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Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

Rap Music Who is a better rapper 2Pac or Eminem 2023

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

You don’t know what “rapper means because if you did, you’d already have an answer, and the answer is Eminem.

Now why is he better than TUPAC?

Rhyme schemes: Anyone who studies rap, hears rap technically, knows that Eminem has the most complex lyricism ever. Tupac doesn’t stand a chance.

Try rapping a song by Tupac and Eminem, and you will realize the difference. Try rapping Dear Mama by Tupac and Rapgod by Eminem. You won’t be able to rap the latter at all.

Vocabulary: Genius crowned Eminem the music artist with the most vocabulary.

Eminem Has the Largest Vocabulary in the Music Industry, According to a Study

Flow: Eminem is a guy who has mastered over 1000 flows; he brought new flows to the game that no one ever saw. Tupac just had 1 flow, except for his songs with Dr. Dre.

Storytelling: Tupac is a good storyteller, but if you have heard songs like Mockingbird, Kim, Cleaning Out My Closet, Headlights, and many more, Eminem is on par with him.

Freestyle: Eminem was runner-up in the 1996 Rapalympics; he will shred anyone before him. So in this department, Eminem wins hands down. Eminem would eat Tupac alive in the battle rap ring.

New subjects: Before em, rappers mostly were gangsta rappers, Ice T, PAC, and Biggie. Em talked about irrational parents, drugs, and how a nobody from a trailer park became the biggest-selling hip-hop artist, which brings me to my next point.

Type of music :

  • not afraid, till I collapse, lose yourself—motivational
  • Just lose it; we made you, my band, funny, happy songs.
  • Space Bound, stronger than I Was, Headlights—sad emotional songs
  • Kim, kill you, Bonnie and Clyde—violence
  • Hailie’s revenge, the sauce, the nail in the coffin- diss tracks
  • Shake that, ass like that—songs about bitches
  • W.t.P, smack that—club records

So as you can see, he makes songs for all kinds of moods; he can make songs about literally everything.

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

Sales: Eminem is the biggest-selling ARTIST, I repeat biggest, selling artist—not just a rapper of the last decade, he’s the 2nd highest-selling artist of the Neilson soundtrack era; in 2013, he came out with MMLP2, which was the 2nd biggest album of that year. Which brings me to my next point.

Relevance: It’s been 20+ years since Em stepped into this rap game, and we still need a replacement for him. Many rappers have them and Pac as their role models/ inspirations, like Kendrick, Cole, logic, mgk, xxxtentacion, etc. But Tupac is their idol for things like what he stood for or what he talked about! But when it comes to rapping skills, wordplay, complex lyrical schemes, and flows, it’s EMINEM!

People say Eminem made white people listen to rap music, but it’s wrong because not just whites, browns, Asians, redheads, and whatever community lives outside the U.S. know rap music because of Eminem, and we all know who the “RAPGOD” is.

If you judge rappers by listening to music and not by what others say, you will realize PAC is overrated and, as a rapper, can’t be compared to Eminem.


(for 2pac, go to 2.18)

(As many of you like to be in the bubble of – I’m the greatest hip-hop head! Let me burst that bubble. You say Tupac was the GOAT! Right, he was one of the greatest poets hip-hop ever saw!

But let me remind you of someone like:

Big Daddy Kane, I’m sure you know who he is if you are a so-called hip-hop head! How old is he? 50!

Is he relevant today? Sorry to say, because big daddy, Kane’s in my Top 10, but no, he isn’t!

Who’s the GOD of rap? Before Eminem, people used to say RAKIM! Is he relevant today? Sorry to say, but even though he’s in my top 5! He’s not! The last time he was relevant was in the 90s!

So, I’m not saying, but I am saying if Tupac was alive, maybe he might have ended up just like another Kane, another Rakim, another Big Pun, another Andre 3000, another Big L! Considered a legend but irrelevant to the current world.

Who is the true rap king, Tupac or Eminem?

