What does xd mean when texting?

What does xd mean when texting?

XD is the acronym for the phrase LOL or Laugh Out Loud. It is an emoticon with the letter X as eyes and D as a laughing mouth. The eyes here appear as squinted that denotes the expression of a person while laughing really hard.


When a person sends XD then it is an emoticon that denotes laughter. It is used after someone has sent a joke or said something funny.

There can be questions regarding what does xd mean but in essence, it is simple. They are sent in a text or chat as a response to something funny.

Basically xD is another extension of LOL, haha, that is to say that xD is a sign of laughing, it used a lot among gamers now with words like: LMAO.

“xD” is a laughing face which has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise. The “x” represents closed eyes while the “D” represents an open mouth. As an emoji, it can be represented as.

It could be used as an expression of extreme happiness (as in “I can’t wait to go to Disney Land xD”) a level higher than “:D” – or it could be used in place of laughter (as in “what a great joke xD”).

Nowadays, with the development and widespread use of emojis, such emoticons are thought of as cringe – thus, people tend to use a milder alternative, the simple parentheses-smiley “:)”.

However, many people who use “xD” do it ironically (as in “Donald Trump is my hero xD”) to poke fun at something they are talking about.

“xD” could have many meanings, but to discern how one uses the emoticon, it ultimately depends on the context and flow of conversation.

The emoji has found its usage while texting and also as a caption on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Alternate words and emojis for XD

  • 😀
  • :’D
  • LMAO
  • ROFL
  • KMSL
  • LOL
  • B-D

Also Known As

  • ><
  • Big Grin
  • Closed-Eyes Smile
  • Laughing
  • XD

Unicode Name

Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Tightly-Closed Eyes

Apple renders it as

Adobe Experience Design is a prototyping application.

XD combines lightweight layout and drawing tools with a simple button linking to different artboards to simulate navigating through an app or site.

The results can be published online directly from the application as an interactive presentation, making it quick to share with project partners or clients.

You might call it a wireframing app – the core interface focuses on working with multiple artboards simultaneously – but you can add in vector or raster art, text blocks, etc., as you go along, so the end “wireframe” feels much more like a complete product.

XD is much easier to use than Illustrator or Photoshop, partly due to its small toolset (as of this writing, Adobe considers it in beta stage), but also because it is purpose-built.

Photoshop is a popular choice for sites or apps, but more for its ubiquity than efficiency or utility.

If you are familiar with Adobe’s history, XD follows a similar pattern to how InDesign followed PageMaker: a fresh start in a now-mature media space.

Adobe XD is one of the most amazing software I’ve used! Not only does it help you create final screens for a design but you can even animate and prototype the screens in the same software.

I’m a fan of MacBook and sketch in general, but if Adobe has launched a software that’s a direct competitor to sketch – it’s amazing!

Sketch on Mac is one of the easiest things to use, it has no learning curve and is very smooth.

The files it generates are hardly some MBs large, unlike Photoshop where file size enters GBs pretty soon! Moreover, the sketch has cool plugins that aren’t available for XD, and sketch too allows you to prototype and animate, but then why is XD better?

Well XD is free while sketch costs you some hundred dollars per year! That’s where the difference comes. It is absolutely free to use but the sketch is expensive if you’re just a student.

If you’re a professional and it’s a requirement for you to use the sketch, then you can do that! But other than that, XD is as good as a sketch in all terms.

Just that they’re working on plugins too and will come out with better features and extensions soon enough.

What is The full form:

There is no full form of XD I guess. It’s kind of a symbol in written format. It means laughter. If you can imaging a smiley with full laughter with its eyes closed making an X and mouth full laughing making a D and can slide its face a little on the left side you can see it. That’s what it is.

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