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Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

Do we have a UK version of Spokeo

Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

We don’t have Spokeo in the UK that I know of. But there are many search engines that could help. Most, if not all, require a location, so unless you have that too, you may be struggling. They also need to have a telephone line in their name. I would suggest social media websites and services to see if you can narrow the search down with pictures.

I do hope they have a fairly unique name, because it may take some time and luck. We don’t, however there are a range of search engines available that do the same. Depending on who you’re looking for and for what reason depends on what information you’d get. If it’s that urgent and is important, I’d recommend a private investigator as they have access to far more systems than the layperson and don’t charge the earth for these services. Fast People Search for the UK. The UK doesn’t have versions of public “people finder” websites like Been Verified or Spokeo. The closest resource available would be which launched in 1997 and contains over 750 million UK residential and business records.

What data sources does Spokeo use?

Spokeo aggregates publicly available information from phone books, social networks, marketing surveys, real estate listings, business websites, and other public sources. Spokeo does not originate from data or publish user-generated content.

Rather, Spokeo indexes third-party data in ways similar to Google or Bing. Spokeo does not control or maintain any aggregated third-party data, and therefore cannot guarantee its accuracy or currentness. Spokeo does not publish directory listings for children under 18. Please read our full privacy policy (

I entered my name and they said I lived in Fresno (vs.SF) so their data is inaccurate to say the least. The question with all these sites to ask is whether they obtained their data from sites in accordance with the sites’ TOS vs. just scraping them. Facebook and other sites do not allow this.

I was really worries when I visited their website. They have a free version where anyone can search for people without any authorization. The they have this premium service, God known what that can do. If you ask me they are a very intrusive and snooping service. Although i found none of the people I was looking for, it still brought so many search results I couldn’t believe how deep they are into ordinary people’s records.

So naturally, I headed over to their customer support and waiting for what they tell me. Their Privacy Policy mentions this:

We organize data from various sources, including public record data, surveys, and social data (that has not been deemed private). Spokeo makes this information more easily accessible for people to research themselves or others.

Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

Spokeo organizes data from various sources, including public record data, surveys, and social data (that has not been deemed private). Spokeo makes this information more easily accessible for people to research themselves or others.

According to Spokeo’s Official Website, which can be found here: Where does Spokeo get its data? It gets data from a multitude of sources, including public records, mailing lists, surveys, public social media profiles, and much more.

Spokeo’s database not only includes standard contact data similar to what other search companies offer, but also curate its own unique data sets. All of this data is constantly groomed by Spokeo’s teams of data scientists to make smart connections and identify the most relevant and up-to-date data.

This data is then sorted into reports that are organized in order to display all of this information in a simple, intuitive format which makes the information easily accessible for users. One particularly unique data set Spokeo offers is the social media search functionality. The company actually started as a social media aggregator, which has helped Spokeo become the industry leader in searching and revealing social media profiles attached to an email or username. Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

Is Spokeo considered legal?

Considering that they have been operating since 2006 and still continue to be a very successful company, yes they seem “legal”. Or at the least innocent until proven guilty, right? Though they have been a target at several lawsuits. Obviously any company in this business is going to be prepared with a legal team.

And as far as I understood, they have one of the biggest data sets among their competition. But where all the data comes from — who knows? All they are saying is public online and offline sources. Spokeo is a people search service that organizes information about people into simple and comprehensive online profiles that are accessible to consumers, businesses and non-profits.

Spokeo enables you to search for anyone by name, phone number, address, email, or username. This information can help you to reconnect with lost friends and family members, learn about celebrities and other famous people, and discover an online footprint.

Spokeo organizes data from various sources, including public record data, surveys, and social data (that has not been deemed private). Spokeo makes this information more easily accessible for people to research themselves or others.

Can I find a UK person’s full name only with a phone number and the first name?

I doubt it. To use the electoral register you would need an address, not just a phone number. If it’s a landline number the first four numbers will tell you what city or area it is in (for example a number starting 0113 is in Leeds), but a mobile number tells you nothing. Even if you have a landline number the electoral register will be huge and does not include phone numbers, so with only a first name you really have no clue where to start. You can imagine how many people called e.g.

Duncan there are in Manchester! After you have exhausted googling the number and first name you are stuck really. I have just tried googling my own mobile and landline numbers and nothing came up at all. I have also tried searching for myself on but again without more detail than a first name and a phone number I got nowhere. All I got from was that my landline number is a private domestic number with no adverse reports on it. I can only suggest you try ringing the number if you have a genuine reason for wanting to know who it is.

When I was in the civil service we used to have access to a reverse look-up service, run by BT, but only the police and govt officials in particular posts could use it. With a bit of digging around yes. It will take you the voters register and various other lists including probably as well as ancestry. But you will get there.

Is there an API for UK version of Spokeo?

Yes, there is. 

I’m pretty sure when I posted this we had to contact Spokeo to get an API key and access to their API. There is no weblink I can find now. Sorry mates.

Checkout Full Contact’s API – Contact API, People API, & Address Book API for Contact Management.

I am at Whitepages Pro. We should be able to help with APIs for Phone, Person, Address, and Business search. What is your use case?

Developer Center | Whitepages Pro

Do we have a UK version of Spokeo? A Fast People Search for the UK. The UK doesn’t have versions of public “people finder” websites like Been Verified or Spokeo. The closest resource available would be, which launched in 1997 and contains over 750 million UK residential and business records.

Why has the UK retained the monarchy?

We tried life without a monarch in the mid-1600s, and didn’t like it, so we got ourselves a monarch again. We’re better with one than without. Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

Why does the United Kingdom want to leave the European Union?

On January 14, 1963, Charles de Gaulle, then President of the French Republic, was questioned about Britain’s application to join the common market.

