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Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

What is a fake ID for Roblox? A fake Roblox Roblox Roblox Roblox ID is an unofficial identity that can be used to access certain areas or game features that are normally unavailable to players who do not have a paid membership.

Uhh no. That’s super illegal, and if they catch you, they will report you to authorities along with a permanent ban on your account. It’s no joke unless you find a few years in prison/visit from the cops funny.

They have actual moderators for the ID department instead of bots. So if a mod sees a fake ID, they will ban your account for good (as well as an IP ban) and get the police involved. Don’t mess around with this. Even if it’s a funny fake ID, sometimes it can still be considered identity theft…

Can Roblox IP ban you?

Yes, they can IP ban you; this is coming from someone who was IP banned due to being sent a poisonous item that I was not aware was poison. All my accounts connected to the IP address were terminated, and any new account I made on the IP address would be instantly terminated.
The best way to avoid IP bans is to use a VPN; however, they can still find your real IP.
Usually, they ban you if you have committed a crime or done something to affect the site negatively. I don’t understand how their moderation works, however, because the last time someone threatened to send some guys to my house, I emailed Roblox, and the user did not face any consequences.
I wouldn’t 100% rely on what extent you would have to go for certain bans; Roblox isn’t a good site.

Do you think Roblox will unban my terminated accounts if I visit their headquarters in the USA to request them to unban my accounts?

My first main Roblox account was terminated 3 years ago; the ban was 100% unfair because I just accidentally uploaded an inappropriate image because it was a pixel art drawing of a penis; I looked wrongly and thought it was just a “rocket” instead, so I thought it’s OK, and I just uploaded it to Roblox as a decal. A while later, I was surprised to be terminated, and then I realized and looked carefully.

VERY UNFAIR!!! I appealed as soon as possible, but they denied my appeal; I suspect Roblox uses bots for their appeals team, which is 100% terrible and useless. I worked hard on that Roblox account to build 5 games using my precious time, and they’re all gone like that forever!!! They didn’t even give me a warning. It was unfair; they could have just disapproved of the decal instead of terminating me.

I recently felt frustrated and angry about losing my first account due to a 100% accidental mistake. So, I continuously spammed Roblox with hundreds of e-mails using many e-mail accounts to force and beg them to unban my first main account. I even asked my parents to call them and leave them many voicemails at 888-858-2569 to request an unban.

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

I even asked my parents to call David Baszucki and send him WhatsApp messages.
I tried everything but failed. I was given a warning and a 3-day ban to stop. I stopped for 2 weeks, then I only sent a few e-mails to info@roblox and appeal@roblox, and 1 e-mail to each of Roblox’s employees, like Christina@roblox, Matt@roblox, David@roblox, etc., so I thought this was OK since it’s not spamming as it’s just a few e-mails.

But my second account got terminated a while later! GRRR… I’m very stupid for not stopping completely instead of being warned! Once my second account was terminated, I became traumatized, obsessed, sad, depressed, angry, and frustrated. It’s the worst thing to ever happen to me online! I felt mentally tortured and suffered, especially during my free time. I regretted it very much and learned a lesson.

Anyway, the root cause is the poor quality of Roblox customer service and the moderation/appeals team. All of these wouldn’t happen if their Appeals Team had accepted my appeal for the first account and unbanned it; they should listen to my explanation that it was just an accident.

Roblox is my best hobby, so will Roblox unban my accounts if I visit their HQ office in the USA to request an unban in one day? It is a very burdensome, expensive, and difficult plan for me because I live in Southeast Asia, and the USA is so far… I’m still a teenager; I can only do that as an adult. I’m unsure whether Roblox will still be available as an adult.

If you get banned on Roblox, will your other accounts get banned, too (same IP address)? I got banned on Jailbreak for hacking, and my sister got banned, too, even though she didn’t hack.

Roblox is the only one who will legitimately issue an “ip ban.” Roblox has said that they do not allow developers to “ip ban” users from their games. If Jailbreak did this (and you have legitimate proof it was an IP ban and your sister didn’t just lie to you or break some other rule that warranted a punishment), then they would be legally liable to Roblox and have their game banned almost instantly.
Roblox does not and will never allow developers access to users’ PII.

What can I do if I get banned from Roblox?

Is it on PC? If so, you can type cmd in the search box of Windows. Once the command prompt opens, type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew. Voila, you have a new iP o. Your computer.

Are Roblox exploits illegal?

There is a big difference between illegal and “allowable.

Using exploits on Roblox isn’t illegal or against the 

law unless you use it to steal data or compromise accounts. As long as you don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you without consent, it’s not illegal.

However, exploiting Roblox is not allowed. It is against the terms of service, and doing so will most likely result in account termination.

So, exploiting is not breaking the law, but it is breaking the Roblox terms of service, which makes it “illegal” to Roblox.

Do you tell people you play Roblox?

Of course, I do!
I tell people I play Roblox for two reasons.
The first reason is to find friends on Roblox. At the bare minimum, it has 100,000 players daily, and I live in an area where Roblox is very popular. Even at the Roblox friend limit of 200 friends, I talk to many people on Discord and other third-party applications.
The second reason is to attract people to Roblox. It is one of the greatest games ever made, and it has educational value as well. People would be happy playing Roblox, and I would recommend it to anyone.
They are the two reasons I tell people I play Roblox.

Is it okay to use a fake ID card with everything real except for your name?

