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How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

How do you spot gamers in real life?

You could walk around your neighborhood and find a house where you can barely see the flicker of light leaking out of their basement. As we all know, gamers hide in their parents’ basements, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.
And so you walk up to one of these houses and ring their doorbell because you want to know more about gamers. Their mother opens the door.
“What do you want?”
With an excited yelp, you reply, “I want to get to know your child because they’re a gamer!”
She frowns. “I don’t have any children.”
“Who’s in the basement?”
“My husband is working on presentations in the basement.”

You apologize, and, quite red-faced, you leave.

There are better ways to spot gamers.
There are no ways to spot gamers.

Both people are gamers, even though people would typically believe that the second girl is a gamer and the first is not.
One of the best ways I have found to tell if someone is a PC gamer is if their left hand rests naturally on WASD when they start using a computer. If they do that, they will likely play computer games and move around with WASD.

They do not flinch at paying the prices most people consider excessive for important peripherals like keyboards and mice.
Of course, you could always claim the 10000 dpi mouse, and a Corsair or Razer keyboard helps you make spreadsheets more efficiently. But gamers will know and recognize your evil intentions perfectly.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Mark of a Gamer:

not my hand. Source: How do you prevent this silly mark on your wrist? • r/GirlGamers
This mark is more prominent among PC gamers. If you’re one, check your left wrist. Of course, the visibility of the mark depends on how much time you spend gaming, so it will be less prominent if you’re a filthy casual (don’t take the term too seriously).
When my brother first pointed it out to me, I was surprised. I had never noticed the mark before. Now I see it everywhere, especially in class when people raise their hands, etc. I think console gamers might also have some marks, but I cannot confirm this since I am not one.

There are some things that gamers do and say that will give them their identity right away. Some of these things are easy to spot, and others are not. Below are some very game-related things:

  • Gamers would usually wear a featuring their favorite video games.
  • Gamers usually have other merchandise from their favorite games.
  • Gamers have an extraordinary fashion sense.
  • Gamers look a little awkward in public.
  • Gamers would always find a strange excuse not to socialize.
  • Gamers use images of their favorite games as their phones’ wallpapers.
  • Gamers use a photo of a video game character as their profile photo on social media.
  • Gamers have strange tastes in music.
  • Gamers have different and quick reflexes.
  • Gamers would talk about their online friends in other parts of the world.

What do gamers have in common?

4 a.m., and you’re gaming with your friends in the middle of a ranked match.

A thin wall divides your entire family while they are all asleep.

One sound too loud, and you’ll have to deal with an extremely angry family “meeting” (aka beating).

  • It’s the final overtime round; you’re the last one alive.
  • The sweat is dribbling down your forehead as your teammates go silent.
  • You have the tightest angle; surely, you won’t die. Your teammates watch in anticipation.
  • Suddenly, out of nowhere,
  • This screen confronts you as you scream and slam your table.
  • You’ve lost a rank, woken up your family, broken a keyboard, and have a throbbing vein in your neck, and all you hear on the other end of the mic is:

“Dude, you suck.”

What do gamers have in common? No matter how well you play in impossible situations, they’ll say you suck without remorse if you can’t win.

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Why do PC and console gamers think mobile gamers aren’t gamers?

Mostly because they’re not part of the subculture.

Video games have exploded in popularity in recent years. But traditionally, they were a niche hobby. Video game consoles were expensive and finicky bits of technology. Gamers were seen as “uncool.” And gaming was a small industry.
All of this combines to create a sense of shared experience. Only some people play Mario. So when you met someone who did, there was this personal connection.
Of course, this shared experience died out decades ago. By the 90s, when I grew up, the video game market was so fragmented that if you met a fellow gamer, they didn’t necessarily play the same games you did. They might play on another console or the PC. Or they might play a different genre of game.

But this perception of a shared experience, frame of reference, and subculture persisted. In many ways, it still does.

But mobile games aren’t part of that. They appeal to a much wider audience. If you talk to someone playing Mortal Kombat now, there’s this shared appreciation for the original Mortal Kombat. But what do you have in common with a 50-year-old businessperson who plays Candy Crush on his morning commute?

