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What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023

If one gets involved, it can take up a lot of time. I’m often out several times a week to attend events. There are also costs associated with Freemasonry: in addition to joining fees, there are annual dues; also, one is expected to be charitable, which can potentially cost far more than the dues.
Further, my tuxedo budget is through the roof compared to what it used to be.

As far as I can tell, participation in the Lodge activities can take you away from your family, church, or other things, but it doesn’t have to. The Lodge itself will tell you that family and church are a priority. But one’s zeal for the Lodge can distract a person.

Another thing is being confronted with people who think they know something about the Freemasons, especially “conspiracy theorists,” and them trying to either get you to admit you worship Satan and drink blood and ride goats or try this: “I know and you know this is really what is going on, but I know you can’t tell me (wink wink).”

Few people cannot accept a person who likes the brotherhood and enjoys being part of an organization that improves their lives and contributes to the community – certainly more than the critics do.

What is the negative impact of joining Freemasonry?

If you do it correctly, you will learn, grow, and change, which is hard. You will also have to learn about the various nonsense slanders frequently uttered against the fraternity by people who continue to be fooled by Operation MindFBomb (c. 1969-1973) and the Taxil Hoax (1884-1897). You’ll be a good man, becoming better; not everyone likes that.

What is the allure of becoming a Freemason?

One morning, I was having coffee with a colleague and noticed his Masonic ring, similar to my father’s. I remarked that I had often thought about becoming a Mason, and he said, “Well, when you are ready, just ask me.”
I decided I was as ready as ever and asked him immediately. He brought me a petition.

When I completed the petition (application), one of the questions on it was, “Why do you want to be a Freemason?”
I had to think about it for a minute. Then I wrote, “My father, uncle, and grandfather are Masons, and they are men that I respect. I would like to know what it is all about,”
I asked if that was a good answer. He said, “It’s the perfect answer.”

What I needed to know was that the names of applicants for initiation were published in a newsletter to all the Masons in the city.
Soon after, I received unexpected calls from many men I knew, including my boss—who I had no idea was a Mason—wishing me luck in my Masonic career.

How can I ask to become a Freemason?

As stated, you have to ask a Mason to become one, believe in God (whatever you call him), and be moral.
I’ve wanted to find out how to join for years. I petitioned my lodge about 2 years ago when I found out a good friend had just become a Mason.

In Texas, you need to ask another Master Mason to become one, fill out a petition,, and get the signatures of other Masons to vouch for you. As my friend was not yet a Master Mason, he asked his mentor if I could come to a dinner or two and get to know the brethren. After a few meals, I got to know enough of “the guys” that I got all the signatures I needed on my petition.
One thing to be careful of – be sure you’re joining a “regular lodge.” That’s a lodge officially recognized by the Grand Lodge of your state. You’d know you’re at a regular lodge if the lodge’s name includes AF&AM, F&AM, or a few others, but these are the most common.

A big red flag is if they start talking about large financial commitments. I belong to one of the “expensive” lodges in my area, and the dues are only $100 a year. There will be some fees for your 3 degrees, but nothing excessive if you’re being asked to make financial commitments of $1,000 a year—a big red flag. Another big red flag is if you hear anything about the “US Grand Lodge” or such. There is no regular Masonry in the US; each state’s Grand Lodge is sovereign and doesn’t report to a “national” lodge.

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023

I haven’t experienced, personally, any irregular Lodges, but I have heard stories. You’ll want to be associated with a regular lodge because, as you progress, you’ll have the right to “travel,” which means visiting lodges in other jurisdictions. If you’re not a member of a regular lodge, you’ll find out pretty quickly when you first try to visit another lodge. A big part of being a Mason is having friends and brothers worldwide.

One last thing. One of the first things you’ll learn in the process of becoming a Mason is patience. It takes some time – sometimes several months – from first expressing interest to petitioning. Keep going. Many lodges meet only once per month, so it takes time.

Typically, they’ll read your petition one month and assign a couple of brothers to meet with you and your family, then have another meeting to vote on your membership. Take this time to attend the pre-lodge meals and get to know people. Also, ask if there are any public meetings you can go to. Before being accepted, I could attend an officer installation, a 50-year recognition, and a 70-year recognition.

Sorry, this went a bit beyond what you asked, but I feel like becoming a Mason is one of the top 5 things I’ve ever done, and anything I can do to help someone interested & sincere, I’m all for it!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Freemason?

