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What does USPS awaiting item mean?

What does USPS awaiting item mean?

What does USPS awaiting item mean?

USPS hasn’t scanned the shipping label for your package yet, although you know a label has been purchased since there is a tracking number available. Either the seller hasn’t dropped off your package at the post office yet, or it is waiting for pickup at some collection site.

I also wrote this longer explanation:

If a customer has paid for the purchase (on eBay, for example), I can purchase and print a USPS shipping label to paste on the package. eBay sends the buyer the tracking number immediately, but I still have to get the package to the post office or in a mailbox on my end.

This feels like a lot of pressure sometimes, as I don’t like having to race to the P.O. as soon as I print a label. But until it’s been scanned by a postal worker, you can assume the seller still has your item, and hopefully, they have not snapped under the pressure.

The USPS has a scanning system. Every parcel is scanned with every move it makes, i.e., when it is purchased online it will show ‘awaiting item’ (or something like that) until the online postal service buying guy actually gets it to the p.o. Then it gets scanned, showing that its there, and gets scanned when it’s leaving ( for delivery).

We scan everything as it comes, get sorted and go. It’s all just to let you’ll know where your package is. Typically, when the scan reads USPS awaiting item, it means that the seller has notified them of a pending shipment, but it has not yet been picked up or taken to the post office. Check your estmated delivery date on your summary page, if it has passed you can open a case for “item not received”.

What does USPS awaiting item mean in 2024?

The person sending it has not put the item in the system yet, or it is being delivered to the individual Post Office by FedEx or UPS. They have the best method of getting the parcel to a city (they own jets which the USPS is forbidden by law to own) but the USPS has what is called the” last mile.”

Someone’s mother has four sons

They deliver to every address every day. Something that FedEx and UPS could never achieve. The companies and the Postal service work together now saving both time and money.

When you get a notice saying waiting for arrival, the package has not been delivered to the post office by one of the other delivery companies so no scan has been done by the USPS.

What does USPS mean when it says “shipping label created, USPS awaiting item”?

A shipper using a USPS delivery service through an online shipping application has created a shipping label for an envelope or package shipment.

The USPS shipping application records this event in the tracking history for the shipment; in this case, the message notifies anyone requesting a status of the shipment that the shipper has created the shipping label, and the USPS is waiting for the shipper to tender the shipper to the USPS.

usps awaiting scan

USPS does not have the item yet and may never get it. Just someone went on to there system and created and paid for the label. When USPS (or one of their partners) has it in there possession, they will scan the bar code, and it will get updated information.

It means whoever you bought something from or ordered something from has created the label with the addresses (from and to) and a tracking number. That’s all. That doesn’t mean they’ve even put it on the package or dropped it off at a post office. They’ve just created the label.

Shipping label created usps awaiting item

Two things may be happening:

  1. Seller may not have actually gave the package to USPS
  2. USPS is just slow to update. This has happened to me before when the person dropped off the package but it took 3 days for USPS to even update that they received the package.

I can’t say for sure about USPS, but when I drop off packages to the post office, I get a receipt showing that I dropped it off. I would ask the seller for a receipt if USPS gives them out.

I hate USPS for this reason alone. It’s been happening way too much recently but I can confirm that if it’s stuck on that status, sometimes they forget to scan it and it’ll just update on day of delivery. Too bad that messes up anyone with really bad anxiety as every single time despite me being wrong, after four days of no tracking updates, my mind is frantic with worry. It’s why I prefer UPS but no one uses them automatically, rare when they do.

Call the company. Sometimes if the company guaranteed that the shipping would be a certain number of days (3-5, for example), they’ll offer to replace to refund your product. I had this happen with Footlocker where my order was awaiting carrier pickup for 10 days, and these were the options they gave me. Should at least be able to get a refund.

Why is my USPS package stuck on label created?

The phrase “a label has been created” means exactly that. Someone created a label, for a possible future shipment. I have had that occur, for long periods of time. To be clear — USPS has not yet received the actual physical package.

Why does my USPS package still say awaiting item?

