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Who is the angel Amenadiel?

Angel Amenadiel

Who is the angel Amenadiel?

Amenadiel is a fictional character in a fictional story. The only angels that God has ever revealed are found in the Bible.

They are…

  1. Lucifer – “Bearer of light” (Now, known as ‘satan’ since his name was taken from him after his rebellion against God.)
  2. Gabriel – “Man of God” (Mostly depicted as a messenger angel)
  3. Michael – “Who is like the Lord?” (Mostly depicted as a warrior angel)

The Church only recognizes the name of three angels, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

All other names come from spurious sources. It is not for us to know the names of angels (nor demons (not mentioned in the bible). Curiosity kills the cat.

The devil can use curiosity about these things against us to try to get us interested in explanations coming from the occult and the New Age.

It doesn’t matter who this angel is, assuming there is an angel by this name. Stick with the bible and the Catholic Church, and avoid the curiosity about things God did not intend us to know.

Angel Amenadiel is the eldest of all God’s angels, and thus the older brother of Lucifer Morningstar and all the other angels.

He was created by his father God hundreds of billions of years ago, and he is among the most powerful angels ever created by God.

Amenadiel came to Earth countless times to convince Lucifer to return to Hell, Lucifer grew bored of being the Lord of the underworld. After abdicating the throne!

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Biographical Information


  • Fury of God
  • Brother (by Lucifer)
  • Firstborn (by Lucifer)
  • Dr. Canaan (as a facade)
  • Amenadude (by Malcolm)
  • Amen (by Linda)
  • Daddy’s boy (by Lucifer)
  • Bird boy (by Maze)

Species: Angel

Status: Alive

Date of Birth: The Beginning of Time

Gender: Male

Who is the angel Amenadiel?

Amenadiel was a character on the TV show and comic book Lucifer. I’m going to focus on the show, as the comic book is… complicated.

Within the show, Amenadiel serves as The Lancer once he is no longer an antagonist. His job is to return Lucifer to Hell (to rule). Lucifer also turns him into a protege of sorts.

His name is unique to the franchise. I don’t remember them discussing its origins, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the comments does. My best guess is:

Amen ad -Iel

(“ad” in this context may be a unique patronymic meaning “First Child Of”) His Archangelic portfolio is a composite. The author seems to have been trying to lift powers and history from the biblical-cannon Archangels.

Perhaps he was deliberately stripped of his recognition by God? Was glory for his deeds given out piecemeal to his brothers?

That would be beautiful if true. It would fit with the way God interacts with Lucifer— The “Lightbringer” turned into the Lord of Darkness.

In Amenadiel’s case, God made an angel whose name meant “Praise to Glory.” God then made the entire world forget that he even existed.

Who is the angel Amenadiel?

Amenadiel was (in-universe) the first Child of God and the Goddess, whom God also did a good job making the world forget about.

That “First Child” issue is interesting. Depending on how you (religiously) view the Trinity that would either be Lucifer, or else Christ.

Christ is not referenced or show in the show… so it seems plausible that Amenadiel is Christ. It is more likely simply lifted from Lucifer himself.

Amenadiel mentions having given Cain his mark. (REDACTED SPOILERS) and (REDACTED SPOILERS) so (REDACTED SPOILERS) can’t ever (REDACTED SPOILERS).


In Judaic traditions, this marking may have been done by God Himself with a vav.

Vav. Probably what the Mark of Cain looks like

So this aspect of Amendadiel’s history is stolen from God. He tells off Uriel and claims that God turns to him. On-screen:

Do you really think I need your help? You? Pathetic, small Uriel? Not the eldest son, not the young rebel, but an angel buried somewhere deep in the middle, lost, in the crowd of your betters.

If God wants something done! …he sends me, Uri. Me. Not you. I am Amenadiel, the fury and the righteousness of our father, and you, little brother, are standing in my way. –Lucifer episode “Weaponizer.

Uriel is no one’s little brother in traditional stories. Uriel is… special among Archangels. Amenadiel’s character borrows Uriel’s gravitas and dark skin.

It is mentioned that he is first among God’s bodyguards. That would be Michael. He speaks on God’s behalf. That would be Gabriel. The only one of the Big 5 Archangels from whom I cannot remember his character borrowing was Raphael.

I get why they wanted to create a new Archangel. But he’s a fabrication. I can’t even point to a close canonical or even heretical source that cites an Archangel with his portfolio.

Someone’s mother has four sons

I studied this in my theology classes. There is an angel and there are “chosen” angels. Angels with specific jobs to do.


/ˈserəf/ noun

plural noun: seraphim

  1. an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

Amenadiel was born/created a Seraphim, a being of “pure light” created by God and living to be at/in His holy service. A loyal follower in everything and a very powerful warrior.

Amenadiel was the leader of the Thrones angels of peace, submission, and dedicated to the fulfillment of God’s plans and to bring the harmony of all the entire creation of God.

Amenadiel is an angel of the Host. The host is an army of Angels who protect Yahweh and live in Silver City, the ultimate heaven of DC where nobody is permitted unless allowed by Yahweh. Amenadiel is one of the most powerful and intelligent Angels.

The name Amenadiel means “Amen” another meaning- “it is what it is” and di el referring to ” of God” it means “it is of God” and is of Unknown origin.

It has been said that the nameAmenadiel is of Latin origin and means “Amen: So be it El: God Amenadiel: By God’s Will”

However, I can not find this name in any name book except a Hebrew name list for girls.

Who is the angel Amenadiel?

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