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Address line 1/2 and 3 examples?

What do they mean by address line 1

What do they mean by address line 1 and address line 2?

Address: Line 1 is for the street address

Address: Line 2 is for the apartment, suite, or space number (or any other designation not literally part of the physical address).

In case your address is too long and you want to organize it by writing it in two lines so you can use it,


Line 1: House No. 45, second floor, 5th cross.

LINE 2: Banaswadi, Bangalore, KA 56004

Some addresses require more than one line, so the terms address line 1 and address line 2 allow for both portions of the address.

Address Line 1 is for the street address

Address Line 2 is for the apartment, suite, or space number (or any other designation not literally part of the physical address). If the apartment, suite, or space number is short and the address is short, it can all be shown on one line.

In a previous life, while working with commercial accounts at USPS, I helped businesses design envelopes to utilize computerized mail processing.

Address Line 1 is typically used for the street address or P.O. Box number of the recipient, while Address Line 2 is used for additional address information such as an apartment or suite number, building name, floor number, or any other relevant details that could help identify the location.

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What is an address line?

An address line refers to a specific part of an address that provides information about the location or destination of a person, business, or place. In a mailing address, the address line typically includes details such as the street name, street number, apartment or suite number, and other relevant information that helps accurately identify the destination.

For example, in the address:

123 Main Street Apt 4B Cityville, State 12345 USA

  • “123 Main Street” is part of the address line, indicating the street name and number.
  • “Apt 4B” provides additional information such as the apartment or suite number.
  • “Cityville, State 12345” includes the city, state, and postal code information.

In different countries, the format and components of an address line may vary, but it generally serves the purpose of specifying the location to which mail or shipments should be delivered. The address line is crucial for accurate mail delivery and is used by postal services and courier companies to route items to their intended recipients.

What is an address line 3?

The first line is the name of your building or the number. The second line is road name. The third is the area name. 4th is town or city.

Some addresses require more than one line, so the term address line 1 and address line 2 allows for both portions of the address.

Address Line 1 is for the street address

Address Line 2 is for the apartment, suite or space number (or any other designation not literally part of the physical address) If the apartment, suite, or space number is short, and the address is short, it can all be shown on one line.

  1. First line is the name of your building or the number.
  2. Second line is road name.
  3. Third is the area name.
  4. 4th is Town/City.

Standardized address format is as follows:


Line 1: Apt. 123 (or other secondary designation, i.e. suite, floor).

Line 2: 321 Main Street (street address)

Line 3: City, State, ZIP Code

You may put the secondary designation on Line 2 after the street address if needed. (For international mailings, the country name goes at the very bottom, below Line 3.)

What is a address line 2?

Address Line 2 Meaning, Uses, Placement, and Examples

Address Line 2 is an address form field that allows users to add secondary address information, such as numbers for apartments, suites, PO Boxes, and other address designators. You shouldn’t use Address Line 2 for ATTN, company name, C/O, or delivery instructions.

How do you write address in address line 1 and 2 and 3?

Address line 1: Write your house number, street name, and apartment/flat number, if any. You may alternately write just the house number and street name here, and apartment/flat number in address line 2. Here are some examples. If there are provisions for address line 3, you can leave it blank.

What is an example of an address line?

Address Line 1 Meaning, Uses, Placement, and Examples

Address Line 1 helps identify the specific location or building where mail or packages should be delivered. For example, in the address “123 Main Street, apt 4B San Diego CA, 91911“, “123 Main Street, apt 4B” would be considered address line 1.

Typically you have available 4 lines 1 to write an address. So here’s a couple of samples.

Line one is for your street address and line two is for a post office box if you get mail there. Retailers need both, if you have both, because UPS, FedEx, and DHL don’t deliver to post office boxes unless postage is also paid. If you don’t need both lines, leave one blank.

Line one: Person’s name

The Line two: Company name

Line three: Street Address

Line four: City, State, and Zip

Another possibility would be,

Line one: Company name

Line two: Department name

The Line three: Street Address

Line four: City, State, and Zip

If you’re sending a letter or card to a friend:

Line one: Friend’s first and last name

The Line two: Street Address

Line three: Apartment number or Unit number

Line four: City, State, and Zip

Or you could use that third line for a suite number.

You do NOT have to use a four-line address. They do give the USPS more information, and that helps your correspondence arrive quickly and safely though!

In “Some” cases an address “Especially I’m larger Centers” and address may be delineated by the main address then area then a major area. eg. #101 110 main St. Glendale, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA 76521 (where Line one would be in this fictional address 110 Main St., and kind two would be Glendale, and then the major Center Los A…) this way while there “may be multiple addresses mimicking main st, they give the local area as Glendale to give a closer pinpoint.