It isn’t a new phenomenon, by the way. People who play hidden object or sports games are often seen as “not real gamers” for the same reason. They’re not part of the subculture.
It’s silly elitism. But it is rooted in an understanding that these people come from a different world.

Do male gamers treat female gamers differently without having met them in real life?

Yes, definitely. I’ve seen a fair amount of this, having played with several lady gamers in World of Warcraft over the years.

You often see one of two different scenarios in this situation:

  1. “White knighting”: guys who treat female gamers better than they would otherwise Give them more leniency and free stuff, and go out of your way to help them but not provide other guildmates with the same aid. You’ll often see these guys hit on women and try to turn those favors into something for themselves.
  2. Outright misogyny: guys who feel that women don’t belong, treat them like shit, call them ‘whores’ and ‘bitches’, that kind of bullshit. Do whatever they can to make women feel like garbage and try to force them out.

What is the difference between envy and jealousy?

Envy: Jealous:

Your colleague has something you don’t have.

  1. If you are sad because of something he has that you wish you had, then you are envious. It’s about that thing, not that person.
  2. You are sad and hate him because he has something you wish you had. If it’s about that person, then you are jealous.

Some people are beyond this, they don’t have something that others have, but they are still happy.

They look like Kumar Sangakkara.

What type of gamer are you not?


I’ve heard of this kind of player.
Somehow or other, completing the game as fast as possible.
Finding exploits and shortcuts, skipping entire sections of levels, and avoiding all those low-level enemies so they could complete the game as fast as possible.
I’m not one of them.

What are your tips for good songwriting?

I remember the first good song I wrote.

It was in the middle of July.

There was a thunderstorm.

Ropes of rain poured from the churning clouds.

Electricity ripped through the sky.

What greater way to commemorate the moment than to write a song about it?

1. Get in the Right Place

in the woods, your bedroom, or a hole underground. Whatever gets you inspired. It doesn’t matter what.

2. Feel It

My songs start with abstract ideas, emotions, images, and stories. I’ll sit and stare off into the sky, letting my imagination run around. Then I brainstormed everything on paper. Often I’ll write a collection of words that best portray what I’m thinking or feeling.

3. Use Words Wisely

I consciously use unique, meaningful words, avoiding the trite and generic.

Ultimately, your lyrics should tell a vivid story. Here are some tricks novelists use that yield immersive lyrics when applied to songwriting.

Appeal to at least three of the senses when writing. For example:

Facing the glory

Watching the lightning

Beneath emaciated stars

The blue is raging.

The earth is quaking.

As your palpitating heart

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

I’ve appealed to the senses of sight, touch, and hearing. You can see, feel, and hear it, so it’s like you are in a stormy ocean under a falling sky. Notice I’ve also incorporated colors, motion, and comparisons.

Sometimes, and here is a huge songwriting secret, it doesn’t have to make conventional sense as long as it conveys an image, a feeling, or a story. For example,

I see the crimson thief

Hanging on heartstrings

Dripping bleach

Victim with hands in sleeves

Your lying swan sings

As I reach

I’m falling apart

Inside your holographic heart

Lost souls dancing

And now the lie’s collapsing

That is from Bringing It Down by the band Starset.

Doesn’t it give off a surreal, eerie sci-fi vibe?

Like Picasso, you must learn the rules before breaking them but feel free to branch out once you have.

4. Learn Basic Music Theory

If you can learn the names of notes, the names of chords, how said chords sound, and a few simple scales, you’re well on your way.

5. Soup Up Your Chords

Instead of a minor, try a minor 6th. Instead of a major, try a major add 9 (which is my favorite chord.)

Try reversing the order of the chords or switching them. Experiment!

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

6. Explore Melodies

Melodies are surprisingly lively, infinitely beautiful things. You can make or break a song with its melody. You could make or break a person listening to the song with a melody.

Believe me; the sky is the limit when it comes to melodies. To start, all you need is three simple things. One, get a recorder and record whatever comes to your head; two, don’t do what people would expect you to (of course, don’t go extreme and be so esoteric that your melody is impossible to sing but throw in a curve,) and three, don’t bind your melody to only the notes included in the chords of the song.

One last thing on melodies. Think rhythm. What do all the greatest melodies of all time, Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal or the hook of Blue Da Ba Dee by Eiffel 68, have in common?