USPS awaiting item

As this term indicates, it means the postal service hasn’t received the package, or hasn’t actually put it in their system yet. The postal service “knows” it’s going to be getting it because of a tracking number on the shipping label.

What does USPS mean when it says “shipping label created, USPS awaiting item”?

It means the mailer purchased a postage mailing label for that mail piece. It does not mean it has been dropped off or given to a USPS employee to be entered into the mail stream. Once that is done, you’ll see an ACCEPTED scan on the parcel because the mail piece will have been physically scanned by a postal employee who has entered it into the mail stream, and the clock now starts on the expected delivery time. Until the accepted scan is done, the parcel is just another piece of mail in the hands of the mailer and not part of the USPS network yet.

What if my package has been saying USPS awaiting the item for more than 3 days?

If the package is from an online vendor and is not guaranteed to be delivered within a certain time frame, the likely answer is the vendor has paid postage and printed a label on the vendor’s online USPS account. This process generates a tracking number in the USPS system.

Until the vendor arranges a USPS pickup or drops the package at his local post office so it is scanned as received, the system will show that the post office is “still waiting” for it.
Amazon and eBay vendors often generate mailing labels immediately after receiving an order but then delay bringing it to the post office for a few days.

Another possibility is that the package is scanned as received but not recorded in the system. The package appears in your mailbox, but tracking shows the post office is still waiting. I’ve had this happen to me more than once.

What does pre-shipment sent to USPS mean? What does USPS awaiting item mean?

It means the label has been printed out, and the post office is waiting for the seller to drop off the item. Once it gets dropped off and USPS scans it, you will have a different reading, like a day of delivery etc.

What does “Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered to its final destination. It is currently in transit to the next facility” mean?

It’s on a truck or plane, in a postal building to be processed, or at an airport or a postal facility for transport. Tracking won’t tell you which one applies because it would require scanning the label and can’t be accessed because It is in a container.

What does USPS mean when they say “arrived shipping partner facility, USPS awaiting items”?

It means the item(s) are at a UPS, Fed Ex or DHL facility, and it is not economically feasible for them to deliver if the address(s) are in a remote location. So the local Post Office or USPS distribution facility is waiting for whoever has the items to hand them off to them for final delivery

“USPS Awaiting Item” What’s the hold Up?

Looking for input from those with experience….


  • 10/11 – Package labelled for Parcel Select Ground (Package A), along with a second package going to a different destination but also Parcel Select Ground (Package B), picked up by carrier
  • 10/12 – Package A shows only “Shipping label created, USPS Awaiting Item” via tracking, while Package B shows received as well as movement along the way.
  • 10/13 – Package B still merrily along its way, Package A still shows the same “Shipping label created, USPS Awaiting Item”
  • Package origin zip code of MIA package is 71115 and destination zip code is 75081
  • Tracking number of MIA package is: 9461209699938846904686 for those interested

What’s the issue here? Two packages handed over at the same time, both approximately the same size, and both going out Parcel Select Ground yet one shows no updates?

Local Post Office shrugs their shoulders and says it may be lost, or it may still show up. Thing is, it’s their word against mine as to whether or not they actually got it, and guess who wins that one?

Has anyone seen something like this, and the package still actually arrive on time?

How concerned should I be at this point, and, based on that origin and destination zip code when should I expect the recipient to have received it assuming it’s actually still en route?

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First, always keep your receipt until the tracking shows up. That is the only proof you have that you handed the package to USPS.

I work for USPS but I also sell on eBay. I have had a package or two just not show up in the system until it reached the destination office.

Chances are that it’s moving to its destination, but something is preventing updates. Maybe the label is damaged or there was a glitch.

I know it’s not easy, but try to relax and remember to always get and keep a drop off receipt until you see tracking upload.

Ah, yes, we carriers don’t have receipts to provide when we pick up packages. This is one of the main reasons that I take everything to the counter at the nearest PO to me.

It’s not that I don’t trust my own mail carrier, I simply want proof in case I ship something, the tracking doesn’t upload and the customer does not receive it in a timely manner.

You may be able to request that they are accepted at the PO so that you get a receipt and then have the carrier deliver the receipt to you – that, of course, is up to your local PO.

