How do I get used to freeballing?

How do I get used to freeballing?

Freeballing is a habit …a lifestyle choice …you have to get used to …or, more specifically, your pecker has to get used to. It’s all about building personal confidence and comfort levels. But the beginning is the worst and this would be called the “Awkward Stage”.

And the only way to get through the “Awkward Stage” is to freeball as often as you can. Easiest? You start out at home.

You walk around the house with what seems a permanent hard-on. Initially. But eventually, you’ll begin to notice things begin to calm down …especially if you’re doing something to take your mind off Mr. Happy and his newfound stimulus.

So freeball around the house and cut the grass or clean out the basement or wash the car or write answers to Quora questions …do something to take your mind away from you know who.

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I hate baggy pants; I’m a big fan of skinny jeans, slim-fit sweats, soccer pants and shorts …and they are all awesome for freeballing. Me?

I wouldn’t bother going out buying some special uber-baggy pants and shorts just to go freeballing … wear whatcha got. But I would have on hand some T-shirts, hoodies and button-down shirts long enough to cover your crotch …at least initially.

And this would be for when you decide …screw your courage to the sticking place to quote some Shakespeare …to venture forth “In Public”.

Wear whatever pants, jeans or shorts you want but …use that long T or shirt or hoodie to cover the tent you’ll be sporting.

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How do I get used to freeballing in 2020?

Chances are, on your first “field trip” as a free baller, you’re gonna swear everyone you see *knows* you’re not wearing undies and is staring at your crotch because you have this invisible neon sign on your head that says:

“I’m not wearing any underwear! Look!” …with a big arrow pointing toward your crotch. But with the “evidence” safely covered you can outlast, once again, the permanent hard on you’ll have as you roam about in public.

You will persevere. Just like at the house. And Mr. Happy will acclimate himself to his new surroundings. Things won’t be “awkward” anymore, your confidence builds and you’ll realize nobody is looking at your crotch.

You may eventually get to the point where you don’t necessarily need, or want, to cover your crotch …tuck that shirt instead …and if it is a little more noticeable that, why yes, you are a guy …you won’t care.

These days there’s a lot of guys shedding the BVD’s and going commando, freeballing, because it is an exceptionally comfortable way to be. Join the group.

Keep at it.

Don’t give up.

Just do it.

I switched from briefs to boxers. After being used to snug underwear holding everything in place, it felt very strange when my goods were dangling. Often I would get an uncontrollable erection just from walking.

It was a huge adjustment that took a month. Boxers will tone down your penis outline a little bit compared to freeballing. It’s only a thin layer of fabric, but it helps when you are at work or school and don’t want your outline to be blatantly obvious.

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When the following summer came, there was no way I was going to wear anything under my gym shorts to the beach, so I freeballed. Often we would go food shopping after the beach, and I wandered all around the grocery store with no issues.

The thing is: once you get used to being loose in your pants and shorts, you won’t want to go back.

How do I get used to freeballing
How do I get used to freeballing


Friends, I am an Indian. I am a regular free baller and I used to free ball most of the days, say, 5 days a week.

I even go to my office without any underwear and used to work for 8 hours. My work nature is table works so it’s not a problem at all.

Moreover, I used to go freeballing wherever I go. For example, I wear shorts to shops, driving long distances, other tours and as a whole wherever.

I feel very comfortable. Initially, I used to wear tight pants and I feared whether it would tear off accidentally since I had to travel for more than 100 miles per day to and fro for my college by public transport.

Thereafter, I have accustomed to it. Now, I’m enjoying it and feel the utmost comfort with it. I don’t have any problems with erections, etc. It’s all concerned with us only. We may not be aware that our nearby persons may also go commando. Just enjoy.

The hardest part for me was going commando without being absolutely certain that anyone could tell. Once I became certain nobody could tell it was a lot easier and feels greatl.

I wear overalls like. Mr. Greenjeans and go commando to Wal-Mart., At first, you’ll feel like a perv but when you realize no one can tell it’s OK. I especially like the overalls because I don’t like a belt and prefer suspenders.

How do I get used to freeballing?

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