How can I find out my address line 1 and 2?

In the UK, line 1 is the first line of your address – as you normally write it.
Line 2 is the second line. There may be no second line. After that, there may be room for line 3. Then the postal town/city, county, postal code, and country.

Here are some examples:

Cancel Research
Line 1: 380 Harrogate Road
Line 2: Moortown
ref: Moortown

The Queen
Line 1: Buckingham Palace
Line 2: (blank)
Ref: Contact

University of West London
Line 1: St Mary’s Road
Line 2: Ealing
Ref: University of West London

What is Ethical Implication

In case your address is too long and you want to organise it by writing it in two lines so you can use it.

example :

LINE 1 : House no.45 second floor, 5th cross.

LINE 2 : Banaswadi, Bangalore, KA 560043.

How do I fill out Address Line 1 on an Online Form?

Friends, Line 1 is for street addresses. Line 2 is for apartment number or suite number. Line 3 is for city, state, and ZIP code. If you do not have an apartment or suite number, leave Line 2 blank.


  • 123 Smith Street
  • Apartment 4B
  • Jonesboro, GA 30236


  1. 1500 Cherokee St.
  2. Murphy, NC 28901

(the street number) (street name) & (street suffix)

101 Main Street

You can query the post office on your address, best as you know it, for the “standard” way of presenting your address.® – ZIP Code™ Lookup or whatever service is offered in your country. That will tell you the standard way to fill out address lines.

Lines are meant to organize the address when it’s written so it won’t look messy and long.

So every line will be separate.

For example:

LINE 1: house/flat no, building name, street name/number.

LINE 2: Block no. , Area Name.

And LINE 3: City/district, state

Line 4: country, ZIP code.

It can vary from one to another but it’s just to arrange the way you write so it can be read easily.

The usual order of a postal address in four lines is this:

  • Name or business name on line 1.
  • Street, square, or road with your house number and floor on line 2.
  • Neighborhood, village, or lower population entity on line 3 (if applicable) and postal code and town on line 4.

What is the card address in PayPal?

A confirmed PayPal account address means that the buyer’s credit card and shipping address are the same.

What is PayPal’s billing address?

If you usually generate invoices for products purchased with PayPal, you may want the address that appears to be correct. One of these data is the address registered in PayPal and is not shared, except to put it as the shipping address of the product you just bought.

What is the billing address for my debit card?

The billing address corresponds to the address that connects to a buyer’s payment; it will be connected to a credit card or other payment method, while the shipping address will be the pick-up location where the order will be delivered.

How do you pay by PayPal in Argentina?

To use PayPal, you must associate a payment method to your account, such as a credit card that allows you to make international payments. You can associate several cards to your account and choose which one to use when paying.

How do I know what the billing address for my card is?

In most cards ( Visa, MasterCard, bank cards, etc.), it corresponds to the last three digits of the number printed in the space reserved for the signature on the back of the card.

What to put in the billing address?

So, in the billing address, you must include:

  • The property’s name.
  • The floor number.
  • The name or number of the street where you live.
  • The postal service number.

Additionally, you have to enter the name of your locality, city, state, and country.

What does card address mean?

The billing address is associated with the credit card used to verify customer information. This information is mainly used for payments with credit or debit cards.

How to know the postal code of my card?

Credit cards do not have a zipcode or ZIP code. However, when making an online purchase, generally international, the request for this code may appear on the purchase form. The postal code is related to your geographical location.

What is the zip code of the credit card?

The code is the last three digits located on the back of the Credit Card in the signature area. This number applies to national and international purchases.

How does Netflix billing work?

Your Netflix subscription is charged at the beginning of each billing period, but the transaction may appear in your account several days later. If your billing date falls on a date that does not occur every month (for example, the 31st), then billing will appear on the last day of that month.

What is the postal code of Peru 2024?

Zip Code Profile 15001

Name of zip code lime

Province lime

Current time: 08:59:29 PM PET

Time zones: Time zone in Peru

IANA Time Zone: America/Lima

What is the postal code of Peru 2024?

For the districts of Lima and Callao, there are several codes by area and jurisdiction. For example: in Jesús María, there are three postal codes: 15076, 15072, and 15073; While Los Olivos has six codes: 15301, 15302, 15304,15306,15307, and 15311.

How do I change Netflix billing?

Change your billing date

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. SelectChange _billing day (if available) and follow the instructions. This option is only available if you pay by debit card, credit card, or PayPal (where applicable).

How is Netflix payment made?

It can be through a credit card, gift card, or prepaid to pay for Netflix. But also in electronic payment methods such as PayPal, iTunes, or Google Play.

How is the Netflix payment?