As Nas said, Biggie is the true king of hip-hop.

But if you want to compare Eminem and Tupac, let’s do it.

Flow: Eminem has better flow than Tupac by far. Eminem has the second-best flow in the rap industry. (Biggie has the best flow.)

Lyrics: At this point, both of them have too many classics from a lyrical point of view. Eminem has to lose himself; Tupac has changed. Choosing one side will be an injustice to others, so It’s a tie.

Rhyming: Eminem is one of the best at rhyming. He’s much better than Tupac at this point.

Touching the Heart: Even though Em has awesome songs that make you feel him deeply, nobody touches the heart as well as Tupac can.

Winning Rap Battles: They would only be winners if they could face each other. Even though Eminem never lost a rap battle and produced brilliant diss songs, he never faced a man in a GOAT conversation, unlike Pac. And Tupac has produced much better diss songs than Eminem did.

Total: It’s 2–2, but the categories Eminem wins are a little more important than Tupac’s. That’s why I think Eminem is slightly better than Tupac. But this doesn’t mean Tupac isn’t one of the all-time greats. He’s amazing, but Eminem wins it.

Who is the true rap king, Tupac or Eminem?

Eminem. Before you start bashing me because you like Tupac, listen to what I have to say—I mean, read what I have to type.

Tupac was and is good, don’t get me wrong, but he didn’t have much in terms of lyrics. Puns, wordplay, rhyme schemes, word choice, etc. Tupac raps with all his heart; you can hear his true emotions in a rare form of pure art. Tupac had many abilities and a huge talent when it came to rapping. Tupac always leads the listener to ponder life and death and feel emotional, sad, and grateful.

  • Tupac: Dear Mama
  • Tupac: Changes
  • Tupac: Breathin’

On the other hand, Eminem had the upper hand in terms of lyrics (much better lyrics, not the best, but still better than Tupac). Eminem had almost as much emotion in his songs as Tupac, but he had better lyrics. And Eminem pulled himself out of some deep trouble he brought himself into. He stopped doing drugs, which is not easy to do once you have an addiction.

  • Eminem feat. Nate Dogg – Til’ I Collapse
  • Eminem – Not Afraid
  • Chino XL – Afraid of Nothing
  • Eminem – Lose Yourself

Who is the true rap king, Tupac or Eminem?

Tupac was the king, but Eminem was the most prestigious of the hip-hop kingdom’s knights. Tupac had wisdom that far exceeded anybody else’s, although Eminem kept him safe with lyricism so cunning that he could take out one of the 10,000 Soundcloud immortals with a single line from his blade.

He currently protects the current heir to the throne, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. Kendrick’s wisdom, I believe, far surpasses Tupac’s, which amazes us all. We are in desperate need of a great leader, such as himself. We are in dark times with the SoundCloud army invading.

Who is the true rap king, Tupac or Eminem?

Lyrically, it’s Nas. But if I have to choose between the two you named, I prefer Tupac’s music as much as I love Eminem. Eminem is the better rapper, though. Favorite rapper and best rapper are two different questions for me. But the biggest icon in rap music is Tupac.

Who is the best between Drake and Eminem?

  • You need to define ‘best’ in this case.
  • Best rapper?
  • In that case, this question is offensive to Eminem. Eminem used to be compared to Tupac to Nas, and now you compare him to Drake? Seriously?
  • Eminem has diversity. He changes his voice, his accent, his flow, his stories, and his emotions.
  • Drake is garbage. Sure, he’s preferable to Em in modern society for parties, radio, and stuff because he has catchy songs.
  • But the word ‘song’ meant something; it used to have substance. “Artists like Drake have perverted the word ‘song’ to mean anything with a catchy sound. I doubt that Drake has more than a handful of songs in the original context.
  • Eminem is one of the best rappers in the history of hip-hop. Comparing him to Drake is ridiculous.

Why is Eminem considered the best rapper alive?

