How can I say bad words in Roblox?

How can I say bad words in Roblox

How can I say bad words in Roblox?

I’ve got a few words that you can use, but there is no ultimate way to “say bad words” in Roblox. Roblox is constantly blacklisting words, so it is impossible to have a method that will always work.

However, as of June 2020, I have a few words you can say instead of saying the actual word.

  1. Instead of “Lmao” say “Imao” with a capital i.
  2. Instead of “lmfao” say xlmfao.
  3. Not sure if this works, but “wtf instead of “what the ****”. (not guaranteed to work.)

That’s all I’ve got. The others have some good advice as well, but some of those are now patched.

  • say it in a language other than English (bonus if you’re playing with friends)
  • substitute letters for symbols eg. S-$ etc
  • makeup words that make no absolute fudging sense but hey, you’re technically swearing in your head
  • hack Roblox
  • threaten to kill everyone who works at Roblox if they don’t uncensored chat
  • bribe them
  • download some random ass chat unblocker you find on the dark web
How can I say bad words in Roblox
How can I say bad words in Roblox?

Here are some letters you can make out of special characters.

A /-\

B l3

D cl

E 3

H /-/

I l (lowercase L)

K l<

L |_

M /\/\

N /\/ l\l

O 0

S $ Z

U |_|

V \/

W \/\/

X ><

Sample: $ U C l< . /\/\ Y . cl l C l<

The letters are closer together in Roblox so the K and X will look a lot better.

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How can I say bad words in Roblox?

A lot of people use Unicode as replacement words to bypass the filter however doing this can get your account banned. If you want to do this try this:

The character above can be used for F.

The character above can be used for L.

I’ve not personally tried this however keep in mind that these may be filtered and can lead to your account being banned. I suggest you not use this method or any other method in the answer section. It’s too risky.

There are a few ways.

1 – bypass the filters entirely via exploits (I suggest synapse or veil, personally). However, this method costs money.

2 – Censor it yourself. Simply spell the swear slightly different or take certain letters out/replace them with different ones.

3 – Don’t do it at all

You can say expletives in Roblox by using numbers to replace letters, adding in extra letters, and replacing some of the letters with symbols like underscores and hyphens.

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How can I say bad words in Roblox
How can I say bad words in Roblox?

Here are some examples:

  • Fmtck
  • F___k
  • S /-/ I T
  • H3LL

Conclusion: How to swear in roblox

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I dont think you should be focusing in cursing/swearing in an educational program. Don’t waste your energy on that.

Cheeky cheeky but this is what I doo

  1. spell it letter by letter
  2. put it in brackets or add other punctuation for e.g if “poop” is a bad word for example you would say p.o.o.p
  3. do the short letters for. Short letters I mean by if for example oh my god is omg so say the bad words in letters

There isn’t a way to get past these, however, you can get past numbers by

  1. using Roman numerals,
  2. spelling them out, and
  3. adding “music” and then the number (e.g. music1)

How can I say bad words in Roblox

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