Good question. First, the advantages-you will be part of an international fraternity with a 500-year history whose primary belief is that all men are brothers. Forbidding secular and political discussion in its lodge rooms, the Masonic Fraternity places all men on the same level. Requiring a belief in a Supreme Being and everlasting life, Masonry unites men of all races, political beliefs, and religious backgrounds.

You will be part of a group that cares about you and, in dire circumstances, will contribute to your and your family’s support. There is no requirement to attend meetings or events. Once you are a Mason, you are a Mason for life, regardless of your level of participation. It is not, however, a one-way street.

We hope our members will be an active part of the lodge, and the more you contribute, the more personal satisfaction you will receive. We have brothers who complete their three degrees, and we see them again when, one day, they come in to receive their 50-year pin. Other members are so involved that they are out practically every night, traveling around the district and even the state. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023

Now the disadvantages: We have closed meetings and certain private rituals and signs whereby “one Mason may know another in the dark as in the light.” Because of this, some people believe the Masons have a dark and sinister history. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth, but you may be discriminated against because of these beliefs.

Certain religious organizations have opposed us because of our “secret rituals.” Interestingly, members of those same religious organizations are often found to be upstanding members of the Masonic Fraternity. You can access the internet today and see our “secret” signs and rituals. We have no dark and dangerous rituals and seek only the betterment of humanity.

You have to make your own decision. Would you like to be part of a worldwide fraternity that “takes good men and makes them better,” even though you may occasionally have to put up with some unfounded criticism? You will be required to pay an initiation fee and annual dues, which are usually small but vary significantly from one lodge to another.

I grew up in a Masonic family and have been an active lodge member for 37 years. I am a past master, like my father and grandfather before me. My son is now working his way up the line and will soon be Master of the Lodge. I am very proud of this and hope this legacy will continue long after I am gone.

What is the negative impact of joining Freemasonry?

Receiving an endless stream of ridiculous questions on Quora.

Should I become a Freemason?

If you have to ask, the answer is No, still waiting.

Free and of own accord. That’s the first thing we ensure as part of the initiation. So if you are unsure, you should hang back a little.

It’s not a matter of just becoming a Mason, either. It’s no longer a case of accepting all takers. But, if your petition is accepted, the decision is yours.

If you are stuck at this point, I can present three simple arguments, one as to why many are unsure, two as a simple truth regarding Freemasonry to put it in perspective, and three as an exercise to set yourself at ease.

Doubt is normal.

In my years, I have seen many candidates fail, tremble in fear, or ultimately back out. The fear of the unknown is the strongest argument for self-preservation the mind can come up with. It’s human nature. As such, it is normal, and many brethren will tell you how they readied themselves for a fistfight before entering “just in case.” It is, however, unnecessary and a first step of trust you have to take on your own.

We have all been through it and survived.

On the flip side, Freemasonry has 6 million members worldwide that are alive and well. Ultimately, every member has gone through what you are dreading now.

No blood, goats, sacrifices, or virgins are waiting for you. And, as a brother will hold your hand throughout the proceedings, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

The expectation of hazing, physical harm, and all the stories our detractors love to regurgitate build on natural uncertainty. So please know that neither will befall you.

Setting your mind at ease.

How can you be sure you are safe? One thing you can do, as you have some time, is verify the credentials of the lodge. It is extremely quick to do, as any senior brother should know.

It seems trivial, but joining a covert branch of Masonry happens all too often because the candidates don’t know.

Please ensure the lodge falls under a Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge, or District Grand Lodge that is in amity with the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). It will ensure that, as a Mason, you will be welcomed amongst your brothers anywhere in the world and that the brethren of your new lodge will look after you in a time-honored way.


Joining Masonry was life-changing for me and most brethren. Your choices will lead you on a path that is right for you.

If this leads you to join, it may be one of the biggest turning points in your life. But it is up to you to embrace it. disadvantages of being a freemason

Good luck, and keep us up to date!

What are the disadvantages of being a Freemason?

The answer is pretty thorough, as there aren’t any disadvantages to being a Freemason. The advantage of having brothers you can call on for help and support (help that runs the gamut from emotional to practical) wherever you go in the world is an invaluable gift.

There is one more potential disadvantage I can think of, although, much like Larry’s list, I see it as more of an advantage because of how much entertainment it provides. That “disadvantage” is that every once in a while, someone will come up to you and infer that they know all about the “secrets of your organization” and that they’re basically “on to you.” It happens in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

It may be as subtle as a co-worker looking nervously at your master mason ring or as blatant as when someone approached me at a gas station because of the square and compass symbol on my bumper and said in an accusing and suspicious tone, “I know what you guys are all about. Believe me I know…”

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023

Of course, I thought, “Obviously you don’t know because if you did, there wouldn’t be any of the accusing and suspicious tone coming from your accusatory hints.”

