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How do I save GIFs on my computer?

How do I save GIFs on my computer

How do I save GIFs on my computer?

I just tried out downloading a GIF from my computer and it works fine. However, some reasons you may be having problems may be related to the browser.

I am using Google chrome and when I download it actually recognizes the file as a .gif. Right-click on the image and go to save image as and when the explorer pops up for you to give a location for download, check if it recognizes the file as a GIF image.

Another problem could be the site you are using. I read online that some sites may not permit such downloads so try getting GIFs from other sites and see if you still get the same problem. 

You can easily save GIF file to your computer. You cannot download GIF file some of the sites. there is some restriction, so I am giving you the way how you can download or save GIF files with GIF format. follow the instruction below…

  1. Go to the google and search your words with .gif
  2. Select the image tab of google
  3. Now select your gif image and right click on it and open it in new tab
  4. After open, right click on your gif and click on download or save the image
  5. That’s it ..

Follow these steps to download gifs. If you face any problem then comment I will share another trick that is very very simple. Windows licentie

I have a chrome book and I always save GIFs by just normally double tapping on my mouse pad and you press * save file as * That’s how you do it on the google chrome but it may be different for you.

How do I save Gifs image on Android in 2021?

It’s the same procedure like saving the image on android through browsers like opera or chrome browser or any other browser, just right-click to save image or download to your device. It will save on your android internal or external memory folder name Download.

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Animated GIF files are made up of either a series of different images or from a short clip of a larger video file. You can safe any GIFs you encounter while browsing the Web or reading through emails.

If saved improperly, however, only one image of the animated GIF is saved on the computer. Saving the file in the right format and opening it in a proper format allows you to view and even edit GIFs.

Android in general doesn’t support gif animation by default. u need to install any gif viewer for that. If u wish to use animated gif as a wallpaper, you can download ANIMGIF livewallpaper.apk; it’s an app which allows u to set any animated gif as live wallpaper.

You can also set more than one image like a slideshow. just search the app on Google Playstore or search on Google web; “download animgif livewallpaper.apk”.

Friends, you can get the free version or buy the paid one. After u installed the app, from ur homescreen press n hold screen then choose wallpaper, livewallpaper, animgif livewallpaper, make any configuration like choosing the animated gif image(s).

Note that u also need to download animated gif image(s) too according to ur desire.

So many android applications are there in playstore to save .gif .

Or if you want to create a gif or your own face gif or customized gif. Whatever you will type this app will generate many gifs, save or share with these friends.

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Check this video, first app will help you.

How do I download animated GIF from Twitter?

I have been using Tweet Vine Downloader for a while now, it is quite remarkable. It is an Android app, you can get it from Play Store or by using your search engine, it’ll allow you to download both videos and gifs in its actual format by just copying the link of the tweet, using the “Copy link to Tweet” features on the Twitter app, open Tweet Vine Downloader and click download.

It’ll also allow you to convert downloaded videos to gifs if you desire.

To save a GIF from the Twitter website, you will first select the drop-down arrow of the tweet containing the GIF file you would like to save. Select “Copy link to Tweet” which will save the unique URL of that tweet into your clipboard.

  1. simply using your browser(desktop or mobile phone) click or tap on the gif
  2. then a new tab will be opened
  3. most of the gif sites support a button with the name (copy link )
  4. take the link to the URL bar paste it and go
  5. using the right button of the mouse choose “save image as”
  6. for mobile phone hold your finger on the image and save it

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I’ll be showing you on how to save Gifs on your computer from Giphy, Facebook and Tumblr to your computer.

Now, let’s get started.

Save Gif’s from Giphy

If you’re browsing a GIF database like Giphy, you’ll likely be able to find a convenient download button once you click on a GIF you’re interested in.

If you don’t see a download button on the page, you may also be able to save the image by right clicking on it, then selecting save image as.

A window will appear on your screen, allowing you to choose where to save the image. Select a folder, then click save.

Save Gif’s from Facebook

Now, I’ll show you how to save gifts from Facebook. To start, go to Facebook in your browser and log in.

Then browse your timeline to find a GIF you want to save, click on a GIF to reveal its source. Then click the source where it appears at the bottom.

This will open another page in your browser where you can view the image on the web site it was sourced from.

Hover your cursor over the image, then, right-click in the menu that appears, select Save Image as and choose the folder where you want to save the image. Then click Save.

Save Gif’s from Tumblr

Now, I’m going to show you how to save Gifs from Tumblr. This is quite simple to do. Go to Tumblr and log into your account. Browse your timeline to find a GIF you’d like to save.

Hover your cursor over the image, and then right-click select Save Image as and choose where you’d like to save the file. Then click Save.

That’s everything you need to know on how to save Gifs to your computer.

How do I save GIFs on my computer?

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