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What kind of eye does Boruto have?

What kind of eye does Boruto have

What kind of eye does Boruto have?

During July 2017, one of the animators from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealed Boruto’s eye is called Jōgan (浄眼, lit. “Pure Eye“) and that its powers are related to the Byakugan and Naruto’s ability to sense negative emotions.

Parents: Naruto Uzumaki

Created by Masashi Kishimoto

Boruto Uzumaki is a shinobi from Konohagakure’s Uzumaki clan and a direct descendant of the Hyūga clan through his mother.

Simple answer:— Jougan is a mutated eye and Toneri otsuski had a major role in this mutation

Hypothesis for my answer:—(Full details of Jougan)

Boruto’s Eye Is Called Jougan(pure Eye)

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What kind of eye does Boruto have?

From my observation the jougan is the combination of Hagaromo and Hamura (Kaguya) Chakra.

  • The black color in Boruto’s eye represent Kurama’s chakra (from the above pictures we can see). because of Kurama’s chakra present within his body, he heals faster just like Naruto.
  • The white color in Boruto’s eyes is the Byakugan (I’m assuming) which has the ability not only to see the chakra but also to use transportation ninjutsu(lightning chakra nature).

The ability to see the negative chakra comes from kurama’s chakra and boruto have these whiskers in his face which resembles kurama’s chakra.

  • In naruto series, the guys with whiskers were having Kurama’s chakra example Naruto, kinkaku, ginkaku. This is the main reason why I hypothesis that the black color represent Kurama’s chakra. Boruto unlocks his jougan in the first episode when he sees his friend in a depressed state (hatred).
  • Some of the powers of jougan from my assumption:

1)Sensing negative chakra

2)Pinpointing the weakness in a body (like byakugan). It even has an additional advantage over Byakugan since Boruto can also spot the vital chakra point.

The Hagoromo and Hamura are the sons of Kaguya. Hagoromo possesses both Sharingan and Finnegan. The Finnegan has the ability of transportation ninjutsu.

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This indicates that Boruto eye has a combination of Sharingan, rinnegan, byakugan and all nine-tailed beast chakra(as Naruto was the carrier of all beast chakra)which give rise to a new powered eye(kekkei genkai or…. Kekkei Mōra)called jougan.**

Why does Boruto have the Jogan in one eye?

The thing starts from The Last movie, remember that Toneri put a sphere of something into Hinata’s body because he wanted to have her although he is pissed that she “betrayed” him. However, Naruto took out the sphere from her body to prevent Toneri controlling her.

In my observation, that sphere may be somewhat a parasitic type of properties that absorb Hamura’s chakra, and at the same time, that sphere maybe possess Toneri’s chakra or DNA in it. This means even after the Sphere is being taken out, but maybe some of it is still in her body.

This also maybe explains why Boruto has this special Dojutsu while Himawari doesn’t.

My theory is that whatever that sphere left behind in Hinata’s body might absorb the entire Hamura’s chakra that Hamura gave to her and that chakra along with Toneri’s DNA or chakra in it and along with Naruto’s DNA/chakra when Hinata is pregnant are being transferred to the First Born Child which is Boruto, which forms the Jogan. That’s probably why Boruto has “Jogan” while Himawari has Byakugan.

This maybe explains why Boruto has one Jogan instead of two.

My theory is that if the transference of the chakra in Hinata’s body with the “parasite” is a one-off and no return. Maybe Boruto is not the first born child after all.

Because after Naruto and Hinata are married, there are is a time gap between their marriage to Sasuke Shinden to the time Boruto is born. Although Boruto is born “shortly after” the marriage. But how long? Because Sakura hasn’t meet Sasuke yet, Shikamaru just started dating Temari,

Sai just started dating Ino, Choji hasn’t even met/know Karui yet, not to mention whoever Rock Lee is dating with. If you chose to ignore this time gap, Boruto would have been aged one or two years older than Sarada, Cho Cho, Shikadai, Inojin, and Metal Lee.

Which maybe there is a child that Hinata is pregnant before Boruto but maybe a time where maybe Hinata had miscarriage at that time and nobody knows except Naruto, Hanabi and Hiashi.

Furthermore, maybe that First dead child has the other one Jogan which the chakra transference is not complete. Therefore Boruto maybe the other half completion of the transference which maybe results in him having a Jogan.

His Jogan can allow him alone to Communicate with Toneri in his dreams because He might have his DNA/chakra in it.


This explains why Boruto is the only one who can stop the future incoming danger which is the Otsusuki Clans from other dimensions and Kawaki because he alone may have the DNA/chakra of the pure Otsusuki.

This a theory based on my repetitive watching every episode and the movies and referring to Naruto Wikia.

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