Apparently Kid Video Original – Now

Noah Ritter Now

Apparently Kid Video Original – Now

Apparently Kid refers to Noah Ritter, a five-year-old who was interviewed by a local news channel while attending the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania.

When the interview, which features Ritter animatedly discussing his indifference to the news and repeatedly saying “apparently” was uploaded to YouTube it quickly went viral.

On August 4th, 2014, YouTuber WNEP-TV[1] uploaded a video titled “Apparently” This Kid is Awesome, Steals the Show During Interview.”

The video features WNEP-TV reporter Sofia Ojeda asking Ritter how he enjoyed one of the Wayne County Fair’s rides.

Ritter begins to ramble in reply, often punctuating his speech with “apparently” and insisting he had never been on live television. Within 48 hours the video gained over 4.1 million views.

On August 5th, 2014, The Laughing Squid published an article titled “Cute Kid Noah Ritter ‘Apparently’ Steals the Show During an Interview at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania.” The same day the video was covered by Uproxx, E!Online, Us Magazine, and Jezebel.

On August 4th, WNEP’s Twitter account tweeted out the interview with Ritter and introduced the hashtag #NoahtheReporter. Within 48 hours the hashtag was tweeted out over 150 times.

Apparently Kid
Apparently Kid

Also on August 4th, Twitter user treyschmaltz introduced the hashtag #ApparentlyKid. Within 48 hours the hashtag was tweeted out over 1,000 times.

On August 5th and 6th, Ritter was interviewed by several local and U.S. national news outlets, including WNEP-16, ABC News (shown below, left) and NBC Today, during which he revealed he was embarrassed that he had shared “so much about [his] life” and that he actually did not know the definition, or how to spell the word “apparently.”

Apparently Kid Video Original – Now in 2021

Apparently Kid

On September 11th, The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video from the day’s show featuring Degeneres interviewing Ritter.

During the interview, he explains he is “over” his namesake “apparently.” This news was covered by several websites including Mashable and Mediate. Within 24 hours the video gained over 570,000 views.

On September 12th, the official YouTube channel for Fresh Pet pet food uploaded a commercial featuring Ritter, which he explains is “apparently my first TV commercial.”

The commercial was covered by several websites including Uproxx, The Laughing Squid, and Crushable.

How do you the slanted smiley face answers

Apparently Kid

We can’t resist passing along the phenomenon that is Noah Ritter, a young man who’s taking the Internet by storm.

The 5-year-old’s interview at Pennsylvania’s Wayne County Fair is a wonder of stream-of-consciousness, sprinkled heavily with one word: “apparently.”

Cutting a striking figure with his red hair and a green-and-white shirt, Noah quickly takes the microphone from WNEP TV 16’s Sofia Ojeda to deliver a monologue that’s only briefly interrupted by the reporter’s questions.

“I’ve never been on live television before,” Noah says, staring unblinkingly into the camera.

“I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid,” he continues, “and apparently … grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Powerball.”

Noah’s delivery — his ability to finish a sentence with relish and certainty, even when he’s discussing how a ride freaked him out — left Ojeda, and many viewers, laughing. When he was done, a round of high-fives ensued.

The initial interview with the boy took place Friday; WNEP did a follow-up with Noah today after his performance drew national interest — including an appearance on Good Morning America.

“Everything’s been overwhelming,” Noah’s grandfather Jack Borowski tells WNEP. “We went to the fair and we got interviewed and everything unraveled from there.”

The station also asks Noah, who lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., where he’d learned the word “apparently.”

“I don’t know, from my mom, maybe?” he says.

Dank Memes

Noah Ritter Now
The Apparently Kid Now

What Happened To Noah Ritter – The Apparently Kid Now 2021

The world is wondering…What happened to Noah Ritter? We will explain where Noah Ritter AKA The apparently kid went and what happened to Noah Ritter.

Noah was first seen from the viral video where he kept saying the word apparently and was just super adorable. After that viral video he was known as the apparently kid.

He later went on the Ellen show and gained even more stardom. But what happened to Noah ritter after his time on Ellen.

Apparently Kid

Have you ever wondered what happened to Noah Ritter aka the apparently kid? If you have this is the video for you.

We will be explaining what happened to Noah Ritter and what his future has in store for him.

Here is Noahs YouTube Channel

Apparently Kid Video Original
Apparently Kid Video Original

See him On Instagram: @noahritter

Currently, Ritter stars on an ABC television show called The Toy Box. On the Toy Box, contestants pitch their ideas for new toys to a panel of industry experts.

However, the catch is that the contestants also have to pitch their toy ideas to a panel of child judges as well.

Ritter is one of the judges that appear on the show, adding his humor and charm to the show. He is still the same loveable little kid that appeared in that viral video and on Ellen several years ago and has not lost any of his humor.

The Future

It will be interesting to see where exactly Ritter’s career will go from here. There have been plenty of examples of past child stars that have been able to turn their fame into life long careers.

These are people that have no problem with the spotlight and have a distinct advantage as they have dealt with it all of their lives.

However, there are also several examples of child stars that have flamed out and become irrelevant as time goes on.

When a child star ages, it may be difficult for them to stay in the spotlight. Their niche is their ability to be cute and charming in an innocent manner.

However, as they grow older into their teen and young adult years it can be very difficult to maintain that stardom.

They are no longer that adorable innocent little kid that captured everyone’s hearts. Ritter is of a slightly different breed, as his fame stems from a viral video that he was able to use to catapult his career forward.

Follow Him On Twitter: @noahontv

Ritter has already adapted from a video star to famous talk show guest to T.V star, meaning that he may fare better than most child stars when it comes to adapting.

However, time will only tell whether Ritter’s career is here to stay or whether he is just a flash in the pan in the era of viral media.

Why is Noah Ritter famous?

By 2016, his viral news interview clip had accumulated over 23 million views.

What Happened To Noah Ritter

The Apparently Kid Now 2021


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