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How many episodes does one punch man season 2 have?

One Punch Man Season 2

How many episodes does one punch man season 2 have?

there is a chance that the 12 episodes report by Yonkou was well-founded but there is also a chance that its just a guess or should I say a marketing move risking credibility for views.

YonKou Productions was one of the biggest and quite likely sources to have given info about the number of episodes for season 2 and seems to bet on yonkou productions words/statement.

12 episodes were the number. Studio Parrot is not very “open” as a brand tho.

It has the same number of episodes as the first season which is 12 and all having a runtime of about 23 minutes. A special episode also came out which is about 12 min. long but is not very good.

So its July 2, and One Punch Man Season 2 just ended. And honestly, it could have gotten worse. If I compare this season just by itself… it would honestly be at most 8 out of 10. But if I compared it to the first season it would be 7.5/10.

I think its decent. It COULD have been worse. But its not great or good. Its above Average.

They could have changed voice actors. But they didn’t. So be grateful. And yes, there is one thing I have to criticize, I don’t like genos’ arms.

You honestly can’t compare Season 1 to Season 2 because its made by COMPLETELY different studios. It isn’t fair. You have to judge it by itself. Not only that, but this season had a complete different director.

People honestly say that One Punch Man Season 2 is the worst anime season of all time, I would like to disagree. Its far better than Boruto, and most other anime like Black Clover. its far better than some of Naruto and bleach and one-piece filler arcs.

I would rather have average animation with great plot, over great animation with average plot.

Besides, look at these animations. They aren’t bad. People who say these animations are bad are probably stupid.

How many episodes does one punch man season 2 have?

The issue I have with this season is the pacing. Some of the scenes were a bit rushed. The easiest thing I can explain is that there is a funny scene, but the scene cuts to the next scene immediately when the punch line hits, so it doesn’t let the readers digest it.

Or another example is the fight scenes. The pacing is super bad because the animators are under strict time constraints so they would either make the flights blurry or not let us see the hits landing.

That’s a bad action scene right there, in fact, One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 11 is the perfect example of a fight scene done right. You can clearly see the hit landing and connecting.

I think everyone could have gotten over the animation, but what stood out was the fricking pacing. It was to the point where the animators had to rush the scenes to meet the deadline. Here’s proof of this

This is Metal Bat vs Garou’s fight, and it was extremely hyped up. Compare the manga to the anime.

In the anime, you don’t even see Metal Bat hitting the ground, he’s covered by stuff due to it being “too hard to animate” as well as the rushed sche.

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