Which one of these is the correct word: genuinity or “genuineness”?

Which one of these is the correct word: genuinity or “genuineness”?

It is not genuinity. It is genuity.

Genuity is a synonym of genuineness. However, genuineness is the preferable one to be used in standard English. Genuity is not recognized by the Oxford Dictionary.

Use genuineness. If genuinity is a word at all, it’s a very obscure, probably technical term. Nobody will understand what you mean, and they’ll think you’re either showing off (if they assume it must be a real word) or illiterate (if they’re sure it’s not a word).

“As an adjective genuine

is belonging to, or proceeding from the original stock; native; hence, not counterfeit, spurious, false, or adulterated; authentic; real; natural; true; pure.

As a noun genuineness is

the quality of being genuine; authenticity.”

Genuineness is correct

Personally, my ear responds better to “genuineness”. It’s pretty rare to hear the noun-form in common usage, though. We usually use it as an adjective. For example, “That guy’s a genuine friend.”

Which one of these is the correct word: genuinity or “genuineness”?

People who write a lot and find themselves referring to certain things over and over again are going to wind up with little naming-conventions of their own that they like that save time (I mean, probably) and whether those things 100% make sense to every reader is gonna vary

some people, like me, enjoy making the text’s appearance match—in my mind—my speaking style. But others may read and say humpff!

Writing is a mess, won’t even try to make this person’s writing make sense in my head bc the punctuation is off and oh what the grammar too?

There is NO such word as Genuinity.

Genuineness is the right word.

People argue that they found the word on urban dictionary.

Yes, you might find this top definition of genuinity but


This is how the urban dictionary defines the word office.


It is monitored by opinion and people won’t leave a chance of being entertained by it.

So, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

These days, genuineness is a lost treasure on the internet. (See what I did there).

The right and preferable word is “Genuineness”. This word is present in the Oxford Dictionary.

Genuinity is not the right word and it is not available in Oxford Dictionary too. You can easily conclude that Genuinity is a wrong word by simply typing them in doc or notepad (you get the red underline – which is an indication of a wrong word).


However, “Genuity” can be the right word, although it is used very rarely. Genuity is a synonym to Genuineness.


My wife to me : “I’m not so sure about Williams’ new tutor, when I drop him off to lessons she is never prepared and his motivation to play seems to have dropped recently.”

In response : “Let’s not act too hastily Jess, it’s expensive but he’s 7 and her references were superb. Take some more time to form an opinion of some genuinity and we’ll revisit this.”



“Something is definitely going on with William at school lately. I’m starting to distrust him and the realization really hurts”

In response : “At dinner tonight I’ll casually inquire about his week and you can gauge his genuinity”

Maybe outsiders are just confused when I say that word but in my personal circles it’s not so unusual a term.

Despite the disturbing stream of migrants from war-torn countries who have only ever heard English through hardcore American Marines and the influx of terms like “my family and me” instead of “my family and I”, “who” instead of “whom” and other common Americanisms, most Australians happily practice British English. Why drive a Toyota Corolla (American English) when there is a Rolls Royce (British English) available?

I have great respect for the members here, so do tell: Shall I remove genuinity from the daily “word bag” from which I grab my terms or continue until actually told it sounds odd. My 80-year-old British father also uses the word commonly. Losing it would be a big deal to us hahaha!

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