Listen to their rhythm. They sway and swing with the beat of the music in a magical, hypnotic way.

Try this. The next time you hear your favorite song, tap out the rhythm on your leg. Just pay attention to the alliteration of it.

And finally

7. Do Whatever The Fuck You want to Do

Because the best way to learn something is by doing it, write some songs. Sing them. Your friends might hate them. Tell them to fuck off and keep writing. You’ll get better. Or you won’t; it doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying yourself.

Those are my tips, coming from about a decade of experience.

Good luck. Happy songwriting!

Why do people not like gamers?

Mostly because angry kids and teenagers are usually gamers.
The opposite is not necessarily true. Gamers are everywhere. We are part of a billion-dollar industry. We generate more money than movies.

Because of some stereotypes, gamers are seen as social outcasts, underachievers, and smelly guys who live in their parent’s basements. While there certainly are some people like that (and if you are, it’s not my business, you do you), people everywhere play video games. Doctors, lawyers, actors, engineers. These people are especially nice to have as they are usually more invested in more varied games that honour certain specific skills IN ADDITION to maybe liking the more mainstream stuff.

And that brings us to the problem. The mainstream. Fortnite. Call of Duty. Battlefront. Fallout. Why are people talking about these games so much when there is SO MUCH more out there?
You can find a list of the most-played video games by player count on Wikipedia. It doesn’t include some console titans like Smash Bros, but

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

List of most-played video games by player count
If you go there, you’ll see games like Runescape, Minecraft, Rocket League, and many others with different styles, genres, and player bases. But the stuff making the headlines is the silly stuff. The controversies. The repetitive stuff that sells.
Oh, and I didn’t even mention the toxic online community yet. Say I never played a game and wanted to try out Overwatch.

I go online, and within minutes kids are telling me they had sexual relations with my mother, guys telling me I suck, that I should pick Mercy, that I need to learn to play the game in just the worst, least imaginative, insulting way. It’s a hostile environment.
If I were an outsider looking in, I wouldn’t like the image gamers are giving out, either.
Enough said. Thanks for reading.

“48% of gamers are women.” Is this statistic flawed since it encompasses mobile games on smartphones? What are the statistics exclusively encompassing consoles and PCs?

Originally Answered: 48% of gamers are women. However, this statistic must be revised since it encompasses mobile smartphone games.

Unfortunately, due to politics, “gamer” can refer to anyone playing any video game, even if it’s 2048 or Tetris or Angry Birds. It renders the term meaningless — it’s tantamount to declaring a “foodie” as “one who eats food” or “film buff” as “one who watches films, even counting any Youtube video” (almost every person on the planet).

The general public doesn’t think that eating only fast food for your entire life makes you a foodie or that watching only cat videos on Youtube your entire life makes you a film buff. But unfortunately, that’s how the word “gamer” is right now because someone who has only played casual mobile games without exploring other genres can call themselves a gamer. We might have to invent a new term, “serious gamer”, to get meaningful statistics.

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

Surprisingly, many people are attacking the OP and downvoting my answer because of perceived elitism or misogyny. “Gamer” is not a badge of honour that people wear to deride “non-gamers”. Rather, we want the public to be aware that casual games are no more representative of games than cat videos are representative of films. When someone who has played nothing but Tetris can call themselves a gamer, it trivializes the gaming medium by suggesting that no further exploration of other genres is necessary to know the art form truly.

Once we unbury our heads from the sand and realize that a big portion of the “48%” have never tried anything beyond casual mobile games, and a lot of old people don’t even know that games like Skyrim exist, we can address root causes, such as the fact that even in 2014, most critically acclaimed big-budget games are still marketed towards young males. There is a lot of untapped potential in the market right now.

What video games have changed your perspective forever?

I’ve been playing games from the series and its various spinoffs since 2004, and it has never ceased to amaze me how often you can catch echoes of history playing out in the game if you have the eye for it.

Consequently, many of history’s principles (but not facts) can be learned from the Civilization games. An example follows below.

I was playing as Venice (purple) in a multiplayer match of Civilization 5 with 7 other strangers. It was late in the game, and I was doing well. Through diplomatic means, I acquired the peninsula’s tip on the right of the image above. China (green) was my strongest neighbour, and recent disagreements in the UN made us distrustful.