I think all of this is hilarious, though, and I’m entertained by all the mystery and darkness that the fraternity sometimes gets painted with like this documentary I saw once on The History Channel where the narrator spoke in ominous, foreboding tones about all of our dangerous rituals meant to signify and celebrate death.

I find it hilarious, especially since our lodges are filled with the most patriotic, God-fearing, decent fellows a man could ever hope to be affiliated with. disadvantages of being a freemason

What are the pros & cons of being a Freemason?

I wasted 12 years of my life in Freemasonry.

All the “pros” are theoretical. The “cons” are real. Here we go:

1. Theory: “Freemasons do not discuss politics in their lodges.”

Reality: Several years ago, my wife, who was working at City Hall, was given advancement to a rather important job in city government. However, a certain member of the City Council wanted that job for one of her cronies, who needed to be qualified. This Councilwoman was friends with a Lodge Brother and his wife, who were looking to advance themselves materially by being sycophants (a polite term for ass kissers) to the Councilwoman. At a lodge meeting, this “brother” approached me and asked why my wife was giving the councilwoman problems. Another “brother” warned me that if my wife and I didn’t fall in line, I could ruin my chances of getting a good job.

2. Theory: “To become a Mason, one need only be a man, free born, of good report, and well recommended.”

Reality: A young man in my community was born dual-gendered. Very early in his adulthood, he had elective surgery to correct this. He is now physically a male. The young man should have had the sense not to tell people about this in a small, biased community like the Steven King nightmare I live in, but he did. He applied to join our lodge while I was Master Master.

 I contacted Grand Lodge to tell them the situation because you never know when some country-club pinhead might want to make a fuss. I was told to go ahead and treat him like any other candidate for the degrees. I was fine with this. However, two old cronies who were absent the night of the candidate’s ballot decided, after the candidate was already accepted, that their wee little bigot feelings were all butthurt, and so they went over my head to the District Deputy. 

The district deputy climbed up my back about the candidate and put the app on hold. The Grand Lodge, who had given their blessing to the app, decided they wanted ME to find out the candidate’s biological gender. Yes, they wanted me to do that. I informed the district deputy that to expect me to do so was contrary to human rights, democracy, and the fraternity’s supposed principles. disadvantages of being a freemason

He goes ahead without me, talks to the candidate, and treats himself to hero status, saying, “My, what a fine young lad this candidate is!” Ever seen the underside of a bus?

4. Theory: “Freemasons work to build their moral and spiritual character.”

Reality: The guy who was Master Master before me was a pill popper and thief. Who stole money from a fund we add to every year by selling Christmas trees? The fund is there for us to supply the children of poverty-stricken families with jackets, boots, clothes, and whatever else is needed. This guy stole from it. Before I had even been sworn in as Master Master, old guys from the lodge demanded I do something. 

I contacted the district deputy, who supposedly appointed an auditing committee. These “auditors” were from the District Deputy’s Lodge, and he was at the end of his term. Therefore, he wanted the whole thing hushed up, and guess what? It was.

5. “Freemasonry is esoteric.” Reality: It isn’t. There is no “secret order” within the fraternity; there is no mysticism, no nothing. Nada. Kaput.

 Forget about it. Look somewhere else. I joined Freemasonry looking for a spiritual path. Instead, I found 12 years of the worst behaviors men are capable of, short of rape, murder, and treason. It is a bourgeois club composed of self-satisfied middle-class Bushwood pinheads. It has nothing to do with spirituality.

I’m at the end of my time as Master of that Lodge and at the end of my time as a Freemason. 12 years of seeing everything Freemasons are not supposed to do and be is long enough. I’m done. disadvantages of being a freemason

What are the benefits of joining the Freemasons?

Strangely, and in direct conflict with the go-to idea, it does not confer any advantages.

I will also caution you: should the reason for seeking to join be for monetary, social, or even judicial benefits, then Freemasonry is not for you.

It will make you the best version of yourself you can be. But, as with all things in life, you will get out what you put in. It is on par with marriage, for it will be a short and rocky path if you don’t put in any effort. Freemasonry works the same way!

It brings plenty of positive things to the table, but to make the most of it, ensure you also do your bit. You will be rewarded in ways beyond your expectations, for it is a massive positive force in many a man’s life and has been for many hundreds of years.

Monetary Benefits

Freemasonry will not make you rich or famous. It will make you poorer. But that is what charity does, and there are other financial obligations like the yearly lodge subscription fees you must pay.