The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Eminem. There are only a few global superstars who reached the heights he has. Even mega-stars with millions upon millions of fans—like Bono, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, or Tupac—didn’t reach the same magnitude of superstardom. Global superstars are like saints—they need those three “miracles.” Phenomenons like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Eminem change cultures, music, and history. 

The mega-superstars change more than just one thing globally, and they change everything afterward. Some superstars change music, pop culture, or the status quo. Then, those ultra-rare phenomena change everything, and on a massive scale. These stats have thousands of people crying and screaming and trampling each other to death just at the sight of them. 

They don’t just shut down traffic—people go to the hospital as barriers collapse and traffic is mowed over. It’s a phenomenon of fandom that has only happened for a rare few on a global scale. Imagine being unable to go to *any* country in the world without people running toward you and trying to grab you. We have many superstars that get this kind of reaction at their concerts—but a few rarely get this reaction anywhere in the world.

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

  • Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. He could do it all at the highest level, from ballads to dance music to radio hits to holiday music. There was no competition for Michael. He was the King of Dance, and there wasn’t a soul alive that could compete. And he invented quite a bit, from the moonwalk to “the lean.” He was exceptionally business-savvy, too, and famously bought and owned The Beatles’ catalog.

Most rappers—and most singers—have a particular style, particular genre, and a particular “pocket” niche of the kinds of songs they make. Take Metallica, for example. Metallica is a classic Metal band. They make metal. They don’t make country or love ballads, club music, or acapella singer-songwriter tunes. They have their one thing, and they’re one of the best of all time at that one thing.

Every other rapper has a specific style, delivery, genre, and niche. Jay-Z always sounds like Jay-Z. Nas always sounds like Nas. Those are superstars and indisputable fathers of rap, but even they don’t compare to Eminem. Eminem has that one style from the Slim Shady EP/LP that we all remember—and then he has at least a dozen more. 

He does and has done it all, any style, any delivery, any count at any tempo with any timing. He’s created and continues to create styles no one has ever done and has a wider range than anyone may ever have. He can say anything, talk about any topic, and make any song without being dumb, ruining his “image,” or limiting him to a niche. 

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

The list continues the fastest, the most complex, the most double and triple entendre, the most original songs, the most styles and methods, and the largest vocabulary. You can argue that other rappers with unique skills can compete at that one thing—but not all of them. Joe Budden’s criticism is that he isn’t writing songs that will be played for decades anymore—that Cleanin’ My Closet, Stan, Lose Yourself, and Not Afraid were all ten years ago or longer.

 But I’d take that bet if you think he won’t have at least one more “timeless” song before he’s done. It’s the storytelling, ironically, that launched Eminem into stardom. It was a combination of acting, scriptwriting, rap, singing, and poetry that hardly anything could compare to. “If I Had” and “Kim” were gut-wrenching songs that instantly immersed anyone in his story. Stan was a genius, and Cleanin’ out my Closet (in my opinion, the best song he ever wrote) touched kids with crappy parents worldwide.

Who else could get away with singing a nursery rhyme and rapping in baby talk, making boy band pop-ballad satire, hardcore gangster rap, songs about killing cheating spouses, and trash-talking themselves—let alone use words like “pout,” “boo boo,” or any of the other various craziness that’s come out of his mouth and be taken seriously? Maybe one of those things, but no one but him can cover anything.

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

 There used to be a niche—a limitation to rap and what you could get away with saying and still be taken seriously. He changed that. Now, you’ll hear rappers intentionally sounding like white wannabe rappers from Malibu’s Most Wanted, on purpose. Now, you’ll hear rappers intentionally drop words they could never have said in the 90s. There was a time when all rap was in a niche and limited to cool, tough badasses from the streets. Eminem changed that. 

It wasn’t cool to talk about being broke. It wasn’t cool to talk about not having food. There was an image with rap; if you didn’t fit that image, you didn’t belong. He opened the door to humility and intimacy that rap never had before. It wasn’t just his technical ability; it was exposing his personal life and every flaw, every failing, and every “weakness.”