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

The strait between my new peninsula and China was important to me. It was rich in oil and was a vital trade conduit; I needed it to be secure, so I casually, unthinkingly, stationed a battleship and some destroyers near the mouth of the strait and forgot about them.

Turns later, I noticed China had stationed much infantry on his side of the strait. I took this as a little show of force, so to communicate that I wouldn’t be intimidated, I stationed my marines on my side of the strait. His response was to move artillery up to the coast. I moved bombers to the peninsula. He brought up anti-aircraft guns. 

I stationed paratroopers on the peninsula. He brought in warships. I brought in many more warships. I was incensed. It couldn’t just be a show of force. He must want the oil; he had to be preparing for a full-scale invasion of the peninsula, and now the map looked like this:

We’re staring down the barrel of each other’s guns, waiting for the other to move. We start trying to pass resolutions against one another in the UN. We start bribing neighbours for allegiance. We haven’t said a word to each other since we embarked upon this death-spiral more than 20 turns ago, but we both know the other person will strike any moment. The only way out is through. 

Then I saw the last thing I wanted to see.

Ten miles south of Venice is a lone Chinese carrier. Since I focused on the strait, I’m only momentarily surprised that it snuck past my navy. The problem is the ship’s cargo. It’s carrying a single nuclear bomb and a bomber capable of dropping it. In one turn, it could be in the range of Venice. I freak out.

Instantaneously, I have that carrier surrounded by battleships, destroyers and bombers. I have submarines scour the waters behind it, looking for other Chinese ships; I find none. I face a dilemma. Do I sink the carrier and guarantee a war or play it cool and try to negotiate him out of destroying my capital?

If I declare war, I can easily sink the carrier before its nuclear cargo departs. I will have saved Venice, at least for the minute. However, I’ll be in a horrible, multi-generational war that will probably end in a nuclear exchange. Neither I nor China will win the game if I sink that ship.

If I try to de-escalate the situation with diplomacy, I may succeed. However, if I don’t take this opportunity to sink the carrier and fail to negotiate a truce, I may be in an already-lost war on China’s terms. If I don’t sink that ship, China will decide who can win the game. How do you spot gamers

The turn timer was ticking. With limited information, I had to make this decision in under a minute while panicking. What would you do?

I decide to open the first dialogue in a very long time. The exchange went something like this:

Me: If you drop that bomb, (Lie) I have your coast lined with nuclear submarines armed with ICBMs that will carry out a retaliatory strike (/Lie). If you don’t move the carrier out of my waters, I’ll sink it next turn.

Him: The carrier is only passing by. I’m moving the bomb to one of my satellite colonies. Don’t lie about having ICBMs. If you could have nuked me, you would have by now.

Me: Why would I attack you?

Him: You tell me! You’re the one preparing to attack my capital.

Me: I was only putting military units on that peninsula because you were moving infantry up to your side of the strait!

Him: I only did that because you moved ships into the strait!

Could it be that neither of us ever wanted a war that nearly happened? I suddenly felt rather silly. I neglected to notice that, just as I was frightened by the appearance of his nuclear bomb near my capital, he was frightened by the sudden appearance of my territory and navy near his. I mistook his insecurities for hostility, and he mines. We negotiated a gradual de-escalation, and I won the game diplomatically.

Reminiscent of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, the absence of dialogue, years of misunderstanding, a spiral of escalating brinkmanship, and a moment’s panic nearly all collided into a conflagration that would have ended us both, and then those damned Aztecs would have won the game.

This experience (among others throughout life) helped me realize that, though the world is full of crazy and evil people, they aren’t necessary for horrible things to happen. Sometimes, all it takes is peaceful, rational actors who follow the logic of their limited perspectives to tragic ends. How do you spot gamers

At what point do you consider someone as a gamer?