Social Benefits

You will only make friends if you come to the lodge and leave immediately after (or never come, like some). If you are a genuinely nice guy, then you will make plenty. If you work hard in the lodge, do your thing, and are a decent guy, you will have more friends than you have time for. Some might be from a corporate background, some from local businesses, and some are just plain, hardworking blue collars.

Either way, you won’t be advantaged in business and won’t generate any links or prospects. We avoid doing business because we would not want any fingers pointed or accusations of nepotism. Similarly, the brethren can see straight through you, and fishing for business won’t make you any friends. disadvantages of being a freemason

Judicial Benefits

You will not get pardoned for committing crimes, be above the law, or get political sway – on the contrary, you will rather be called out by your brethren, and in such cases, you will be sent to jail with the harshest of punishments if you come across a Masonic Judge.

If you willingly commit a crime, in clear contravention of your Masonic obligations, choose to go against the law, and similarly sully the good name of Freemasonry, you bring it on yourself.

For further reading, I will point you toward the Frederick Seddon Trail: Frederick Seddon, Wikipedia. He was likewise punished to the full extent of the law for poisoning a lady.


If you are in it to grow and learn, there are plenty of benefits for you. If, as with any other group of people, you seek to abuse their good nature, you will probably have a less pleasant stay.

Do I need to join Freemasonry?

Only if you want to.
Contrary to myth, there are no financial or career benefits to be had from becoming a Freemason.
If anything, Freemasonry costs you money, not a lot, but still.
But Freemasonry will help you become a better man; it will allow you to make some very good and trusted friends and assist you in helping others, amongst many other “benefits.”

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How do I become a Freemason in Pune, India?

Originally Answered: How do I become a Freemason?

How do I become a Freemason?

I live in Pune, India.

I went to the Masonic Temple in Pune to inquire and wasn’t threatened. It was a Sunday, and I was in the area for some other work, and I happened to travel by the road where the Temple is, so I decided to go in. I met the guard, who told me to wait, and he fetched the man.

The master was a pretty polite but strict-looking man. He inquired how I learned about Freemasonry, the Temple, and my origins. He then advised me on how to join and what the procedure is. I must apply; two members will propose my name; there will be an inquiry by the lodge and a ballot. If all goes well, I will be called for initiation.

At no point in time was there a threat of any kind. The only thing was that I could not enter the temple as maintenance work was ongoing.

So either the story is false, or you went into another building, as most of the area around the lodge is defense land and private property.


I was invited by the WM of one of the lodges for dinner at the Temple. At first, though, I was a bit tense meeting one of the strict staff members of the Temple, but soon after, I met the lodge members. They were some of the most pleasant people I have met. They welcomed me into their dining area, offered me snacks and drinks, and explained everything about Freemasonry. Then introduced me to the other members.

As we talked, I even learned some close common contacts between my family and some of the members. We had a nice chat. Dinner was good. disadvantages of being a freemason

Why can’t anyone become a Freemason?

Only some people can become Freemasons because the Masons are an organization with standards.
Not everyone can be an airplane pilot, and not everyone can be an opera singer.
The standards for becoming a Freemason are considerably more common than those two examples, yet they are standards that not everyone will want to or be able to meet.
We are glad to know that airplane pilots and opera singers have high standards; in the same way, Masons are glad they are part of a fraternity they are proud of and would recommend to qualified friends.

What can prevent you from being a Freemason?

There are several good answers here, especially from Sven, whose answer is comprehensive and exact.

There is one thing that has been overlooked, though, and it was the first thing that leaped to my mind when I read the question,” What can prevent you from becoming a freemason?” – and that is: disadvantages of being a freemason

Any member of the lodge.

It is an important point that a candidate for admission must pass, unanimously, a ballot (or vote) done in secret by the lodge members. The reasons for this practice are subtle and important.

There is a reason for everything in Masonry, and the reason for the unanimous secret ballot is that some member of the lodge may be aware of something that he is not a liberty to discuss that would make the candidate unsuitable as a member – or that would “disturb the harmony” of the lodge.

A ballot rarely goes against a candidate because they have already undergone screening by a group of three “investigators” and received their recommendation for approval, but it does happen, and I have witnessed it. disadvantages of being a freemason

It is worth noting that this aspect of Freemasonry has a potential for abuse.

A petty personal issue or prejudice could shut out a potential member, but I have never known this to happen in my nearly 30 years as a Mason. Rather, when one does become a member, it is a great feeling to learn that every other member approves of your membership.

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Being A Freemason 2023