How to pay Netflix

  1. Choose a plan that fits your needs and your budget. As a Netflix member, you will be charged once per month on your subscription date.
  2. Credit and debit cards.
  3. Virtual cards.
  4. Prepaid cards.
  5. Netflix Gift Cards.
  6. PayPal.

How much is Netflix paid in 2024?

In March 2022, the monthly cost of a Netflix subscription in Mexico started from 139 Mexican pesos for a basic account to about 266 pesos for a premium one.

How much does Netflix cost in Argentina in 2024?

Essential plan:$279 monthly subscription. $178.56 taxes from ArgentinaIt leaves $457.56 final per month.

How much is paid on Netflix 2024?

The price will depend on the type of package you choose. Fees range from 139 to 266 Mexican pesos.

How much is paid on Netflix in Ecuador 2024?

Ecuador will be one of the countries where there will be changes, but these will be in two of the three plans offered by the platform. The plans whose price will be altered are the one with two screens that will go from USD 9.99 to USD 10.99, and the one with four screens that previously cost USD 11.99 and will now be USD 13.99.

How to put my billing address on Amazon?

Go to My Addresses. You have two options: To add a new address, select Add Address. You will be asked to confirm your payment card number the next time you order using the new or edited address.

Likewise, what is the ZIP to buy on Amazon?

DO NOT BE ALARMED! The ZIP code is the postal code of the shipping address that you usually use to make your purchases. For example, if you use a shipping service like Liberty Express (its address is in red letters), the ZIP code amazon asks for is 33178.

Along the same lines, how to put the zip code on Amazon?

Create an account. “Create account” appears. Fill in all your information and press create your Amazon account. Once you have filled in your data, your name will appear on the left, as well as an approximate postal address.

So what do you put in the postal address?

The usual order of a postal address in four lines is this:

  • Name or business name on line 1.
  • Street, square, or road with your house number and floor on line 2.
  • Neighborhood, village, or lower population entity on line 3 (if applicable) and postal code and town on line 4.

Related questions and answers found.

What is the zip on the credit card?

In the United States, we refer to a ZIP as a zip code. It is the postal code of the billing address used for the credit card. Merchants use this AVS response code to help decide if the cardholder uses the card.

What are the mailing address and zip codes?

In Mexico, Postal Code is the number of the area in which an address is located and is made up of five figures. Postal address is the address where an address is located, which can be that of a post office, for which a postal box called PO Box is used, or the address of the address.

What to put in the postal address?

The usual order of a postal address in four lines is this:

  • Name or business name on line 1.
  • Street, square, or road with your house number and floor on line 2.
  • Neighborhood, village, or lower population entity on line 3 (if applicable) and postal code and town on line 4.

How to know what the zip code is?

To find out the postal code of your place of residence, all you have to do is enter Google Maps. You will not only read the name of the street, in addition to the district, but a series of 5-digit numbers will accompany this: that is the postal code.

What is the zip of a debit card?

In the United States, we refer to a ZIP as a zip code. It is the postal code of the billing address used for the credit card. When written, the United States has “Zip plus four,” which looks like 12345–6789.

“Address Line 1” for a debit card typically refers to the first line of the cardholder’s billing address. This address is associated with the bank account linked to the debit card, and it is used for billing purposes and verification.

When making online purchases or transactions that require the billing address associated with your debit card, you would enter the relevant information in the appropriate fields. The billing address is generally composed of multiple lines, and “Address Line 1” is the first line where you provide your street address. This information helps verify the cardholder’s identity and is an essential part of the payment process.

For example:

Billing Address: 123 Main Street Apt 4B (if applicable) Cityville, State 12345 Country (if applicable)

In this example, “123 Main Street” is considered “Address Line 1.” The rest of the address, including additional lines, is entered accordingly in the appropriate fields during a transaction. Make sure to enter the correct billing address associated with your debit card to avoid any issues with transactions or purchases.

How many numbers is the zip code?

The basic format consists of five numeric digits. In 1983, the ZIP +4 ZIP code system was introduced in the US, adding four digits to the end of the old five-digit codes.

What is the full mailing address?

The postal address or address is the complete identification of the recipient of an email. This identification must be inscribed on the mailing envelope or cover, allowing the postal company to route and ultimately deliver that mail.


Original question: “What does address line 1/2/3/4 mean?”

I’ll assume you mean postal address.

Most written addresses use three lines:

  1. Recipient
  2. Building/residence address
  3. City, state, and zip code

A fourth line comes into play for international mail and mail with a special recipient. International mail adds a fourth line that holds the destination. A piece of mail going to, for example, a specific person at a company would have lines that looked like this:

  1. ATTN: Recipient person
  2. Recipient company
  3. Building/residence address
  4. City, state, and zip code

What do they mean by address line 1 and address line 2?