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

Eminem is the best-selling hip-hop artist of all time, with more than 170+ million albums sold worldwide. Indisputably, no one compares to his sales. He has dominated the charts for three decades and shows no sign of stopping. At his peak in 2002, he famously said he could sell a blank CD., and he could have.

“Best rapper” is an opinion. But you can measure him by any standard, and he’ll appear at the top. Are there more popular rappers in 2018? Sure. Are new artists with new talents we’ve never heard before more exciting than an artist you’ve heard from for decades? No doubt. But “best” in those cases probably means you’re excited because it’s new.

Why is Jay-Z considered to be better than Tupac?

Let’s start with the facts.
Jay-z is still alive. Tupac is debatable; just kidding. He’s dead and has been for a long time now.
Who was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Tupac.
Whose music is still relevant even decades later? Tupac.
Much of Jay’s music could be better remembered. Jay has some classic hits, but for the most part, his music doesn’t stand the test of time. Jay is more of a commercial hip-hop artist.
Pac had a way of penetrating deep within a person’s heart. He could get you riled up and angry; then, in the next song, he could make your heart melt. Pac also spat knowledge. He touched on social issues and shone a bright light to highlight the ugly truths.
It is personal, but not a single song from Jay would ever get me to feel the emotional spectrum the way Tupac was and still can do through his music.
No, Jay is not better than Tupac.

Who would win in a rap battle between Eminem and 2Pac?

Who would win in a rap battle between Eminem and 2Pac?
Eminem is by far a greater freestyle rapper than Tupac, from what I have seen. On the other hand, Pac was more inclined to write his raps more like poems. Eminem can go on rapping flawlessly, changing flows and rhyming complex words easily; Check out the Shady CXVPHER video and scroll to his part; I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m saying. Vevo presents Shady CXVPHER for the older freestyle. There’s a famous video of him performing in the rap Olympics, in which he lost in the final round, but the rhymes are cutthroat.

Who is the best rapper Biggie, Tupac, Jay z or Nas? Or someone else?

I’d say Nas, Biggie, Tupac, and Jay-z, who, in my opinion, don’t deserve to be up there. Nas has some of, if not the, deepest poetry ever in rap, added with a calculated, unpredictable yet sophisticated flow, always conveying a profound message. Plus, he was not blessed with the deepest or most earthy voice and still made himself a success.

I think Nas is one of, if not the G.O.A.T. Biggie, is a better RAPPER than Tupac because of his unique flow, ability to rhyme with fantastic punchlines, and relatability. However, when it came to lyricism, Tupac dominated Biggie.

His cadence and flow were sometimes broken, but this is used to convey a deeper, more insightful message, hence why I always said he is the better POET but not, the better rapper.
And Jay-z is overrated.

Is Eminem the best rapper of all time?

  • My fellow Quorans have already discussed the merits of Eminem. But no one seems to have mentioned this
  • Eminem holds the world record for the most number of words in a hit single.
  • His 2013 single Rap God has 1560 words, which he delivers in 6:03 minutes.
  • That’s not all; there’s a segment in which he delivers lyrics at a pace he calls ‘supersonic speed.’
  • Uh, sama lamaa duma lamaa, you’re assuming I’m a human.
  • What do I have to do to get it through to you? I’m superhuman
  • and innovative, and I’m made of rubber.
  • So anything you say is ricocheting off of me, and it’ll stick to you.
  • I’m devastated, more than ever, demonstrating
  • How to give a motherfuckin’ audience a feeling that it’s levitating
  • and never fading, and I know the haters are forever waiting.
  • For the day that they can say I fell off, they’d be celebrating
  • Because I know the way to get them motivated.
  • I make elevating music; you make elevator music
  • That’s 97 words in 15 seconds.
  • You are indeed the Rap God, Mr.Eminem, that you are.

Is NF a better rapper than Eminem?

There’s an easy solution to your question. Which one relates better to you as a person?
After all, music is merely a reflection of oneself.

