Do men wear bras? True Story in 2021

Do men wear bras? True Story in 2021

Male bra – also known as a compression bra, compression vest, or gynecomastia vest – refers to brassieres that are worn by men. Some men who have large breasts as a result of obesity or gynecomastia may choose to wear a brassiere to provide support for their breasts and to flatten their appearance.

My husband has been wearing one every day for nearly ten years. I came home early from a Saturday shopping trip and caught him wearing one of my nicer bra and panty sets and laying on the bed masturbating.

I was furious. I had suspected he was doing something like that because I often found my things arrayed in my drawers differently than I had left them.

I’ve done some odd sexual things too that are my secrets and I honestly didn’t care if he wanted to play dress up.

I just didn’t want him to do it with my things; mostly because they were too small and he would stretch them out of shape. So I grabbed my sewing measure and measured him up and told him I’d buy some his size.

The panties were easy, the bras were surprisingly difficult to size. On the one hand, he had man boobs that were large enough he was too embarrassed to go to the pool with me when we were on vacation.

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Do men wear bras? True Story in 2021

On the other hand, his breasts were not shaped like a woman’s, but there was enough breast tissue to fill B cup and they were much further apart on this chest.

The one that fit best was an inexpensive Bali underwire. The effect was stunning. The underwire shaped his breasts nicely and the lifting was good.

In truth, he needed a bra for support, and other than unsightly chest hair, the shaping and support gave him cleavage that was actually attractive.

Because of my career, I buy a lot of clothing from Nordstrom and have my own personal stylist and shopper.

She agreed to take him and I in early one morning and arrange one of the legendary Nordstrom bra fittings for him. In fact, she told me they fit men all the time and he was treated very professionally.

He began wearing a bra regularly. It was the right thing to do. He’s gained some weight and has had some medical issues. His breasts are now C+ on his left side and C- on his right side.

Do men wear bras? True Story in 2021

For the question, “Do men wear bras?” You would be stunned shocked and amazed! Like so many have already said, it is an absolute YES with extenuating circumstances.

There are quite a few men that just have to wear a bra whether they like it or not. Certain medical conditions produce moderate to extreme breast growth in males and short of surgery their only option is a bra.

Many of these guys will wear a “sports bra” or compression bra if they wear a girl’s bra. This acts to minimize and keep their breasts from moving so much. But I suspect this is not the real answer you were looking for.

Another group of men will wear a bra to make like they have feminine breasts for a show like drag queens and actors. These men may or may not be gay but I suspect a lot of them are.

But then there is the group of men that you might be referring to and like me, we claim to be straight and at least in my case, I have no interest in guys and haven’t even been curious because I like being a guy too much.

In my case, I like to think that it’s possible to be both genders at the same time at least in my mind. Biologically, I am completely male, and even though I find it a pain sometimes, have an abundance of testosterone to deal with.

I would have been very happy being born with less but since I am this way, I have learned to enjoy my life just as it is. Mainly because I found that it is possible to “feel” like a girl whenever I like.

Of course, it started with panties but not by much. I was wearing bras before puberty too and fell in love with the feeling! The elastic around my chest feels like a warm embrace from a loving female or at least that’s the way I like to imagine it.

On top of that, I can’t help but feel like it feels natural on me like I am supposed to be wearing a bra all the time.

I would except I work outside a lot in the Florida heat and it’s just not practical. But you can bet soon as I am done working and get cleaned up the first thing I put on is panties and bra.

The panties go all the time without exception. But the bra has become so important to me that I promised myself that I would wear it more than I don’t wear it.

I believe that a lot of men get more in touch with their feminine side when wearing a bra. Whether or not they wear breast forms or some kind of inserts or maybe just wear the bra as it is, it makes us feel like we are being true to our feminine side and giving it a chance to come out and be real. I think it is wrong to hide your feminine side when it is something you like about yourself.

I believe everyone is comprised of a masculine and feminine side. Most people are happy just staying close to the extreme that matches their biology. But many people vary in between and to various degrees.

Some men may feel slightly feminine and go to lengths to hide it while others accept it because they think it is a natural part of themselves and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Whether or not you choose to let that side of you out and display it is a totally personal decision. But either way, it is not wrong in any form.

So I believe many guys just feel that wearing a bra is perfectly natural and right for them. In my case, a bra with small silicone inserts that give me just enough to make it obvious under any shirt is my preference and you would not believe just how accepting people can be.

There will always be a few who will give you a hard time but the majority will smile and be fine with it. The only thing I can say as a warning is that if you have been thinking about it if you try it, you might have to make some extensive changes to your wardrobe!

Do men wear bras?

I wear a bra as often as possible. There are times, like at work, when it’s just not practical. But I wear them strictly for pleasure. It feels good or feels right even though I want very much to be a guy.

I wear smaller silicone forms in them, sometimes A-cup and sometimes B-cup. I wear shirts or blouses that allow just enough to notice. I like the attention because it is almost always positive even though I always present myself as a guy.

The folks at the grocery store and those at the pharmacy know me by name and where I live. They see me both ways as I may often stop in at lunch or on the way home from work and I am in total guy mode if you don’t notice the plain five pocket girl’s jeans and the shorter sleeves of the girl’s t-shirt. I always have panties of n but I bet 99% of the people that see me see a regular guy.

In the evenings after I get a shower or on the weekends, these same people see me in a girl’s bright colorful tank top with bra straps showing or a nice blouse that you can just barely make out my bra underneath but unmistakable breast forms.