The example used here:

  • Jane Doe
  • 123 Sunset Boulevard APT 5
  • Altus, OK 73521–5479

Address line one is generally the street address, like 123 W Main St.

Line 2 is only used for additional information, like Apt. 123 or Suite A.

The components of the address are: Name, Address line 1, Address line 2
(Optional), City, state, and ZIP code/ZIP+4 code.

Name—Jane Doe.

ADDRESS LINE ONE: 123 Sunset Boulevard.

Typically when a form says line two it is an optional field and a good place
to put an apartment number (if no other space for that information exists).

What are lines 1 and 2 in the address?

Generally, in the address line, 1 street address is filled in. Address line 2 is for the apartment number (or any other designation, not literally part of the physical address). If the apartment number and address are short, it can be done in one line only.

What are line 1 and line 2 address examples?

Address line 1 consists of the civic number and street name. Address line 2 consists of the municipality name, the state or territory abbreviation, and the 6-digit postal code.

What is the meaning of address line 1, address line 2 address line 3?

Address Line 1 is generally for the civic number and street name (street address). Address Line 2 is for the apartment, suite, unit number, or other address designation, not part of the physical address. Address Line 3 is typically for the city, state, and zip code.

What is an example of address line 2?

  • 7428 SE Elm St., apt. 3
  • Address line 1 is the name.
  • Address line 2 is the address.
  • Address line 3 is city & state usually, but it could be on Address line 4 if address line 3 is used for something like a trailer park lot number too long to fit on Address line 2.

How do I read an Indonesian address? My friend lives in Indonesia, and I want to send her something, but I need help breaking down the address.

Reading Indonesian addresses takes time and effort. There are two reasons behind it. One, they sometimes write it opposite way. Two, they write some Indonesian words in the address, which is unknown to foreigners.

Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No.1, RT.5/RW.5, Duren Tiga, Kec. Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12760

It is an example of an address. Let us read that.

  • Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No.1 means Street Duren Tiga, No.1.
  • RT.5 means Rukun Tetangga (Neighborhood Association) 5
  • RW.5 means Rukun Warga (Citizens Association) 5
  • Kec. Pancoran means Kecamatan (District) Pancoran
  • Kota Jakarta Selatan means City South Jakarta.
  • Daerah Khusus Ibukota means Capital Special Region

RT is Neighborhood Association, and RW is Citizen Association. These are some local areas in cities or suburbs. Having these signs and numbers on the address makes it easier to locate.

When writing an address, we always write from smaller to larger locations. We write house number, street number, local area, city, state, etc. But, Indonesians sometimes write oppositely, such as “city, “local area, “street, and “house. That means foreigners need help understanding the address.

The best way is – not need to understand the address. Just copy it and write it as it is. You must make sure you write it. The delivery person will find the way. Also, include the receiver’s phone number.

Important: Some Indonesian girls are known to make friends with foreign men online to receive gifts from them. Your friendship is genuine.

How do I fill out an address line in Kenya?

There are two ways:

  1. P.O. Box _____ Town (Postal Code)
  2. Name of company/person, building and floor, road, area, and town, e.g., Africa 118, Westlands Business Centre, 7 Floor, Chiromo Lane, Westlands, Nairobi. (If the building is not well known, you refer to it as a landmark. If it’s upcountry, the name of the nearest school, church, etc.).

How do I find my address, line 1?

  • Write down your address.
  • What is the first line? That is address line 1.
  • It is usually the house (or apartment) number and the road’s name (or block).
  • So if I lived in Flat 8, Louise Court, 12–13 Beauleigh Road, Southampton (a fictitious address),
  • Address Line 1 is “8 Louise Court” or “Flat 8 Louise Court.”
  • Address Line 2 is “12–13 Beauleigh Road.”
  • Address Line 3 is “Southampton. “

How do I write street addresses in Nepal?

While the answer by Prastab is not incorrect, I have been there 4 times and have several friends there, and the problem is that many people don’t live on streets with names, nor are the houses always numbered.

There is one close friend with whom we usually communicate by e-mail, but when I first tried to mail something to him, he never got it; it wasn’t a standard address because he did not live on a named street, so he told me to put his name and then the nearest landmark, and then the district, like Pokhara, and then Kathmandu, Nepal.

We had much greater future success by sending it to a guesthouse whose owner I knew, and they would hold it for him to pick up. It is not completely uncommon in many developing countries not to have street names, and often it’s a roll of the dice by putting the location of some landmark they live closest to and hoping the person delivering it knows exactly where that person is.

What do they mean by address line 1 and address line 2?

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