Who is better, 2Pac or Eminem?

2 Pac, but its a subjective question. On paper, Eminem would probably be seen as better. Different artists touch different people in different ways.

Is Tupac a good rapper?

Not. Tupac could have been a better rapper. Tupac Shakur was a great and legendary rapper. He embodied everything about rap and hip-hop. He was and still is the definition of what rap is. He told stories, he talked to the people, his songs moved you, he stood up for the defenseless, he fought oppression and racism, he had an amazing stage presence, and he worked his ass off to be who/what he is even till this day, he’s got amazing flow, powerful lyrics filled with emotions and he’s one of your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Does rap count as music?

Originally Answered: Does rap count as music? Established norms in music point to rap not being music.

Dear White People (I have always wanted to start a Quora answer this way),

Greetings. I am at least as white as many of you. I am a professional opera singer; can you think of a whiter profession than that? If so, please let me know, and I can dabble in it.

As a subject expert in “established norms in music,” I’m here to tell you that rap is music. It’s sort of astonishing to me that I even need to say this, but after reading many comments on Habib F’s great answer, it’s come to my attention that many of you disagree with the objective fucking truth: that rap is music.

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

To borrow from the lyrics of a great musician: “Now I ain’t sayin’ she a [closet racist], but she ain’t messin’ with no [traditionally white genres of music].”

The standard critique of rap as music is that it lacks melody. Cool. Please sing the melody of the most famous section of Stravinsky’s famous The Rite of Spring, the Augurs of Spring (audio below, if you don’t know what I’m talking about). can’t do it? I didn’t think so. Whole genres of music are built without melody. Would you consider minimalist music not to be music? How about percussion music? And even on traditionally pitched/melodic instruments, think about how solo banjo is played or bagpipe music is played. Is anyone asking on Quora whether bagpipes count as music? (BTW, for those of you considering a cheap shot in the comments against bagpipes, that’s fair, but high-level bagpipe music is cool.) Tupac is ranked higher than Eminem

(The Augurs of Spring)

“It’s not that it lacks melody,” I hear you say, “it’s that it lacks pitch and tone!” In the examples I give, those are all pitched instruments. Funny you should say this because human voices rapping also have pitch and timbre. Have you ever considered why we can tell the difference between DMX rapping and Jay Z? The difference is far more extreme than between a bassoon and an oboe—it’s a huge timbral shift, not just pitch, and expression.

I’ve also heard the argument that it’s about something other than what’s embedded in rap but what rap is famous for. The fact that people like rap overwhelmingly for its use of text makes it not music. Cool. So does Bob Dylan still count as music, even though his music is almost 100% about text?

Rap Music: Who is a better rapper: 2Pac or Eminem? 2023

The bottom line is that none of the arguments against rap as music are consistently applied. The same people who wish to categorize rap as something other than music due to these qualities ignore the same qualities in other, traditionally white, genres.

Rap is often the most sophisticated pop music around. Think about how sampling is done in rap and compare it to borrowings in Handel or 20th-century tape music. Rap has an extremely sophisticated musical lineage, heightening it in ways many high-level musicians find compelling.

So this has been a fun little conversation that we’ve been having, but it’s time to stop. Rap is music. Often very high-level music. I appreciate that this issue gets a whole new segment of the population interested in becoming armchair music theorists, but this argument is racist nonsense.

Are there better rappers than Eminem?

Well, you asked for just one rapper better than Eminem.Shame!!Why settle for one when I can provide you with two!.
I believe you won’t be disappointed. Rather you will provide me with an upvote(here comes the greed)
So these two are as follows:
1)First one is a guy named SLIM SHADY. Well, he is a guy with a good sense of humor as well. You will surely love him.
2)The second one is MARSHALL MATHERS. He is, too, a great rapper. His rap (song) would make you inspired as well.
Only the two rappers mentioned above can be greater than Eminem.
Cheers to all the Stans out there.

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