What is a billing ZIP code?

What is a billing ZIP code

What is a billing ZIP code?

Billing Zip Code is the address you have (for example) Credit Card statements sent. This is the primary use of “Billing Zip Codes”. It may also be used by Healthcare providers to protect your privacy and identity.

“billing ZIP code” generally means “ZIP code associated with your billing address”.

So you need to figure out what your billing address is. Where do you want bills to be sent?

Typically, this would be your residence. I assume that you have a permanent place to live and that you know its address — at least street name, house number, city, and state — and that you live in the United States.

(If you’re not in the United States, then you probably don’t use “ZIP codes”.)

Once you have those, you can plug your street name and house number into the field marked “Street Address” in the webform at USPS.com® – ZIP Code™ Lookup, and put your city name in the “City” field, and choose your state from the drop-down list. Then click “Find”.

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A Billing Zip Code is the address you have (for example) Credit Card statements sent. This is the primary use of “Billing Zip Codes”. It may also be used by Healthcare providers to protect your privacy and identity.

Most Credit card companies use the zip code of where your Credit Card statements are sent, as your Billing Zipcode.

For example, your home address might be 12435 Peach Street Anytown, Oh 44100, but have your Credit Card statements (Billing) go to a P.O. Box with a different (44101) Zip Code.

They use the Billing Zip Code as a Verification tool to prevent unauthorized users from charging items on your card if it were lost or stolen. Most Pay at the Pump gas pumps, require you to enter your Billing Zip Code for “Credit” purchases.

This is usually not required for “Debit” purchases since you must enter a pin number for debit purchases. Some bill collectors and online retailers also require a Billing Zip Code to pay bills or make purchases.

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What is a billing ZIP code
What is a billing ZIP code?

In a few instances, there may be two (or more) streets with identical names in the same city, with different ZIP codes (often, where two or more places merged into one).

In this case, you would have to know your ZIP code already in order to get the proper ZIP+4 code out of that form. (One story of what happens if someone does this wrong is at SSA Incompetence.)

So if you want to be really sure, ask at the post office that’s closest to your billing address what the ZIP code for your billing address is.

What is a billing ZIP code USPS in 2020?

A billing address includes a billing street, billing zip code, billing city and so on. It has all information, including the billing zip code, that you would expect an address to have.

When you order something online you can either ship it to the same address your payment method (e.g. credit card, debit card, bank account) is registered to, or you can ship it to a different address.

If you get your package shipped to the same address then the billing and shipping address is the same and therefore you won’t even notice that both addresses exist in most cases.

However, if you want to pay with your credit card that is registered to address #1 and you want the package to be shipped to address #2, then you will need to indicate that the shipping and the billing addresses vary. In that case, you will be asked to enter both addresses.

This is a way for your credit card company or bank to check whether the person entering your card details actually knows the address the card is registered at.

How do you find out what postal code is associated with your credit card?

It is the zip code of the billing address attached to the credit card that you have registered with the credit card(s) in question.

You could have more than one. You might have one billing address that you use for business, particularly if you travel a lot and don’t want mail or important packages shipped to or returned to your doorstep while no one is there you might like a UPS store (they accept USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS) and they inform you by email when packages are delivered there.

Friends, you will have their physical address for the UPS store and box number. There is a charge but it provides peace of mind if you are out of town and another address for personal mail that could be your physical address (where you reside) if you are lucky enough to have a mail slot where mail goes inside your house so it’s not left outside in a mailbox while you are at work or away. It’s up to you.

The question was – How do you find out what postal code is associated with your credit card?

The legitimate owner of a credit card gets the bill. The mailing address for that bill is the zip code/ postal code. If you are using the paperless option, it is on the pdfs of your statements.

The question as asked would supply a method of getting information that would only be useful to someone who has a credit card that is not their own. The owner by definition already has it.

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Whichever address you have chosen, you can easily find the postal code with query search on google for the physical address you wish to use for your credit card or go to the usps.com website and obtain the zip code from USPS if you have no need to use other services.

If you have already registered your address with cc company, call the number on the back of the card for customer service.and give them your zip code. You can talk to the credit card company if you have any other questions.

Just remember the owner of the credit card provides the zip code to the credit card company. They are not psychic. They also expect you to know your own zip code. This is why they ask YOU to confirm it.

The postal code that is associated with your credit card will be the same postal code where your billing statements are being sent. If you do not receive paper statements then you need to log into your account to see which address your credit card company has on file.

It is important that you update your credit card info if you move. if you can not access your account, call your credit card company and they may be able to help by asking you some security questions.

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What is a billing ZIP code
What is a billing ZIP code?


You may know it as a postcode – or postal code – and it is the number that represents the suburb where their address is for mail delivery purposes.

The term zip code would usually indicate that the address is located in the United States – I have not heard the term “zip code” used in other countries.

The “billing” address represents where they get their mail delivered to as opposed to where their “actual” address is located eg. they may have a post office box in a different suburb to where they are physically located, so the zip code for the post office box location may be different to the zip code for the actual street location.

When you open an account, you put the address where you want your bills sent. It does not have to be your home address. Some people have a Post Office Box and some people may have their bills sent to their work address, or if they are wealthy, the bill may go directly to their accountant.

Companies ask you for your billing zip code because they want to make sure you are the cardholder. If it is really your credit card, you would know where your bill is being sent. Someone who stole your card would likely not know.

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What is a billing ZIP code?

It adds a layer of security to the purchase. The merchant can contact the issuing bank through an automated phone number and put in the numbers in your street address and zip code to see if it verifies.

If it doesn’t, the merchant will hold up the transaction for further verification if they suspect fraud. So if your billing and shipping address is different, make sure you give both addresses when placing an order. Otherwise, your order may be held unnecessarily as suspected fraud.

I am assuming that you are ordering something online, and that you don’t understand what the form is asking for. If not, please update the question.

When you are ordering something online the ask for the shipping address. This is where the item will be shipped. The billing address or zip code is the address or zip code that your credit card company uses to send you mail.

If you are like most people you are sending this item to your home, and you also get all your other mail at home, in which case the two zip codes would be the same.

The reason they need to know where your bank mail goes is as a check to ensure it is YOU ordering this item, and not someone who has stolen or hacked your credit card number. It is a security measure.

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