In the United States, you can call yourself whatever you like as long as you aren’t doing so to commit fraud and you aren’t dealing with the government (police, tax authorities, etc.). In those cases, the information you provide is usually under penalty of perjury, and false names are unacceptable.
Also, you can’t forge an official ID with a different name. It’s one thing to hand someone a business card with a false name, but it’s another to use a forged driver’s license. That’s a crime.
I’m not a lawyer, and this may vary by jurisdiction, so you need to check.
I would not try this in other countries. Some countries, like France, require you always to carry the correct ID.

Can your main Roblox account get banned if you break the terms of service on your alt?

No, not at all. Unless you did something downright horrible, ROBLOX would only ban the email address from the website but not your real one. But if you do something bad, you can be permanently banned, IP banned, and you can’t even visit the website or create a new account even with a different email. So if you scam someone for robux, play NSFW games, or hack a game, it will result in a permanent ban.

How can I change my Roblox username for free?

There is no way to change your Roblox username for free. Roblox should follow Xbox’s example and allow for one free username change. Of course, Roblox won’t do that anytime soon because it’s current CEO wants money, and username changes bring in a lot of money. If you want a new username, you can create a new account and delete the old one.

Can you create an alt account on Roblox and violate the rules without getting your main account banned?

Well, yes, but actually, no.
Using an alt to violate the rules or purposely get banned is a throwaway account. Roblox moderators normally don’t use termination to enforce rules, but if it is a throwaway account, it has a high chance of being terminated. Breaking rules can get you poisoned or your IP banned, affecting your main account. Although that can happen, it only happens sometimes (unless you are someone who can be named quickly). You shouldn’t do it.

Does anybody confiscate fake IDs?

Yes. Most of the nightclubs, bars, etc., in Reno that were large enough to have a security officer had a collection of fake IDs they had confiscated from people trying to use them to buy liquor while underage. Sometimes the bearer would take off while the bouncer was looking at it intently enough to make the bearer uncomfortable. 

In other cases, the bouncer offered to either keep the ID or call the police and have us arbitrate the situation. Those with better discretionary sense gave up the ID.

I acquired some fake IDs the same way. When I recognized the ID as fake, I told the bearer I could either charge them with possession of false identification and book the fake into evidence, or I could hold on to it and cut them loose with a warning not to try that again (fat chance). 

Occasionally, I would tell the bearer that I was confiscating the fake ID and submitting a crime report to the district attorney, who might or might not issue a complaint. That wasn’t a made-up threat. Sometimes the DA would issue the complaint, and sometimes not. I never saw any logic as to when it would happen.

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

One of the lecturers (a detective) in my police academy brought in a three-inch-high stack of fake IDs to pass around the class for us to examine. I imagine he obtained these the same way I did and that they hung out in his desk drawer.

War story alert: The only fake ID case I ever had that amounted to much started with a call for service from a casino security office. They had in custody a frat boy who had tried to do a dine-and-dash (eat a meal in the restaurant and skip out on the check) at the coffee shop. When I searched for him, I came up with two authentic Nevada driver’s licenses. One had his true name, photo, and date of birth, and the other had his photo but a different name and date of birth that made him about two years older. I booked him on the defrauding an innkeeper charge and the fake ID charge.

NRS 205.465 Possession or sale of a document or personal identifying information to establish false status or identity; penalties; the rebuttable inference that the possessor of personal identifying information intended to use such information unlawfully.

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Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

1. It is unlawful for a person to possess, sell, or transfer any document or personal identifying information to establish a false status, occupation, membership, license, or identity for themselves or any other person.

As it turned out, the fraternity he belonged to was the focus of an investigation by the university police, as they were suspected of manufacturing and selling fake IDs to students. Frat Boy was given a pass on the fake ID charge in exchange for having to come clean on how he acquired the [real] Nevada license that had someone else’s information on it. A university detective and I met with Frat Boy and his lawyer.

Frat Boy was a newly inducted member of the fraternity. One night, knowing that one of his more senior fraternity brothers was gone for the weekend, he entered the senior brother’s room and took his National Guard ID card from his desk. 

Frat Boy then used the NG ID (which had a very poor photo on it—Frat Boy had chosen this target as he and the NG troop were of similar physical descriptions) to obtain a duplicate Nevada driver’s license from the DMV. He told the DMV that he had lost his original license. 

Now, he had a real Nevada license with his photo and date of birth, making him appear to be over 21. He was quite proud of this scheme. He returned the Nevada National Guard ID to his fraternity brother’s room and never told him what he had done.

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

Frat Boy was so self-possessed that I wanted to slap the beans out of him but fought that instinct. I told him he had probably not heard the last of this. He said I could do nothing, as the district attorney had agreed to dismiss the fake ID charge in exchange for the information. His attorney looked uncomfortably embarrassed.

When our meeting was concluded, the detective and I looked up the address of the senior fraternity brother, who had graduated and was living a short distance from campus. We drove to his apartment, knocked on the door, and when he answered, asked if we could have a moment of his time. We assured him that he was not suspected of any wrongdoing but that we had information he might find valuable. He invited us in.

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023

I asked him if he had his driver’s license and if he would put it on the kitchen table next to where we stood. I put the fraudulently obtained license with his information on it next to his license. He immediately recognized the photo as of his fraternity brother. We explained how we had come into possession of the license and that it would now be returned to evidence and eventually destroyed, as the charges would not be prosecuted. We also told him that he was free to act as he saw fit about the behavior of his junior fraternity brother.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the next chapter meeting of that fraternity.

Fake ID for Roblox, Here Are the Risks and Dangers 2023