They always smile and treat me wonderfully because I am very nice to them. I keep a positive attitude and am genuinely pleased to meet and talk to them. I have even had girls ask me what perfume I use because they like it so much!

I honestly believe that it is more the way you act and your attitude than anything else. I am totally straight and worship women, or at least women in general.

We all know a couple of people regardless of gender that we like to avoid. But most people have no problem with me or the way I like to dress. They just see it as one of my personal quirks and because it harms no one, why should it be an issue!

Do men wear bras? True Story in 2021

Its not really common for men to wear bras. They’re a functional item of clothing to my knowledge. Men typically don’t have breasts and so they serve no purpose for us.

Some men have a medical condition called Gynecomastia

Wikipedia. Even in that scenario though, medically they can be corrected hormonally and in 90% of those cases, its due to the man being overweight so weightloss will take care of that.

Of course in the crossdressing world its common enough but of course whilst its acknowledged that more men crossdress than statistics generally provide, reality is given the sensitive and personal nature of the taboo its thought to be, statistics will never be accurate and so to a large degree, its presumptive to say that its not common for men to wear bras.

More accurately, its not common for men to wear bras, in public. In the privacy of their homes, who actually knows. And more importantly, who cares!? Do what makes you happy. If you think a bras cute and want to try it on, go for it!

You aren’t committing a crime (though the fashion police may disagree with me here if you didn’t wear matching panties) and you aren’t hurting anyone. Just watch the straps leaving lines visible if you aren’t comfortable with other people knowing you are wearing a bra.

Although I must say, it’s unlikely men will actually notice you wearing a bra. Like, who has time to be staring at another person!? And few men actually lookout for a bra on a woman, much less expect it on a man.

Some men who perform in drag shows or are female impersonators wear bras to fully attain the shape of a woman or to fit better in their costumes. They may stuff their bras or find padded bras to give the illusion that they have breasts.

Some men who have breasts (due to gynecomastia or obesity) will wear bras for support or comfort, but they will often search for men’s support garments as opposed to walking into a lingerie store (which usually caters to women only) and asking to be fitted.

Then there are the rare few men who just enjoy wearing women’s undergarments, including bras, under their clothes.

Question answered: Do men wear bras?

YES. Millions of men wear bras.

And maybe even tens of millions.

To my utter surprise, since I’ve been writing answers to crossdressing and clothing & apparel questions here on Quora, men who wear bras have been coming out of the woodwork at unprecedented levels.

I never anticipated this, even though I myself wear women’s clothing every single day of the year, 24/7. I wear women’s outerwear, underwear, women’s jackets, coats, scarves, leggings, women’s jeans, accessories, jewelry — you name it, I wear it.

But wearing a bra has always been an elusive goal for me with male anatomy.

It’s not that I wouldn’t wear one in principle. Actually, I would – if I was comfortable in one.

I would also wear a bra if I had large enough breasts to require the use of a bra to avoid backaches and sagging breasts.

I’ve written extensively about my getting fitted for a bra at both the Nordstrom lingerie department as well as at Victoria’s Secret. You can easily find my stories by looking in my answer archive under “Julia Reece fitted for a bra”.

Check out the variety of answers I’ve written by clicking on the link. Some of my stories are hilarious to read, and they’re all 100% true.

Personally, I find wearing a bra a bit constricting with all the elastic involved, but I’ll be the first one to admit that for men who enjoy wearing a bra, the elastic doesn’t seem to bother them in the least.

The “payoff” for wearing a bra – especially for men without any breasts to support – is a feeling of femininity, most likely similar to the feeling that I myself have when I wear women’s panties, leggings, jeans, accessories, skincare products, and makeup. So I can absolutely relate to a man’s pleasure when wearing a bra.

The answer to your question is – without question – a yes. Men do wear bras, and probably a lot more of them than most people imagine.


Yes, men wear bras, for various reasons. I am a man that wears a bra, with breast forms, filling the cups. I enjoy doing so. I am the type of person that does not agree with things being meant to be one way, ONLY.

I feel that everyone should be allowed to live how they wish. As long as they aren’t breaking any laws. I have worn a bra, since I was rather young, around 8 or 9 years old. Back then, it was only once in a while.

It has become more often, as I have grown older. I am more than 50 years old, now. And, I wear a bra. About 80 to 85% of the time. To be honest, I wish I had real breasts.

About the size of a C or D cup. But, I would likely wind up in trouble for going topless in places, where I shouldn’t. But, it hasn’t come without problems, being the way I am.

I have dealt with various people. I have had people, praise me for it. I have had as many as 4 guys attempt to beat me to death. I have since, remedied that problem! I am now, a third-degree black belt. But it is awful sad, that I had to go to such an extreme. Because of people, that figure they have the right to decide that I am wrong.

Not to live the way, they think I should. I have more right to live my life, the way I do. Then anyone will ever have, to cause problems because of it. So, don’t be overly surprised. If you should see an older man, that appears to have breasts. But most of all, should it be me. And you are in disagreement, with how I am dressed.

I highly advise you to go on about your business, and not bother me. If you are curious about my choices. And, you can approach me like a human being.

Feel free to present your questions, or what ha e you. I can even deal with negative responses, as long as you do with a calm demeanor. But, I already do completely understand!

Not everyone is going to agree, with the way I care to live my life. But, the only thing that will be able to change my mind about wearing a bra, as I care to. Is if I come to decide such a thing.

Live your life, any way you wish. And all I ask is. I will be allowed to do the same. Thank You! That Guy with, The Breast Appearance!

Do you agree, or not? Leave thoughts and/or comments, below!!!

Do men wear bras?

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