Can my package be in the mail if the tracking number tells me the USPS shipping label has been created USPS awaiting the item?

At one time USPS had “delivery confirmation” numbers, and tracking was a hit-or-miss thing. That time passed years ago. Packages with tracking barcodes are scanned at entry, and multiple points along the way, including delivery.

But many sellers don’t actually “mail”, or “post” their packages themselves, but use third-party courier services to move packages as bulk freight over the long-haul, and then “mail” or “post” the package at a USPS acceptance point closer to the destination.

When a third-party logistics company is used, sometimes USPS is notified that they are in possession of the package, but often that does not happen. So while your package is taking a long journey, all USPS can tell you is that no one has given it to them yet.

Most sellers will give you an estimated delivery window. If that window has not yet closed, sit tight. Your package, for all intents and purposes, is on its way, even if you don’t see any tracking. If that delivery estimate window has closed, and there is still no tracking, that would be the time to contact the seller.

yes your package could be in the mail stream getting ready to be delivered it could have missed it scans. When it says they’re waiting for the package at the ups that means that the delivery label was generated but either the package hasn’t been mailed yet or missed being scanned as accepted by the post office but there should be more scans after that I can’t believe they would have missed them all.

The business creates a shipping label and attaches it to the package prior to shipping it out. Once the package is received by the postal service and entered into the system you will be able to track where the package is using the tracking number the business gave you.

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Text Mail Subscriber

USPS awaiting item

As this indicates, the postal service still needs to receive the package or put it in their system. The postal service “knows” it will be getting it because of a tracking number on the shipping label.

What does “in transit” mean for USPS?

Dr Seuss would probably develop the best way to explain “in transit.”
It could be in a plane.
It could be in a truck.
It could be in a warehouse.
It could be on a boat.
It could be misrouted.
It could have been damaged beyond recognition.
It could have been delivered to your neighbours who will never admit to having stolen it.
It could be on its way if it survived a postal employee going postal or having it fall off their delivery bag.

What does ”in transit” mean on USPS?

Your mail is in a container in a truck or aeroplane, moving to the next city or waiting to be moved or sorted at the next place. Since it is in a container, the barcodes can’t be accessed for tracking. There will be an update when it gets unloaded and run on a parcel sorting machine.

What does ‘USPS awaiting delivery scan’ mean?

We use scanners to track the progress of each package. If it says “waiting delivery scan”, it is in the carrier’s possession but has not been “scanned” as delivered.
He either still needs to deliver it, or he forgot to scan it when he did deliver it.

What does USPS mean by saying, “Label created, not yet in the system”?

It usually indicates that the shipper has used an online process to generate a shipping label and pay the postage for the shipment, but the package still needs to be shipped. It could also mean that the package has been shipped but has yet to be scanned into the USPS tracking system (still on the truck that picked it up from the shipper). Once the package arrives at your local postal processing centre, it will be scanned, and then you will see statuses as it moves through the system.

Can my package be in the mail if the tracking number tells me the USPS shipping label has been created and USPS is awaiting the item? The contacted seller said the number was a delivery confirmation-only number.

Your package could be in the mail stream getting ready to be delivered. It could have missed its scans. When it says they’re waiting for the package at the ups, that means that the delivery label was generated, but either the package hasn’t been mailed yet or missed being scanned as accepted by the post office, but there should be more scans after that I can’t believe they would have missed them all.

What does it mean when the USPS says, “The acceptance of your package is pending.”?

It would help if you told us WHERE you got this comment. If it was sent online from a shipper, it likely means they have printed a label, affixed it to the product, and perhaps even dropped it off at the PO, but it has yet to receive its first (acceptance) scan.

It would be better if we recipients did NOT receive a message that only tells us a label has been printed because it may be a day or two between label printing and transport to the PO for that first scan. Once you get a message that it has been received or scanned, then (and only then) can you have confidence that your mailpiece is actually in the mainstream. Any messages before that are essentially useless.

Why does my USPS package say pre-shipment?

Your USPS package has yet to be shipped. It is still in the possession of the mailer. The mailer has printed a label and is preparing it for shipment.

USPS awaiting item mean

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