When they have a range of experiences with different games played consistently (even in a causal manner, they don’t have to play daily, but if they have a day off and nothing to do and they never turned on a game, they aren’t a gamer, now if they are busy with school or work and days off are kept busy normally, but they make 30 to an hour in the morning or that night for their favourite game then yeah, mobile games not included! A gamer can play mobile games, but playing mobile games doesn’t make you a gamer!)
They have a general knowledge of gaming history(only knowing CoD and FIFA does, not a true gamer make these people a subsection known as “bro gamers”)

they can hold conversations about video games and the industry,
they don’t cry when they get called a “fucking faggot” online but instead either simply roll their eyes and ignore, mute, or get into a shit-talking match with the offending troll; they tea bag their kill(or their friends kill!) How do you spot gamers
They get salty and tilted when frustrated,
and they can pick up a game with zero tutorial(tutorials are for people who are just starting, a real gamer feels out their abilities and figures them out on their own, nothing more frustrating then being stopped every 2 steps to have your handheld)
Once you have hit at least most of these points, you can call yourself a gamer; some are more important than others, but they are all part of every gamer I know, including myself and some of my younger friends!

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What is one viral trend that you hate but everyone likes?

This bullsh*t:

The highlight is ugly. I can’t express my hatred for it; it’s ridiculous and stupid. Your face isn’t naturally shiny; I don’t know how you think it looks good, but I think you look like a goddamn glazed doughnut.


I’m a fan of natural-looking makeup, and I have no problem with how girls do their makeup. It’s your face, whatever makes you feel pretty. But why do you have to walk around looking like an oil spill happened on your cheeks?!

I want this trend to die.

Can gamers be good tacticians on a real-life battlefield?

Sure, they can, just as some bakers, firefighters, actuarial specialists, shoe salespeople, and used car dealers when drafted into the military during wartime and given appropriate training. Gamers are people, and many people can be turned into competent tacticians. But, if you suggest that you take a gamer away from their console, stick a weapon in their hand, and expect that person to function on a battlefield, the answer is almost certainly “no.”

As a civilian intelligence analyst, I have been in or near real battlefields (usually, the battle unexpectedly came to my location), and I can assure you that no game can prepare a person for the noise, confusion, chaos, and sheer existential terror of being shot at and of having stuff blow up around you. That is why modern military training subjects recruit to simulated battlefield environments—to desensitize them to function when put in the middle of the real thing. How do you spot gamers

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

Remember, too, that the average “grunt” isn’t worried about “tactics.” He’s going where his sergeant tells him to go, finding targets and shooting at them or avoiding getting shot. He’s got to know how to load, aim, and fire his weapon, how to use his sights to acquire targets in the dust, rain, and smoke of the battlefield environment and learned to pick out the kind of movement that means the enemy is coming from the kind of movement that means a tumbleweed is moving across your field of view 90 meters away. This stuff comes from TRAINING.

With real weapons. Out on real terrain. Running across the broken ground with people shooting at you. That time with your joystick in your hand, will do you almost no good. You’re better off learning to shoot real weapons under realistic conditions.

Are mobile gamers real gamers? Why?

Originally Answered: Are mobile gamers real gamers?
Oh, FFS, is this still a question in 2019?
The only point of labelling people “real gamers” is to engage in tribal elitism about a person’s chosen passion. People who play the elitism game try to establish status for themselves within a community they value by demeaning others. They do this with a shifting set of eternally moving the goalposts in a deck they’re trying to stack against some arbitrary group of people they want to claim to be superior to.

If you use the term “real gamer”, the best definition of “real gamers” is likely “anyone who both plays games and engages in circle jerk dick measuring about games.”
Was I a gamer in the 1980s when I played Tetris? Sure. If I play similar games on my phone now, am I still a gamer? What about when I get nostalgic and load up a Final Fantasy game to play on my phone on long flights? Less of a gamer than when I played the same game on a PC or PlayStation?

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023

Blizzard announced a Diablo game for mobile, and people lost their God damned minds. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘so… I can get a legit ARPG that I can play from the airport bar without lugging a personal laptop along with my work issued one while I’m on the road? Score!’

Fuck the haters. Fuck the dick measuring. Can we put an end to notions like “PC Master race over Console Plebes” and “PC and Console gamers over mobile gamers” or “only people who have a specific set of gaming experiences who have played specific games count as ‘real gamers’.”

Do you love playing games? Do you feel like you’re a gamer? Cool. You’re a gamer.
Do you need to tell people they aren’t gamers because they play games you don’t approve of? You’re not a gamer; you’re an elitist prick. How do you spot gamers

How do you spot gamers in real life? (Ultimate Guide) 2023