sense FT stands for FaceTime in text, and FT stands for FaceTime on Instagram. FT stands for FaceTime on Social Networks.

If you are looking for a job online, ft / Ft can mean full time or full time. As for the abbreviations, ft / FT can mean foot or feet and “The Financial Times “, which is a British newspaper.

So now you know FT means “F *** That” or ” For the trade” Don’t thank us. YW! What does FT mean? FT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the Definition FT is given.

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