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Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning?

Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning

Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning?

I find it very interesting (no judgement what so ever) that you are including yourself in the “we” of folks who use grand rising vs. the traditional good morning, but don’t know why you’ve decided to use this phrase instead. “We”, as humans, have a peculiar habit of doing things just because it’s on trend or our social group started doing it….or even because it’s a family tradition, but we don’t know why. We just do it because that’s how it’s always been done.

I’m sure I’m guilty of this as well, but I’m trying to make sure that the things I do and say reflect my true intention…or that I actually have an intention connected to what I do or say….true either way you look at it.

Anyhoo, another explanation for the use of Grand Rising vs. Good Morning is that good morning refers to affirming that the early part or start to the day is good/positive. Grand Rising is traditionally used by people (mostly those of African descent, which we all are, but that’s another topic) who believe/accept the idea that the spirit travels (out of the body, into or across different dimensions, etc.) while we sleep, so it is a way to show appreciation for the safe return to the body.

Grand rising” is a phrase some people say when they wake up, or when they see someone early in the day. The act of “rising” has an obvious correlation with the act of getting up or getting out of bed. Meanwhile, prefixing it with “grand” indicates that something bigger, more grandiose, or more significant is at play.

‘Grand rising’ vs ‘good morning’

In the context of ways in which to greet the day, the phrase “grand rising” means something a little different from “good morning”.

It’s actually not a commonly used term, however there are some way of living, religions and overall individuals who believe the term “good morning” is linked to the words “good” and “mourning,” therefore believe saying “good morning” is the equivalent to saying “good briefing for your dead loved one.” So they say “grand rising” as a more positive way of saying a early greeting of the day that doesn’t seem negative in tone or nature.

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Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning?

The use of the term “grand rising” instead of “good morning” has cultural and linguistic roots in certain communities, particularly within the African diaspora and certain spiritual or wellness circles. It reflects a cultural and linguistic shift that embraces alternative expressions for greeting each other in the morning. Here are a few reasons why some people use “grand rising”:

  1. Cultural Identity:
    • In African and African-American communities, there has been a growing movement to reclaim and celebrate cultural heritage. Using phrases like “grand rising” may be seen as a way to reconnect with ancestral roots and express a sense of identity.
  2. Spiritual and Positive Connotations:
    • The term “grand rising” is often associated with positive energy and a sense of well-being. Some individuals prefer using this phrase to start their day on a positive note and to convey a sense of growth and elevation.
  3. Embracing Alternative Language:
    • In various communities, there’s a trend toward using alternative language and expressions that deviate from conventional norms. This is often seen as a way to break away from traditional and, in some cases, Eurocentric language constructs.
  4. Social Media and Online Culture:
    • The use of “grand rising” has gained popularity on social media platforms and online wellness communities. It has become a hashtag and catchphrase in some circles, further contributing to its adoption.

It’s essential to recognize that language is dynamic and evolves over time. Different communities and individuals may choose to express themselves in ways that resonate with their cultural background, personal beliefs, or aspirations. The use of “grand rising” is a manifestation of this linguistic diversity and the desire for alternative expressions of positive greetings in the morning.

Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning?

The phrase “grand rising” is a variation of the traditional greeting “good morning.” People who use “grand rising” often do so for various reasons, and the choice may be influenced by cultural, spiritual, or personal preferences. Here are a few reasons why some individuals choose to say “grand rising”:

  1. Positive Affirmation: The term “grand rising” emphasizes positivity and the idea of a grand or great start to the day. It can be seen as a form of positive affirmation, setting the tone for a good and productive morning.
  2. Spiritual or Cultural Influence: Some individuals use alternative greetings that align with their spiritual or cultural beliefs. “Grand rising” might be associated with certain spiritual practices or cultural expressions that prioritize positive energy and well-being.
  3. Personal Style or Expression: Language is dynamic, and people often enjoy expressing themselves in unique ways. Some individuals prefer to use less conventional greetings as a form of personal expression, and “grand rising” may be one such choice.
  4. Community or Online Trends: Language trends, including greetings, can spread through communities, both online and offline. If a particular phrase gains popularity within a community, others may adopt it as well.

It’s important to note that language evolves, and different people and communities may embrace new expressions or variations of traditional greetings for various reasons. The choice between “grand rising” and “good morning” ultimately comes down to personal preference and the cultural or social context in which it is used.

Why do people use “morning” instead of “good morning”?

Sometimes people are just trying to be cool and sometimes the are trying to be rude, showing us attitude either ignoring, it depends on their mood but it don’t take much time to type good with the morning or saying good with the morning, it could click some people minds or hurt them who text you good morning with bottom of there hearts just because you were on there mind and exactly when they woke they text them good morning, to show some sort of importance to the one they are texting good morning, the reply (morning) could hurt there feelings if they were real, and sometimes there are some people who don’t know how to respond a good morning text because they were not use to that.

Good Morning text sometimes alos hold a message of positivity which may change yourbad day into a goof day so we should move our tips a bit to type good with morning or a g so, there is no need to be cool with the one who care of you and actually starts their day by texting you good morning, instead of typing (‘morning) we should try to type (good morning) so the one you are texting wont feel bad.

Seems like I am a bit late to answer but I am sure will not be the last. I am not sure why people just say “Morning” and this is the reason I ended up reading this Quora space. I greet everyone as “Good Morning” and I strongly feel any conversation should begin with a positive note. The more you hear positivity around you, you will soon see positive vibes and positive things happening.

Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning

The moment you say “Good” there is some neuron in your brain which tickles you to see/do/be good. It’s the same as when you say “Pizza”, your mouth starts watering, but does it feel the same when you say “Sh*t”? And are you saving a lot of time by just omitting “Good” from “Morning”?

Now the question is, can you say “Good morning” to a person who had a bad day. The decision is yours. If you feel the person would not welcome your greetings then refrain from saying it and adding salt to their woes. But if the person is one who is optimistic, nothing should stop you from saying it.

Good Morning/Noon/Evening/Night folks!

For me, it’s annoying when I greet people “Good morning” and I get a morning. Ofcos I know it’s morning and not afternoon. So I think and believe that greeting rightly by adding a “GOOD” in quote simply means. Wishing you a good day, even if you are my enemy, comes with this positive energy. Most times won’t answer when it just a morning, and not Good morning,or I correct you.Formal or casual, Good morning sounds just right always.

Does saying “grand rising” instead of “good morning” make changes?

Morning — is the fixed time of the day

  • It had a daily occurence
  • It is part of the time cycle.
  • We get up as part of daily living in the morning as part of ‘ sunrise ’.
  • Each one of us use this as part of ‘ morning greetings ’ ( daily routine )

Good morning is defined as

  • a polite greeting or farewell that you say to someone in the early hours of the day.
  • Good morning is an example of something you say to someone when you see him for the first time at 9 AM.

Why do we say good morning?

When you say ‘good morning’,

  • you are not only greeting the person but also wishing them well for the day.
  • This helps to improve communications among colleagues and the overall atmosphere in the office. A ‘good morning’ acknowledges the presence of your colleagues and makes them feel welcomed

Grand Rising

Grand Rising

  • is a phrase some people say when they wake up, or when they see someone early in the day.
    • The act of “rising” has an obvious correlate in the act of getting up or getting out of bed.
  • Meanwhile, prefixing it with “grand” indicates that something bigger, more grandiose or more significant is at play.
  • Grand Rising —
    • Rising is awakening and starting a new.
    • As you follow my journey, you will pick up on little things I say or do, which creates a positive flow to my day.

One of the philosophical thinking is

  • Each one of us is born on daily basis.
    • Rising with a new life .

Hence the greetings from others “ grand Rising’’

Different methods of Early morning greetings and wishes are in vogue.

In one of the country that I visited they wish the other

  • “ Hope you made enough money yesterday . We wish that you make to day also “

Hence conventions are different based on societicsl values.

Why do we say “top of the morning” as a greeting?

We don’t. Nobody says “Top of the morning” as a greeting unless they are an American actor working in Hollywood on a TV advert, TV series or movie in which they are paid to portray an inept and insulting version of how Hollywood thinks Irish people talk.

As a portrayal of “Irishness”, it’s on a par with having an actor portraying an American Indian by adding “um” to the end of every word, or perhaps presenting Jolson in full minstrel outfit as an example of black people.

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Why is “good morning” said in the morning?

The phrase “good morning” is a common greeting in English and is used to wish someone well at the beginning of the day. The use of this phrase has historical and cultural roots.

  1. Wishing Well for the Day: Saying “good morning” is a way to wish someone a positive and pleasant start to their day. It’s a friendly and polite greeting that acknowledges the beginning of a new day.
  2. Cultural Tradition: Expressing greetings based on the time of day is a cultural tradition in many societies. Different greetings are used in the morning, afternoon, and evening to reflect the appropriate sentiment for that time.
  3. Cordiality and Social Norms: Using polite and friendly expressions like “good morning” is a social norm that helps in establishing positive interactions and maintaining cordial relationships. It’s a simple way to show consideration and goodwill.
  4. Routine and Tradition: Over time, certain phrases and expressions become ingrained in language and culture as part of daily routines and traditions. Saying “good morning” has become a habitual and expected way to start conversations in the early part of the day.
  5. Cultural Expectations: In many cultures, acknowledging and greeting others in the morning is a sign of respect and courtesy. It sets a positive tone for interactions throughout the day.

Overall, saying “good morning” is a polite and culturally embedded way to extend well wishes and acknowledge the beginning of a new day. It reflects a positive and friendly attitude, contributing to social harmony and positive interactions.

Blessings and best wishes


I think it just became popular because people want to sound different or sound like they are on a alternative “woke”path, which can be opening conversation pieces. I for one, do not use that saying. It has to make sense to me to change the way I commonly talk and break the vernacular. Morn,means daybreak. Good daybreak. Good cockcrow, Aurora also mean the same thing. Mourn, is to feel great sorrow or regret.

Who says good in front of that? I expect whomever I’m speaking to, to be intelligent enough to know what I mean. It seems weird to even make those words mean the same thing. The two are not even spelled the same. One could do the same thing with the word “rising”. Rising, means to go upward, but it also can mean an armed protest against authority or a revolt. That’s not good or positive, but hey, I’m sure they expect me to be intelligent enough to know what they are talking about.🤷🏾‍♀️

Grand rising is a term used in some parts of the world as an alternative to “good morning”. The phrase is thought to have originated in the Caribbean, where it is often used as a greeting among friends. There are many theories about why this particular phrase was chosen, but one popular explanation is that it symbolizes hope and optimism for the day ahead.

Whether you’re from the Caribbean or not, grand rising can be a fun and festive way to start your day!

Why do we say grand rising instead of good morning?