Charles de Gaulle refused to accept the British entry into the Europe of Six.

Since Brexit, many have praised the vision of Charles de Gaulle, who somehow prophesied everything that would happen and lead to this Brexit.

To the journalists present in the room, Charles de Gaulle indeed depicts a Great Britain that already wants to impose “its own conditions”:

“This undoubtedly poses problems for each of the six states, and it poses problems for England of a very great dimension.”

According to Charles de Gaulle, the “insular” character of its neighbor across the Channel determines a “structure” that differs “profoundly from that of the continental ones.”

Charles de Gaulle adds:

“Great Britain is maritime. It is linked by its trade, its markets, its supplies to the most diverse, and often the most distant countries. Its activity is essentially industrial and commercial, and very little agricultural. In all its work, it has very marked and original habits and traditions”.

Concretely, Great Britain’s interests differ from those of the countries already present in the common market.

Great Britain will eventually be added to Europe, but these interest differences will have persisted. And Great Britain will have refused the euro, for example. Great Britain will continue to impose its conditions and only partially invest in the European project.

Its exit is, therefore, not a surprise. Great Britain has always preferred to put its national interests ahead of an ambitious European project.

The European Union must move forward with those countries that want to make this European dream a reality. Great Britain is not one of them. Charles de Gaulle warned, and more than 50 years later, his prophecy has come true. Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

Does the UK need France more than France needs the UK?

The UK and France have a complicated relationship. Same population. Same GDP. A Same GDP per head. Similar-sized militaries. But that’s where the similarities end. One speaks the global lingua franca. The other is obsessed with the purity of its language. One has an innate superiority complex. The other is beset with a sense of threat, inferiority, and malaise.

One doesn’t take itself too seriously. The other takes itself altogether too seriously. One is a bottom-up society, where society is what people make it. The other is a top-down society, where society’s job is to be what intellectuals have designed it to be. One owes its freedom to the other and is furious about it. Honestly, they are like siblings. So alike in some respects, so different in others.

One likes to think the other needs it. The other doesn’t care. The less it seems to care, the more furious the other becomes. Edit: as most,recognize there’s an element of tongue in cheek here, so don’t take it too seriously 😊

How good is Spokeo?

Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes white page listings, public records, and social network information into simple profiles to help you safely find and learn about people.

How can I get transcripts from high school or university

Could the USA occupy the UK?

Not. Before any of my American brothers get up in arms and think this is me about to slag off the world’s largest and mightiest military regime, allow me to explain. Modern weaponry is the ultimate force multiplier. I am a Royal Marine Commando, earned my Green Beret, and served in Iraq twice and Afghanistan twice.

The American military is a disciplined and, most importantly, well-funded professional military force, but the occupation has become hazardous since the invention of extremely effective sniper rifles, sophisticated IEDs, mines, and artillery. We had a rough time in Iraq and Afghanistan because we were occupied. Occupying means not slaughtering the nation and attempting to keep things ticking over.

Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

The USA could nuke, JDAM, and bulldoze the UK into oblivion, but they couldn’t occupy it. If I were in charge of the British military and I knew an invasion was due, I would disband all of the militaries and have them set up and train the civilian populace as best they could at all points of the compass. I would empty the armories and military bases up and down the country and have the 65 million inhabitants swimming in guns, bombs, and ammo.

Add in some PSYOPS (probably not necessary in the event of an unwarranted invasion), and almost everyone would be willing to do their duty and try and take out a convoy or fire a rocket at a FOB, plus half of the world would be sneakily equipping them as well.

I can’t see any Muslim countries or European nations not having even more Anti-American sentiment. As a result, they would probably flock to help the rebels out. So the American military is great, but an occupation of a first-world and wealthy nation like the UK would ruin a military if it weren’t hell-bent on genocide.

It would make Afghanistan look like a cakewalk. It took us 12 years to make an (as Musa Quala has just fallen back to the Taliban despite the fact we all bled to take it from them in the first place) withdrawal from Afghanistan; occupying a major European nation would be next to impossible and messy. Plus, stiff upper lip and all that, Brits make those Afghans look like a bunch of sissys!

How do you get a scammer to do a video chat with you?

He will not do a video chat if he’s a real scammer. They hide behind pictures and pose as an oil rig engineer, a military soldier, and a military surgeon. I asked my oil rig scammer for a video chat, and he said yes, but when it was time to do the video chat, his excuse was a bad connection, or he was really tired, just a bunch of lies. So no, scammers do not do video chats. They will talk over the phone. That’s where you can catch their accents.

What urgent things need to be changed in the UK?

  • Nappies for babies
  • The tablecloths on tables in any restaurant that RFBUKS (Really Fat Bastards UK Society) has recently occupied.
  • Bald tires.
  • The size of bags of spicy tomato-flavored snaps
  • Certain people’s socks.
  • Foreign currencies when you’re skint, but you have a load of exotic holiday dosh in a drawer.
  • Leaky cisterns.
  • Blown light bulbs in windowless toilets.
  • Cockaleekie soup. Change that for tomato, or even minestrone, as quickly as possible. But not ham and peas. Who thinks ham and peas go together on a plate, let alone soup? Madness.
  • The CMOS battery in my old laptop. Meh. Might get around to it one day.
  • The cat litter. Somehow, it’s always my job.

And last but not least: the paint job where I work. We are a fecking technical division. We used to have white walls, like we ought to. And plain wooden doors. Now the walls in our bit are ghastly gray. One of them’s got a silhouette of a feckin’ tree on it. The doors are a darker gray. In the stairwell outside, no two bastard walls are the same color. They’re all bleeding dayglo. I get a headache going up and down that twat. That wants changing.
I blame the EU. Ursula, where’s Der Whitegone?

Do we have a UK version of Spokeo?

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