A symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of an alphabet

A symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of an alphabet

symbol that represents a speech sound is called a grapheme. In English, graphemes are the letters of our alphabet.

The answer is Grapheme. The Grapheme is the symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of an alphabet. Let’s discuss the answer in detail below.

It is a symbol that is used to identify or classify a phoneme; letter or a group of letters producing the sound. For example, there is a two letter Grapheme in the word team where “ea” create long “ee” sound.

The grapheme can be a sequence of different letters like as, sh, tch, etc. or only a single letter. So if someone speaks the sound /t/this is called phoneme, but while writing the letter ‘t’, it is a grapheme.

The term Grapheme was coined in relation to the phoneme, and it is derived from the Ancient Greek (gráphō) which means write and the suffix-eme.

The study of these Graphemes is known as graphemics. A specific symbol or shape represents the particular grapheme which is called glyph.

Spelling a letter based on the alphabet and then writing the letter as per the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is often different, but for the alphabet like K, it remains the same.

Often the k sound can also be written by the combination of multiple letters, where you will see the word sounding part as Christmas\ ˈkris-məs \.

What do you call a symbol that represents a speech sound?


Speech sounds are called ‘phonemes’. In English, there are about 44 phonemes, although this number sometimes varies depending upon a person’s dialect.

Answer & Explanation:

The answer is k. The speech sound k is in the alphabet written as k /Kei/, but in the phonetic alphabet, according to the IPA, it is still k.

Spelling a letter based on the alphabet and writing it in the international phonetic alphabet is often different, but for K, it is the same.

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A symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of an alphabet
A symbol that represents a speech sound

What is the difference between an alphabet and a word?

An alphabet is a set of symbols, of a particular kind, used for transcribing the written form of language. Alphabets are distinguished from other kinds of writing system by the following properties:

  1. They are intended to represent the phonemes (distinctive speech sounds) of a language without regard for meaning. (The degree of accuracy with which they do this is another matter. )
  2. They represent the phonemes one segment (vowel or consonant) at a time, rather than complete syllables.
  3. in the strictest sense, alphabetic writing represents vowels as full letters, not diacritical marks added to the consonants. ( A writing system that does the latter is technically called an abjad.) Loosely, though, abjads are often called alphabets as well: e.g., the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets.

A symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of an alphabet

word is harder to define. It’s typically the smallest unit of language that a speaker would utter on its own. For example, if someone asked me, “Are you reading Clarissa Oakes?” I might reply “Re-reading,” but I’d be very unlikely to say just “re-.” This is one piece of evidence that re- is not a word.

In spoken language, there are often phonetic cues that divide words from each other: pauses between words (in slow, careful speech), a particular intonational contour, and so on. These may vary from one language to another.

In written language, spaces are often left between words. However, not all languages do this (the spaces are very often omitted in written Chinese, as they were in Classical Greek and Latin), and for that matter, about 80% of the world’s languages don’t have a written form at all.

In languages that use alphabetic writing systems, words are written with one or more letters, letters being the individual symbols of characters that make up an alphabet.

For example, the English word “word” is written with four letters of the Roman alphabet; the Russian word “слово” (which means the same thing) is written with five letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.

A symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of an alphabet

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