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What is Wondershare Studio? Is it safe to remove from my computer

What is Wondershare Studio

What is Wondershare Studio? Is it safe to remove from my computer

Wondershare studio is a video editing software, which belongs to one of the Wonderahare software. The process known as Wondershare Studio or Wondershare Helper Compact.exe belongs to Wondershare Studio or Wondershare Helper Compact or Pinnacle Studio software (add-ons from version 18) of Wondershare.

Wondershare Studio is installed with certain software programs from Pinnacle. It has been known to cause problems and is potentially a security risk. It is safe and even recommended to uninstall it using Windows Control Panel.

Here’s the problem, you will most likely get uninstall errors while trying to remove it. This is the case with most viruses/malware/unwanted programs.

I recommend installing and running Malwarebytes on your computer and running a scan. This will thoroughly remove it along with and other Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). This is a very useful program that I would recommend everyone use on their (Windows) computers.

I wouldn’t remove the program, but to disable on startup would be okay.

Wondershare Studio is for editing purposes of videos, slides, and other types of film. It could be tied into the presentation of a slide show. Sometimes, how one program works can affect how other programs work.

“Is it safe to remove from my computer or disable startup?”

YES! If you open Windows Task Manager, (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) you can click on the startup tab and see what programs start when Windows starts.

You can safely right-click each one and disable them. Most of them will probably be software updaters that use valuable system resources and increase startup times. If you use Onedrive,

What is Wondershare Studio
What is Wondershare Studio

I recommend leaving that enabled. I also recommend that you leave any antivirus enabled. Nothing in the Startup tab will be system critical. You can’t crash your computer by disabling them.

It may be a companion app for a device that you have in your computer. These give extra functionality to your device. It may not be necessary.

It is related to video editing. If you don’t do this, uninstall it by going to Settings->Applications and scroll down for it. Double click it and click uninstall.

What is a simple way to remove Wondershare Helper Compact?

  1. Simply type Regedit in Windows search …..
  2. then go to Hkey local machine
  3. -> software
  4. -> WOW6432Node
  5. -> then right-click on Wondershare folder
  6. Delete the entire folder (this folder contains all the registry keys associated with Wondershare and they are the reason why you were unable to delete Wondershare in the first place)
  7. go to add and remove programs and then uninstall the Wondershare program and poof
  8. it would be uninstalled……..
  9. Tried and tested………

Does Wondershare Data Recovery work?

I have heard about Wondershare data recovery among free data recovery software. But I suggest that users should not use any free software for data recovery as it can make data recovery more difficult when reaching the recovery professionals.

Best Wondershare Data Recovery is really an impressive program that keeps me assured of data security. No matter what I lose, music, video, document, spreadsheet, or email, Wondershare gets everything back within minutes.

I must say, if you have Wondershare Data Recovery, you don’t need anything else, It is designed to recover all files in over 550 formats from your PC storage safely, quickly, and completely.

This utility supports all types of formats to recover videos, documents, photos, audio, archive, and emails.

What is Wondershare Studio? Is it safe to remove from my computer

  • Wondershare Data Recovery – The Comprehensive Data Recovery Tool
  • Wondershare Data Recovery is a complete recovery utility for storage devices and PC. It is designed to recover all files in over 550 formats from your PC storage safely, quickly, and completely.
  • Supports over 550 formats to recover documents, videos, photos, audio, archive, and messages, etc.
  • Supports all Hard Drives, Removable Devices, Memory Cards, Recycle Bin, and Digital Cameras
  • Deals with all Data Loss Scenarios like Formatting, Accidental Deletion, Improper Handling, and other cases like dirty system shutdown, virus attack, fragmented partition, hard drive crash, etc.
  • 100% Complete and Safe Data Recovery on Windows

Wondershare Data Recovery can recover all files from different devices like Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and IBM hard drives, USB Flash drives, pen drives, SDHC, SD, MicroSD, MMC, MiniSD cards, removable drives, Digital Camera from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak or similar brands, and PC, Mac or Laptop Hard drives.

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Wondershare studio is a video editing software program, which belongs to at least one of the wonderahare software. It is known as Wondershare Helper Compact or Pinnacle Studio (model 18 Add-Ons) via Wondershare. Description: WSHelper. Exe isn’t always crucial for Windows and could often motive problems.

Wondershare offers a free trial but with many limitations. You can only convert one-third of the full video length, speeds are slower than in the paid version, you can’t burn to disc, and downloading and recording video is highly restricted.

Wondershare is an international software company that is devoted to providing the leading PC applications and Internet applications in the industry for worldwide users. The R&D center in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hangzhou, with over 70% R&D personnel on its staff team.

How do I get rid of Wondershare folder?

Please go to the control panel on your laptop and select programs and features. There should then be a list of all the software installed on your laptop. Please select wondershare and select uninstall.

Do I need Wondershare helper?

The answer is no. Despite the software displaying popups to help you in your process of video conversion using Wondershare Video converter, Helper compact is more or less adware. … If you are done using the Wondershare Video Converter, you should consider uninstalling it from your computer.

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